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Submission 1: Research Design Proposal

TITLE: “To examine the importance of customer service in enhancing sales of business”. A case study on M&S

Chapter 1: Introduction

Customer service is a term that reflects either purchasing or promoting products of an enterprise. It consists a set of policies which govern how a firm make interaction with clients, way to greet them and handle their complaints for a particular product. Since success of business and service delivered to customers are considered as co-related with each other. Therefore, it is necessary for organizations to concern more on way to deliver best services at marketplace because well established brands shows how effectively a firm serve its customers. As per increase in competition, companies are now focusing to hire right employees at workplace, who are capable to provide effective service to customers and handle their problems as well.

Meaning of customer service may vary with nature of business in which a company deals with, that indirectly shows brand value. It assists people to purchase services from a well established enterprise and satisfy their desires. A brilliant example in this section is M&S, which deals in retailing sector. It is one of the branded retailer company of UK which offer a wide range of trendy clothes, home products and some luxury eatables like Salmon, Beef, Cake, Sandwiches etc. With the help of latest technologies like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software, Bar Code Scanning, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and more, this enterprise has made the shopping experience more easier for customers. It has near about 979 stores in world where everything is driven by technology and skilled staff to serve best services to customers on time.

This research is mainly focusing on the importance of customer service and its role in business. It provides various benefits to a company in increasing sales performance and brand value. For this evaluation, different views of various authors and writers are taken. Moreover, main purpose of present research is to examine the concept of service related to customers and factors which aid a firm in retaining consumers. This would help in obtaining positive outcomes for success of business. In terms of academic and practical perspective, research on customer service is quite interested because it provides a key to a successful business. Moreover, this project also shows ways to convert unhappiness of customers into happy by treated them fairly and appreciated by business.

Aims: “To examine the importance of customer service in enhancing sales of business”. A case study on M&S

Research Objectives:

  • To examine the concept of customer service
  • To determine the factors which help in retaining satisfied customers
  • To analyze the importance of customer service in enhancing sales of M&S

Research Questions:

  • How to examine the concept of customer service?
  • What are the factors that help in retaining satisfied customers?
  • What is the importance of customer service in enhancing sales of M&S?

Chapter 2: Research Methodologies

Research methodology is a specific procedure or technique to identify, select, process and analyze information about a topic. In a research study, methodology section allows investigator to critically evaluate a study's overall validity and reliability. It is a systematic way to solve a specific problem and how research is to be carried out. Essentially,  procedures by which researchers go about their work of describing, explaining and predicting phenomena are called research methodology. Its aim is to give work plan of research. It is necessary for a researcher to design a methodology for the problem chosen.

Research Approach:

Discussion of research approach is a vital part of any scientific study regardless of research area. It includes plan and procedure for conducting a research that span a steps from broad assumptions to detail methods of data collection, analysis and interpretation. Research approach can be divided into two main aspects, that are- Deductive and inductive research approach, as explained below:-

Deductive Research: It is an approach of research that starts with proposition of hypothesis and end result of research is confirmation/rejection. It is mostly concerned with testing an existing theory which generally start with hypothesis. So, researchers are also bound to alter direction of study. This theory also is generally focused with testing an existing theory based on a large sample of data. Therefore, depth analysis is not possible to be attained under this approach. Moreover, in deductive approach, some specific aim has to be accomplished so, it is highly structures as compared to inductive research.

Inductive Research: It is an approach to research that starts with observation and end result of research is THEORY. It is concerned with building a new concept. It does not have any place for hypothesis. So, researcher is free to alter direction of study. As this type of research approaches are associated with qualitative therefore, project makers have to follow up specific set of rules. Along with this, inductive research is mostly appropriate for small business projects which provide more scrutinized information about the subject matter. Under this approach, depth analysis is possible related to a particular topic having a small sample.

Research Methods:

It refers to a tool use to conduct a research on certain topic. It includes various methods like qualitative, quantitative and mixed where a project maker can choose as per purpose of research. Concept of these methods can be explained in following manner:-

Qualitative Research: It is a method of research that develops understanding on human and science, to find a way people think and feel. This is one which provides insights and understanding of a problem setting. This type of research includes unstructured and exploratory method that studies highly complex phenomena that are impossible to explain with quantitative research. Although, it generates idea or hypothesis for quantitative research. This is used to gain an in-depth understanding of human behaviour, experience, attitude, intention and motivation on basis of observation and interpretation, to find out way people think and feel. This is an exploratory and follows a subjective approach as researcher is intimately involved. This is based on purposive sampling, where a small sample size is selected with a view to get a thorough understanding of targeting concept. Non-structured techniques like In-depth interview, group discussion are most common method of collecting data.

Quantitative Research: It is a form of research that relies on a method of natural science, which produce numerical data and hard facts. This aims at establishing cause and effect relationship between two variables by using mathematical, computational and statistical methods. Data collected by researcher can be divided into categories or put into rank or can be measured in terms of unit of measurement. A main purpose of quantitative research is to examine cause and effect relationship between variables. Graphs and tables of raw data can be constructed with a help of quantitative research, making it easier for a researcher to analyse results. Structured techniques such as survey, questionnaire and observation are most common methods of collecting data. This is result oriented research method. It recommends a final course of action.

Types of Data:

Primary Data: It is systematic investigation and study of material where various sources are available to conduct a research on a particular topic. It includes questionnaire, online and offline survey, face-to-face interviews, etc. where researchers are required to conduct survey by itself. So, primary research usually consumes much time and costs as compared to secondary