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Unit 9 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management HND Business Level 4

  • Course Code: BUS2010
  • Course Title: Management HND Business Level 4
  • Country: UK
  • University: Bow Valley College


This unit provides students with an appreciation of how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) develop and grow. Students will learn about and apply techniques for identifying opportunities for growth, and appraise options for achieving growth, including via collaboration. Students will also learn about the sources of investment finance and consider how an SME attracts investors. They will gain an understanding of the options for SMEs in terms of exit or, for family businesses, succession, and be able to appreciate the importance of making informed choices when choosing routes to growth and have an understanding of the potential risks vs rewards involved with growth.


The evidences towards this project should include;


You have just been appointed as a Junior Manager in an SME located in Thames Valley area in the UK. The company is listed among top 100 successful SMEs in the region by Thames Valley SME 100 in the link below: {When you open the link, pick a company of your choice as the company that you are working for. Use that company throughout this assignment.

On your first day at work, you were assigned a Mentor by name Mr Nagjovin who is the Head of Strategic Planning Department. The company has a very good credit rating and most lenders both within and outside the UK will be happy to listen to them should they have funding needs. They currently have an overdraft facility arrangement with the bank to the tune of £2.0 million which they have never utilised.You will be working with Mr Nagjovin in your first Six months, and he is keen to move the company forward by massive expansion. He has shared this vision with you and has asked you for your input in the strategic planning for the company. Specifically, he wants you to use the next 2 months to prepare a well-articulated strategy for the company.