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Personal and professional development plays a significant role in the health and social care sector. Higher authorities give training to the staff members so that their skills can be developed and they can provide quality care to the patients (Busse, Aboneh and Tefera, 2014). Present report is based on Caring Homes Group, which is an independent health care organization which deals with old age people. It offers them high quality care services so that old age people can live a healthy life. It also discusses principles of support for working in health and social care. It explains the impact of culture and experience of health care professionals. Impact of new developments on personal values will be described in this study. Furthermore, report will evaluate effectiveness of own’s contribution as a Health and Social Care Practitioner.


1.1 Comparison of personal values with principles of support

            Caring Homes Group is an independent organization that continuously works  for providing better home care services to old age people. Personal values such as belief, preferences of the person etc impact on the principles of support. Each person has its own belief and preferences that are depended upon their cultural aspects and background. It reflects the priority of the person towards the work. On other hand, principles of care organizations are being regulated by the health care centres. Higher authorities design some principles which are necessary for the health care professionals to follow (Manners, 2017).  The persons, who are working in Caring Homes Group have to follow these principles and they are highly depended upon the conceptual framework of equality and love for humanity. It is a responsibility of a health care professional to provide proper care to old age people as per their medical requirements. On other hand, personal values and principles are guided by individual and that directs the person how to perform in an organization (Rolls and, 2016).

Personal Values

Effects of the values on principles of support in Health and Social Care

Belief and Preference

I am working as a Health Care Professional in Caring home group

. I believe that providing quality care is good because I would be able to fulfil my responsibility effectively. I believe that I have to put my hard affords  to render adequate level of support to the patients in the Caring home group.

Equal Rights and Confidentiality

I treat individuals well and do not discriminate them. I take care of their personal information so that person can get right treatment \.


1.2 Impact of culture and own belief on service users in Health and Social Care Setting

            Cultural aspects and experience of social workers impact directly on the service users' and health and social care setting. This includes family life, ethnicity etc. These factors help the health care professionals in providing quality care to old people in Caring home group. If a person has grown in the culture where they give respect to old age people and behave properly with them (Lewallen and,  2015). This helps them in providing quality care to the users. If a person has good experience of dealing with such type of patients then it influences their behaviour and they treat the care users well.

Personal culture and experience

Impact as a Health Care Professionals


I have to treat all individuals equally in care homes. I can not discriminate people.  My culture helps me in dealing with old age patients well and providing them full support so that they can live a healthy life. I do not discriminate them on the bases of race, age etc. I deal with all the care users equally.


It is my personal experience  that if doctors disclose personal information of patients with others then individual feel hesitated and they do not discuss their problems with the medical professionals. Thus, I always take care of this thing and keep their medical details confidential so that individual feel safe and take complete treatment in the Caring home group.