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How Our Plagiarism Detector Works?

Know How We Check Plagiarism in Your Assignments

Today, plagiarism has become one of the biggest concerns in every university around the world. In order to complete assignments quickly and effortlessly, many students intentionally or unintentionally use someone else’s content without attribution. This act of duplication of the text leads to serious consequences, such as failing grades, academic probation, expulsion from college or even worse.

If you feel that your assignment has plagiarism, then you must get it removed with the help of Assignment Desk’s plagiarism checker. It is completely free and carefully designed to detect the traces of plagiarism in any digital-based content. You can make it your personal assistant and use it whenever you want to check plagiarism in your work for free and get a Turnitin report. Our reliable plagiarism checker works in four steps that are highlighted here.

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1. Upload File

Get started by uploading your file for plagiarism detection. Now leave everything to our free plagiarism checker in the UK.

2. Scan Work

Your content will be scanned and analyzed on the basis of its word-choice, lexical frequencies, and matching phrases.

4. Get Report

If any part of the text is similar to the content present online or in our database, then it will be highlighted in the report.

3. Compare Data

After the document is being scanned and analyzed, it will be compared with billions of web pages & academic papers.

Why Rely on Our Online Plagiarism Checker? It’s FREE & Secure

You may find many plagiarism and grammar checkers online in the UK, then why should you trust ours? Our plagiarism detection tool is user-friendly, sophisticated, yet it is free. It is trusted by millions of users all around the world because it provides the most authentic possible results. Below we have highlighted the salient features of our premium-level online plagiarism checker.

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  • Include a list of all sources from where the information is taken.
  • Maintain 100% originality and remove all the chances of plagiarism.
  • Offer you a free Turnitin report to prove that the work is authentic.

If You Want Us to Remove Plagiarism, Then We’ll:

  • Compare your work against billions of web pages and academic papers.
  • Check through books, periodicals, and journals that are not available online.
  • Highlight the part that has similarity with something present online or offline.
  • Rewrite the text that has plagiarism and make it completely original.
  • Provide a Turnitin report as proof of authenticity at $5 only.

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