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Business Essentials Assignment Level 4 & 5-Small Gym Business

  • Course Code: HSH703
  • Course Title: Small Business Plan
  • Country: UK
  • University: Deakin university

What is your business idea? Clearly state with justification the business, the sector, location, how the business is going to operate (e.g. online, high street, both). Also, briefly state the reasons you think the business is a good idea, how it is going to meet the needs of its customers in a new and innovative way that is not already met by existing businesses. Include a table that identifies some of your key competitors, explaining why you consider them competition. Note that this first part is all about justifying WHY you want to do this and should be supported with evidence wherever possible.

What are the four most important objectives for your new business?

  • Objectives should start with the word to. For example: To make it easier for people to find copies of older books and specialist literary novels
  • Objectives should be relevant to your business idea. Each objective needs to be briefly explained and the justification of the importance of each objective should also be given.

Out of the different forms of ownership (e.g. sole trader, partner), which ones is the most suitable for your business and why?

  • State why this form of ownership is the most suitable, giving at least two referenced examples to support your justification. Failure to do so will not score a pass mark