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5 Resume Tips that Will Help You to Get the Dream Job

Know what you should include in your resume to make it stand out

01 Feb, 2017 3654

Students who are heading towards the end of their college years must be bracing themselves for the challenges ahead. Seeking the dream job is the top priority of every student, and they tend to take all the necessary measures which will lead them to achieve this goal. Building up a resume is the first step towards your career path while you are looking out for a job, and hence it should be taken care of as much as your individual skills. In this blog, you will get to know what all things you need to mention and discard while you are finally putting down your resume.

Below are some of the essential tips which are recommended to be kept in mind while you are writing and editing your resume. Take a read through the given points:

1. Research well about the company and job description

Before everything else, make sure that you are well aware about the company where you have applied and know about the roles and responsibilities comprehensively. Research every major detail about the organisation as many recruiters ask about the description about the company and the expectations you have from the role that is offered to you. Emphasise more on the key points and include the necessary skill sets that are required for the job.

2. Make your resume readable

Since most of the recruiters just scan through your resume instead of going word-by-word, hence it is important to let it be crisp and to the point. Get the font size and spacing right, and utilise bullet points to highlight the important skills more. Always keep a copy of your resume in the PDF format so that it can be retained later on.

3. Make your resume crisp by using action verbs

A resume is usually a two-page long document, and so you should be aware of every word and description that you are mentioning in it. You need to be straightforward and put your point before the interviewer in a concise manner, i.e., you need to say more with few words. Therefore, it is recommended to use the action verbs such as “initiated” and “designed” instead of “was” or “did”.

4. Be factual about your achievements

It is imperative to mention your achievements, but you must be clear with what all you have done and accomplished and under which circumstances so as to get a picture of all that you are capable of doing. Be specific about the numbers. For example, You led the team of ten members while you were working on a project and achieved the excellence award for the work done. Wherever it is possible, put the facts in much clearer format.

5. Be selective about what you include in your resume

Do not just write each and everything that you have accomplished. Include only those skills and points that would go well with the job description. Highlight the experiences that made you opt for the job role that you wish to seek.

Hope these tips would have given you a brief idea as to how you should write down a resume that would impress the interviewer and make it stand out from the rest of your peers. Keep these rules mentioned above in your mind while you are writing your resume, and you’ll surely make an impact on the recruiter. All the best for the future!

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