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How to Format & Present an Assignment

30 Jan, 2016 2591

Assignments form a significant part of the overall grades. Thus, students need to pay proper attention and must submit them before time. Assignments are given to assess the knowledge of the student in their respective subjects. A flawless assignment states the in-depth knowledge of the student whereas a poorly written assignment reflects the no-so-good knowledge of the student. Assignment writing is not a tough job if you get proper guidance to complete your work. But along with writing the whole data into the adequate way, you should also know how to present and format the assignment.

These points will help you in formatting an assignment correctly. Read on...

(Instructions for Soft Copies)

  • File Format Remember the standard formats for assignment writing are .doc, .docx, .xls or .xlsx. You should first get in touch with your mentor to know if there is something different that the assignment demands. Do this before starting on the work. Or else all your efforts will be futile.
  • Spacing There should be proper space between the paragraphs. The margins must be so arranged that the readers get enough space to write comments. Adequate spacing does not hinder the readability of the readers and makes the work look neat & clear.
  • Fonts It is better that you use only clear fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana, or Arial to write your assignment. It gives your work a professional look. Even the font size matters a lot, so make sure the size you are using is right and as per the demands of your University.
  • Title Page The Title page is a significant part of your assignment. Try to make it as impressive as possible. Here impressive means an attractive title, well formatted & should include all the necessary details like your course details, your roll number or the word count.
  • References The reference page is put at the end of the assignment. You must make notes while collecting the data. So, that when you will sit down to write the references, you will have all ready. It is necessary to provide references as they save from the charges of plagiarism.

The right collection of data and the right formatting of the data completes an assignment. You need to have the knowledge of both the things to write an effective assignment. It becomes very difficult to remember all these things under the pressure of the approaching deadline. So, it is advised that you should take assignment help from the assignment writing services. Their expert writers are proficient and know well about the presentation of an assignment. They know all the academic styles and formats thoroughly. Thus, they can produce a flawless assignment for you. One of the main problems is that these companies have sky high rates for their services. But do not worry, now there are various companies that provide the same services at affordable prices. Their work is excellent and their rates are nominal. A cheap assignment writing service is the dream of every student struggling from the pressure of completing the assignments.