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6 Proofreading Tips to Make Your Assignments Score High

How Can Students Improve Their Proofreading Talent?

02 Dec, 2016 3819

Assignment writing is one of the most vital tasks a college student is entitled to do. When a scholar is able to submit an effective assignment which has been prepared by following the specified guidelines properly, they score well in the assignments. There are many traits of a successful assignment. It must be relevant, concise, informative and framed as per the prescribed guidelines.

Even if you are an established writer, you are bound to commit some mistakes while writing an academic document like an assignment, essay, dissertation, research paper and many more. Hence, it is essential to proofread the document properly in order to ensure its correctness and perfection. Thus we provide to the students some insight into the effective tips of doing proofreading by themselves in order to submit a flawless document. Have a read:

1. Concentrate Well

If you wish to achieve success in proofreading, concentration is the key to it. When you would go through the assignment's word by word, only then you would be able to spot the mistakes properly. For achieving this, you would need to keep yourself away from the distractions like cell phones, music, and TV.

2. Get Rid of “Cognitive Blindness”

For this, you must be aware of what “cognitive blindness” is all about. It is a phenomenon in which our mind perceives only what it wishes to see. In other words, our mind will remain blind to the mistakes it presumes it could not have made. For instance, if you are proofreading your own work, you will read it the way your mind has written it. So in this way, our eyes mostly fail to observe the spelling or grammatical mistakes in general. This is a serious mistake committed by the humans and needs to be corrected to submit an error-free document. One way of getting rid of this is by reading your assignment loud.

3. Be Careful of the Homonyms

Homonyms are the words that have similar spelling or pronunciation but are entirely diverse in their meanings. The college students often confuse with words like “accept” and “except” or “stationary” and “stationery”. These silly mistakes could be disastrous for the students as the college professor would not favour these in anyway and would thus reward poor grades for the same. Hence, the homonyms must be checked properly while proofreading the document.

4. Pay Attention to the Punctuation

Another common mistake committed by the students in assignment writing is the misplacement of the punctuation marks. The scholars must pay careful attention to the capitalization of words, missing or extra punctuation like commas, semi-colons, full stops, exclamation marks and so more. These play a significant role in enhancing the overall assignment and must be used correctly.

5. Have a Gap Between Writing and Reading

If you are proofreading on your own, it is imperative to maintain a time gap between the writing and the reading work. Writing itself is a burdensome work for the college students and reading just after that would tend to get more hectic. As the proofreading would be carried out with a stressed mind, there are high chances of missing out the major mistakes. Hence, the academic experts suggest that the scholars should take a short break in order to rejuvenate themselves, and then only they should begin the proofreading.

6. Take Expert Help

If you find it difficult to spot mistakes in the document or if proofreading is not your cup of tea, do not worry as you can take online assignment writing help from ‘Assignment Desk’ to achieve the desired results. Their experts are well-known for providing the best proofreading services to students. They would do the required work for you so that you could submit an excellent college assignment. This will help you score remarkable grades.

Proofreading the completed assignment could be a daunting task for many college students. These tips might help them out in achieving the necessary traits to do the proofreading properly. Upgrade your academic performance with these easy tips on perfect proofreading strategy.