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Research is defined as the systematic investigation conduct on the specific topic in order to set facts and reach new conclusions. The objectives of the research is to discover and interpret facts, application of theories or facts with the intention to reach appropriate solutions.

In present scenario, emergence of digital and other  technology as well as mobiles application or software has bought the big change in business practices. It has also improved the ways' payment were big made by the Customer to shopkeepers. Evolution of internet or online banking has provided an organization to provide additional facilities of making digital payment transfer to customers. Besides the several advantages there are some disadvantages  of doing the transactions  through mobile phones is that hackers can easily hack the account of users and can easily conduct crime. In continuous and dynamic small business organisation such as Talon Outdoor are often perplexed in the middle of identifying the way  to keep adopt the system of receiving and making payment. As it is very difficult as well as critical task to  make decision related to the using mobile application  as the method of making or receiving the payment. As there is high risk involved in facilitating business transaction using mobiles phones.

Background of the study

It has been identified from the investigation that Zimbabwe was the country in which the  mobile was first used for transferring money. There were the three companies such as Net one, Tele cell and Eco net Wireless who were providing mobile network services. The objectives of mobile money transfer services is to assist small business enterprises in minimising the cost of making payment over a long distance. There are several types of risk involved with the accepting or receiving payments through mobile applications. Some threats are Compliance is one of the biggest issues especially for the small medium enterprise like Talon Outdoor. High chances of frauds related to the accepting payment through mobile applications. It has provided criminal an opportunity to conduct crime. There are high chances of this type of rise in situation when an individual or customers use public Wi-Fi , weak passwords and when mobile phone is lost.

There is great requirement of development in the companies who makes mobile application. Business owner of the small medium enterprise is required to consider several risk factor before planning to implement specific technology for receiving and making payments this strategy will aid firm in eliminating short or long term financial loss. By dark side of utilising the mobile payment an individual mean the disadvantage of using the mobile application as well as software for making payment. A scholar want to provide detail about the risk associated with usage of mobile applications for making commercial transaction.

Research aims and Objectives

Aim -  TO develop the understanding about implications of mobile payment technology for UK Small business,A focus on the dark side

Objectives :

  • To understand the concept of mobile payment in context of small medium enterprise.
  • To analyse the risk associated with use of  mobile for receiving and making payment.
  • To measure the level of utilization of mobile money transfer services by small medium enterprise in their financial transactions
  • To suggest strategies which can be adopted the small medium enterprises for improving the payment services.

Research questions

  • What do you understand the concept of mobile payment and its use by small medium enterprise?
  • What are the risk associated with doing the transaction using mobile application or software?
  • What are the counter impact of mobile money transfers in context of small medium enterprises?
  • What are the other techniques or methods for improving the financial transaction by small medium enterprises?
  • What are the dark side of using the mobile devices for making commercial transactions.

Rational of selecting the specific topic for conducting the research

There are several factors which has encouraged scholar to facilitate the research on the particular subject matters. One of the important variable is less use of mobile devises for making the business transaction. The another important  reason in increase in fraud  related to financial transaction and growth of the mobile banking application. Investigator interest in exploring or identifying the factors which influence mobile money transfer usage by the small and medium business enterprises. Researcher is also eager for analysing the dark side of the implication of  mobile payment technology for UK Small business. The major rationale behind the conducting the investigation on specific topic is to  develop the understanding about the dark sites of using the mobile application for commercial tr