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6 Memory Hacks That Work Wonders for the Students

How Can Students Boost Their Memory?

17 Nov, 2016 4346

The college students are young and full of vitality. Their amateur minds are sharp and have the capacity to retain memories or events for a longer duration. Hence, their cognitive mental capability must be harnessed to evolve the best out of them. Sound mental health would determine a scholar’s academic as well as professional success.

However, the students nowadays are burdened by the heaps of assignment and academic writing work given to them by their university professors. Assignment Desk comes to their rescue by providing the best assignment help in the UK. The college students of the UK can avail the same to earn top grades in their assignments. It usually happens that in the course of the hectic academic schedule, the young lives often lose track of their mental and physical health. Hence, the experts suggest some useful memory hacks which would help them to learn and remember everything. Have a read:

1.Repetitive Study:

The students often tend to disregard their professor’s suggestion on doing revisions. However, as monotonous as it might sound, this piece of advice could serve beneficial for their academics. When the students repeat the particular chapter or topic, they advance from the short-lived memory to remembering these for a longer period of time. The students can achieve this by writing down the content over and over again so that they memorise the same by heart. They can also try explaining themselves what they have learnt in front of a mirror. This will give a tremendous boost to their memory.

2.Make Use of Mnemonics:

Many times, our coursebook contains short-forms or abbreviations of certain complex terms. You can make use of the same principle in your style of studying. Mnemonics are small chunks or phrase of a bigger, complex term or theory. For instance, the nine planets of the solar system can be memorised with the use of mnemonics by breaking them down into their first letters like M,V,E,M,J,S,U,N,P; for each planet and then forming a phrase or sing-song out of it. You will be amazed how easy it gets to learn with the use of mnemonics and how well you remember for quite a long time.

3.Mind Mapping:

This is another useful technique to help you remember complex theories and principles. It involves thinking of a particular topic in one’s mind and then drawing virtual maps to answer the same topic in different ways. You could even recall the page outlay or the pictures which are way easier than to remember the words. The students too can implement this technique of smart studying as mind mapping helps them to think in versatile directions.

4.Exercise Daily:

By this, we refer not only to the physical exertion but also mental exercise to boost the memory. If the students are stressed about remembering the facts during the exam hours, they can try doing some sort of exercise just before the exam. It could be physical exercise or meditation for a few minutes. This tends to increase the blood flow to the brain which will help you remember things better.

5.Teach Others:

It has been considered a great way to memorise tough concepts by teaching or explaining the same to others. Before teaching, it is apparent that you have to do your part of studying quite well. The fact that someone else is depending on your knowledge would make you strive with hard work and dedication. Additionally, when you deliver your knowledge about a particular subject, it tends to strengthen your grip at the respective concepts of the subject. Thereby teaching someone tends to boost the memory scale.

6.Take Shorter Breaks:

It is a misconception followed by many college students that they need to study for long, stretched hours to achieve academic excellence. The scholars who follow this technique of studying often tend to depreciate in their concentration graph and thus forget the complex concepts easily. Therefore, the academic experts suggest that the students should take quality breaks while studying for important exams. The breaks could be in the form of listening to music or taking a stroll in nature. This technique has proven to show a constant rise in the memory graph of the students.

It is imperative for the college students to have a sharp memory. This would help them in their academics as well as on the personal fronts. They could learn useful memory hacks to achieve the same. This would ensure their academic and professional excellence.