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6 Christmas and New Year's Resolutions Every Student Should Make

Resolutions to Welcome an Improved Life in 2017

16 Dec, 2016 4209

Dear New Year, please make me a better student who scores fantastic grades; keep my professor happy and bring in a lot of happiness and success that make me excited and envy others. It’s soon going to be a fresh year and kudos to a new start of 2017! So now it’s time to drop all your terrible habits, past grudges, nasty experiences in a trash bin and embrace smile that makes you look jaw drop gorgeous. Here’s the list of Christmas and New Year’s resolutions which every college student like you should make for a refined and successful life. Let’s get started!

I Will Not Doubt My Innate Potential

Needless to say, believing in yourself is the first secret to success. You believe it or not, but the truth is that each one of us is born with power wings to soar high into the sky, but a very few realise it. If last year, you spent most of your time in thinking of the things you cannot do with confidence, then now it’s high time for you to work on self-belief. You have immense potential to excel at your workplace or college. Just trust yourself, and you will be unstoppable.

I Will Not Fear From Failure

Fear of rejection or failure is one of the reasons which actually ceases one to try something new. Those who give up easily after facing a criticism never wish to take risks and do not enjoy doing experiments. So if you want to prepare yourself for success, then you must brace yourself to deal with the failure as well. Overcome your fear and dream big to achieve greatness in life.

I Will Not Act Like a Sloth

‘I will complete this assignment by the end of this week’ - this is the promise you do to yourself. However, the story takes an entirely different move when you never keep up your promise and procrastinate your tasks. Isn’t it? This new year, try to practice ‘ Do it now’ instead of ‘I will do it later’.

I Will Take Best Care of My Health

Start eating more healthy, but before that don’t binge eat all the available junk so that it doesn’t lure you anymore. Stick to a good workout plan and do some exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy.

I Will Daily Encourage One Life

Vow to make a difference in your life by helping one disheartened friend. One kind word can change the other person’s perspective towards life. Understand that your life has a mission which is just not praying for your own good but for others as well. Promise yourself to serve others and never lag behind to offer a helping hand to needy ones. Always be ready to help the people in need, and you will be amazed to see the number of beautiful relationships you have built the entire year.

I Will Make ‘Positive Thinking’ My Way of Life

When a wonderful time of the year ends, the new begins. When the sun rises every morning, the darkness of night dispels. Likewise, if the last year, you’ve had experienced several challenges and unpleasant situations, then be assured of witnessing a new day which will bring new opportunities and a bright sun of happiness in your life. See the sunny side of everything and make ‘positive thinking’ the way of your life.

Well, don’t think that new year’s resolutions are meant to be broken. With this mindset, you will never be able to improve your life. Now is the time to do whatever you were not capable of doing twelve months ago. Maybe you didn’t pay much attention to the little things which actually make a big difference in our lives. Be more awesome than last year!

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