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35 Trending Marketing Dissertation Topics of 2019

A List Of Interesting Topics To Write Marketing Dissertation On

27 Jan, 2020 19310

The field of marketing is ever evolving and so is the list of topics on which you can write your dissertation on. Therefore, student often get confused or feel lost in the process of finalizing a perfect topic to write marketing dissertation on.If you are also confused then this another updated guide on finding a suitable dissertation topic can help you out.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the story that you tell.”

Similarly, your dissertation should be about telling a intriguing story, though in a professional manner. And for that to happen, your marketing dissertation topic has to be reflective of your aim. The field of marketing has seven broad domains. Once you decide the broader area, the one that interests you, you can choose a topic to work on.

Let us consider these domains and their respective topics:

Agriculture Marketing

The goal of this marketing is to satisfy farmer, producer, and the consumer by planning, organizing, and handling agricultural produce effectively. This term involves the entire range of supply chain operations i.e., from moving the agriculture product from the farm to the consumer’s plate. If farms and farm products interest you, this is the right field for you to work on.

5 amazing topics to choose from this field are:

  • Cost effective methods of marketing for smallholder with far-reaching effects.
  • Online shopping apps: An approach or hindrance in linking consumer to farms.
  • Preferences for Green: The rise of supermarket in Asia and its global impact.
  • How different forms of marketing is increasing agriculture?
  • Using market information to increase agricultural products.

Business Marketing or Industrial Marketing

The terms business marketing and industrial marketing are often used interchangeably. It is a business to business marketing (B2B). In other words through this form of marketing an organization is able to sell its products, services and solutions to other company, which in turn sells them to others or consumers. If business interests you this is the field for you.

5 brilliant business marketing dissertation topics are:

  • Challenges of B2B marketing in different products.
  • Opportunities of B2B marketing in American culture.
  • Strategy and trends of B2B marketing across various age group.
  • Comparison of 5 global brands’ B2B strategies.
  • Influencer Marketing: Knowing who really influences the customers.

Destination Marketing

It is also referred to as tourism board, management organization, and convention and visitors bureau. The aim of this marketing is to strengthen the economic position of a community and providing job opportunities to the people of that community. The purpose is fulfilled by promoting that particular community as an attractive and engaging tourist place. If travelling and tourism excites you, this is the field for you.

5 distinguished topics that are trending in destination marketing domain are:

  • The roles and responsibilities of the tourism bureau in marketing.
  • Impact of ecotourism and marketing innovation in customer retention.
  • How big hotels marketing differ from budget hotel: Role of locals.
  • Changing face of tourist marketing for heritage and culture.
  • Global influence of films on destination hotels.

Global Marketing

A field that aims at marketing product, services, and solutions to customers at local, national, and international level is termed as global marketing. Basically, it is all about promoting your product at a global level. If reaching out to world is your goal, this is the right field for you.

5 Global Marketing topics to choose from this domain are:

  • How does global marketing incorporate standardization?
  • The influence of centralized global marketing on the brand in the local market.
  • What are the most beneficial marketing methods in various cultures?
  • How brands think globally and act locally?
  • Effect of globalization of market on the poverty cycle across various nations.

Relationship Marketing

This field emerged with the need to drift the marketing focus from sales transactions to customer retention and satisfaction. If that is what your are primarily interested in you can choose this field.

5 Remarkable topics for writing relationship marketing oriented dissertation are:

  • Strategies to win customer retention: A case study.
  • Customer’s perception of transaction safety in online applications.
  • Impact of brand value on customers purchases.
  • Customer loyalty practiced across culture.
  • Influence of product design on the consumer purchase decision.

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Services Marketing

This branch developed separately in the year 1980. It refers to both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) services. It evolved when the marketers realized the fact that different characteristics of services requires a different marketing structure in order to reach the right target population at the right time, and in the right way. If services and its role in marketing is an interesting domain for you to work on, choose this field. Still confused and want some more than get marketing dissertation topics from Assignment Desk.

5 Superb topics of this field to write your dissertation topic are:

  • Evolution of services marketing now and then: An analysis of 50 years.
  • The influence of location of service outlets on the product.
  • Ethnic differences in shaping the service sector.
  • How does service environment influences the consumers emotions and perceptions?
  • Managing service personnel: A neglected part of services marketing.

Social Marketing

This field of marketing is new, and it is recently that it has gained so much recognition. Due to this field the world of marketing has witnessed a tremendous drift from papers to screens. The primarily aim of it is to achieve social good. If that social media bug makes you happy, go for this field.

5 Salient topics on which you can frame your social marketing dissertation are:

  • Social media usage by international companies: A case study.
  • How social marketing trends has influenced political marketing?
  • Influence of crowd-funding on products innovation.
  • The risks and rewards of brands personification using social media.
  • Social Media Fiasco: A threat of social media feeding on marketing.

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