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Human Resource Management

As the modern businesses faces pressure of competition and globalization, the roles and responsibilities of Human Resources managers has transformed completely (Storey, 1999). The long-term demand of the HR manager has increased significantly, however the global supply of talent is becoming very short. In this competitive market place for labor and product, the major challenge or gap is the problem of manpower everywhere (Deb, 2006). Now each and every organization, in order to succeed in the market is in great need to place more emphasis on human resource managers (The strategic importance of human resource development, 2004). This is because of the fact that they are playing a strategic role in this contemporary business world.  In this changing global labor market conditions, HR managers along with the firms should be able to adapt their human resource practices accordingly. Here, in this research report the strategic role of Human Resource Manager for the success of the organization is being reflected by taking a case Hotel Holly House (Kapur, n.d).