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Opportunities For Air Charter Business In Middle East

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Challenges For Air Charters In Middle East

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Introduction of Air Charter Business

Air Charter is a particular business in which, entire aircraft is rented to a person of the company. There is a difference between concept of air charter and normal planes provided by various airline organizations around the world. In case of normal airplanes, one particular seat is provided to the individuals instead of giving them whole plane on rent. So, by considering the widespread use of air charters and their growing importance in Middle East, “Air charters in Middle East” is chosen as the proposal topic. Air charters are popular across the globe and in recent years, there is an increase of demand of air charters in countries around the world (Santos and Tenreyro, 641).

There are various business entities in countries of Middle East, who look forward to have charter planes in order to travel from one place to another (Vega and Button, 68). The countries in Middle East include countries of western Asia and northern part of Africa. These countries are main center of affairs taking place all around the world (Wilson Mann and Otsuki, 842).

Objectives of the Project

There are certain objectives of project taken into consideration in the current proposal. So, objectives decide the pathway for a research, which can be used to generate relevant data for research. Following are research objectives:

  • To find out current status and history of air charter business in Middle East.
  • To analyze critically the growth of air charter business in Middle East.
  • To explore challenges, threats and opportunities for air charter business in Middle East
  • To provide recommendations for managing challenges, exploiting opportunities and avoiding threats effectively.

Project Outcomes Air Charter Business

In relation to the current topic on Air Charters in Middle East, certain outcomes will be accomplished in the current project. In other words, data collected to attain the objectives will be the outcome of this research project. Outcomes will be achieved on the basis of research objectives.

Project Rationale Air Charter Business planing

The current topic is based on Air Charters in the Middle East. In relation to this research topic, various important aspects have been taken into consideration. Air charter industry in Middle East is an important and growing industry (Morrell, 62). Therefore, one needs to make sure that he has appropriate information available with him in relation to the same. Interest in this topic arises due to the fact that many people are only aware of conventional airline organizations and conventional airline facilities, but not aware of air charter facilities. Furthermore, few researches have been conducted over this research topic that limits individuals to develop a comprehensive understanding about air charters. This industry is also growing well and there are a lot of people, who are taking advantage of these facilities.

Along with this, the research will also help in developing knowledge about air charters and their operations in Middle East, which is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Moreover, air charters organizations that are operating in Middle East can also use the findings of this research to formulate preventive strategies. Students can also conduct primary research over this topic after developing knowledge about air charters and their operations.

Potential Difficulties

Every research has several difficulties that might be faced by the researcher in future. Cost, time and access to information sources might pose challenges or create difficulties during the research activities in the future. Like, if cost of the research is not in the budget, it might create issue to manage the research activities in expected budget.

In addition, if chapters of the research are not completed as per the timeline, it might result into hurry that is not positive for quality research. If the database and books are not accessed timely, it might also create issue of validity in the research project due to limited data.


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