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How Can Students Write a Dissertation Data Analysis?

Tips for Students to Write the Analysis of a Dissertation

24 Dec, 2016 5372

If you are in the final year of your college tenure, then you must be assigned dissertation writing work by your college professor. Dissertation writing forms an integral part of the academic life of a final year student. However, many scholars dread the mere thought of writing a dissertation as it involves in-depth research and analysis of the assigned dissertation topic. If you too are facing the same concern, you can take online dissertation writing help by Assignment Desk which offers the best assignment writing services along with dissertation writing assistance.

The data analysis chapter of any dissertation is the most significant part as it portrays the amount of research work and analysis that has been done during the dissertation writing work. Therefore, the students must draft the dissertation data analysis with great attention by following some simple tips. Read on:

Keep It Relevant:

It is recommended for the students to never blindly follow the data that they have collected from the research work. Some data might be irrelevant to your dissertation topic and hence, must not be included in the data analysis chapter. All data presented should be pertinent to enrich the overall dissertation. When you are able to tell the reader that you have done the required research for gathering the data, you are bound to fetch remarkable grades for yourself.

Use Proper Analysis Method: The method used for the analysis purpose must be effective enough to generate the desired results. As you must have collected the data, you must also explain and justify the methods of doing the data analysis. The readers (university professor) must be convinced that you have selected a particular method of analysis only after critical reasoning and extensive research.

Include Quantitative Data:

The data analysis portion of the dissertation must be rich in quantitative data to enhance the readability of the dissertation. While writing a dissertation, the scholars must maintain a balance between the theoretical as well as the practical components of the data analysis. To put the practical data in the analysis part of a dissertation could be time-consuming, yet it paves the path to the success of your submitted dissertation.

Present It Well:

If after your research work, you have collected large amount of data, you must find a proper way to represent the same in your dissertation. Writing it down in words could make the document lengthy and difficult to read. Hence, the students must make a wise use of the presentation tools like charts, graphs, diagrams, flowcharts, formulae and many more; to enrich the document. Tables can be an effective way to represent both the qualitative as well as the quantitative data in your dissertation.

Frame an Appendix:

If you have too much of data after the analysis, it might seem unintelligent to clutter the whole data under one chapter. Hence, you could divide the same into meaningful parts by creating an appendix for the same. This should include the data sheets, questionnaires, samples of interviews in the appendix section. This will make your dissertation more accessible and readable for the university professor.


The data analysis chapter of the dissertation writing must conclude well to justify the findings made by you. You must revisit the essential points which might have emerged after the analysis of the particular topic. The scholars must ensure that they have included that findings in a proper manner supported by reasoning and empirical arguments.

The data analysis chapter of the dissertation writing is the foundation of the whole document as it generates the proper conclusion, identifies the research patterns and even suggests recommendations. Hence, it could form an integral role in determining the success of your dissertation.

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