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Unit 18 Research Project (Hospitality Management) Level 4

  • Course Code: LCBB4002
  • Course Title: The application of Talent Management in the service industry as a strategic approach on productivity and enhancing business
  • Country: AU
  • University: Gen Institute


The aim of this unit is to offer students the opportunity to engage in sustained

research in a specific field of study: Talent Management in the service industry.

Talent management (TM) is the process by which businesses and organisations recognise and develop talented people who can have a positive impact on their organisations and their productivity. It not only has become a key component of human resource management but also the responsibility of leaders and managers at all levels to manage talent within the business, with TM strategies being developed in line with the particular needs and structure of the business and industry.

The unit enables students to demonstrate the capacity and ability to identify a research theme, to develop research aims, objectives and outcomes, and to present the outcomes of such research in both written and verbal formats.

The unit also encourages students to reflect on their engagement in the research process during which recommendations for future, personal development are key learning points.

Themes of TM relevant to the hospitality and tourism industries when considering a strategic approach to talent management include the following:

The role of line managers and leaders in employee development and well-being;

  • talent management being used as a lever for culture change;
  • the importance of contextualising approaches to talent management;
  • the need for new and innovative ways of working to achieve a strategic approach to talent management;
  • barriers for the development of a strategic approach caused by economic and day-to-day operational pressures.

Unit Learning Outcomes

LO1 Examine appropriate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process

LO2 Conduct and analyse research relevant to a hospitality research project

LO3 Communicate the outcomes of a hospitality industry research project to identified stakeholders

LO4 Reflect on the application of research methodologies and concepts