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Menu Planning and Product Development Mont Rose College

  • Course Code: AB344H25
  • Course Title: Menu Planning and Product Development
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • University: Mont Rose College


The purpose of this assignment is to: Understand menu planning and related product development as strategic business processes, and acquire skills in effective implementation of new products and services.

There are four learning outcomes to this unit:

  1. Understand factors that influence menu planning decisions.
  2. Understand menu product development planning processes.
  3. Be able to apply design principles within a food service environment.
  4. Be able to develop specific and actionable recommendations for a new food service concept

The assignment will discuss the principles of professional menu planning, meal management and the development of new menu products and services.

To succeed in this unit, you are required to follow the assessment criteria.

Your assignment should demonstrate your understanding of how your research links coherently to these aspects of menu planning and product development. Your assignment should include evidence of your research with reference. This includes linking research coherently to your writing and presenting using referencing (Harvard model), such as bibliography, citing and quotes.


Task A: Produce a Research Report describing the factors influencing menu planning and menu product development processes

Carry out an individual research into the factors that affect menu planning and menu product development. Using your research, produce a written report of your findings which should include:

  1. An assessment of the factors that influence menu planning decisions (ref.1.2)
  2. A discussion of the stages of the planning of menu product development (ref. 2.1)
  3. An evaluation of the influences on the development process (ref. 2.2)

Task B Presenting your research in order to apply the design principles of a menu within a service environment

Based on a menu of your choice (bespoke menu or one created for the purpose of this assignment), in groups provide a power point presentation and written notes for meetings, demonstrating your understanding of the factors and design principles of a menu.

It should provide an insight on the:

  1. A discussion of the principles of recipe development (ref. 1.1)
  2. A discussion of the factors that influence service methods (ref. 1.3)
  3. A justification of the design of a menu taking into account the recipe development (ref 3.1).
  4. A justification of the development of the food service environment to support the menu, recipe and service style (ref. 3.2).

Task C Produce a Research Report presenting your findings related to a new food service concept

  1. Create and assess a new food concept including justification of your choice, customer requirements research and recommendations to launch the new concept (ref 4.1, 4.2, 4.3).
  2. Write a review of your own performance with suggestions for improvements regarding the creation and assessment of the new food concept (ref. 4.4)



Procedure and manner in which meals are organised ahead time is termed as menu planning. With the help of this, restaurants get huge help saving their money on grocery bills as when menu is already planned, it cuts down the expenses made at supermarket. It is because; once the menu is planned, it becomes easier to purchase all specified ingredients that are required for preparing decided meals (Condrasky and, 2011). In the present report, the organisation, Rollercoaster Restaurant of Alton Tower, UK has been chosen which is offering a new dining experience to the customers and its speciality is that food is delivered through roller coaster. The restaurant is situated in Staffordshire, England. In the present report, there will be study on assessment of the factors that influence menu planning decisions. Also, a discussion of the stages of planning in menu product development will be made. In addition to this, influence on the development process will be evaluated. Along with this, a new food concept for cited firm including customer requirements and recommendations to launch the same will be highlighted. Apart from that, own performance with suggestions for improvement regarding the creation and assessment of new food concept will be reviewed.



Being in hospitality industry, to write menu is one of the most important tasks for Rollercoaster Restaurant which is mainly done by chef. In restaurants, everything starts with a menu and the way in which it is prepared shows the extent to which operations of the firm are organised and managed. It can be said that menus are the way through which Rollercoaster Restaurant can communicate about what it wants to sell. Menu planning serves as one of the most powerful marketing tools for restaurants (Harris and Giuffre, 2010). With the help of this, business of Rollercoaster Restaurant is directed and controlled. Menu helps the staff of restaurant to know about ingredients to be purchased and equipment through which preparation of food items will be done.