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7 Ways for Students to Reduce Homesickness

How to Manage Homesickness While Studying Abroad?

20 Jan, 2017 4161

Going to an outstation college or university for the first time can be a mixed bag of emotions for the students. For some, it can be exciting and fun while for others it can be scary or even depressing. Most of the scholars staying away from home for higher studies experience some form of distress or anxiety, which we call homesickness. There is no actual sickness involved in homesickness, and rather it is a state of mind.

Read this blog to know some of the tried and tested methods from students living abroad to deal with the pangs of homesickness.

While you are adjusting to your new college life, you can follow these simple tips to manage homesickness in a better way.

1.Understand that Homesickness is a Normal Experience

It is important to realise that there isn’t anything wrong with this feeling. In fact, it should be a new learning experience for you as you go through a period of adjustment and move from school to college life.

2.Create a Home Away from Home

It is true that your college can never replace your home. Try to keep yourself surrounded by such things which make you feel comfortable. These things can include family pictures, photo mugs, blankets, etc. Many times keeping pets can be effective as it can fill the void of love and support.

3.Stay Connected with Your Home

Take out time to talk to your family and friends. Make sure that you are not talking to them every now and then. If you can manage your relationships in a better way, then you would not miss them much. This will also help your family members to reduce their dependence of being in constant contact with you.

4.Make New Friends

Friendships aren’t built overnight. You should try spending time with new people, whether in the dining hall or at the students club. Gradually, these friends will give you a feeling of a family away from yours. Also, they can provide you with invaluable support at the time of loneliness and grief.

5.Create Your Personal Space

You might feel homesick because of the discomfort that the new people or new surroundings cause to you. At home, you were quite sure about the space you used to fit in. You should try creating a routine for yourself, or participate in the campus activities. This will make you feel more comfortable, and you can avoid your homesick feelings.

6.Keep Your Thoughts Positive

Don’t let negative thoughts overtake you. By the time you finish your first semester, you’ll get over this feeling of homesickness. Get inspired by positive quotes and sayings. A famous quote says, “When you feel homesick, just look up. Because the moon is the same wherever you go.”

7.Accept It

Do not ever ignore your feelings. This can lead to depression and risk-taking behaviours. Accept what you feel and talk about it to your close friends or family. Never try to numb your fears by resorting to alcohol, gambling, etc.

Homesickness can be troublesome depending upon the difference in tolerance level of the individuals. It doesn’t have a precise cause and therefore, cannot have a clear-cut solution.
These strategies will surely help you lessen this feeling of homesickness.

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