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Research Project on Travel and Tourism

Answer :

TITLE: “The influence of technology in the travel and tourism sector”.


In current time period, technology is always change in each and every field. It will help in  booking tickets of flights which are unable to got on foot. There are different things which includes mobile, computers and many more which has been changed the way of work, sell, buy and usually various factors. The growth of social media in the current market are directly affect on travel and tourism sector. The report is based on Thomas cook which is British global travel organisation and it is established on 19 June 2007 by the merger of Thomas cook AG. A research project specially useful in order to frame and draw appropriate study in account so that it will gain effective and efficient results. It is important for successful project which outline some specifications in better manner through which they can easily conduct research and get correct outcomes. Therefore, it can lead towards providing suitable results in nature of frame so that effectiveness and efficiency can be done. The research project outline specifications which includes certain considerations such as aims and objectives, methodology, importance of research so that each and every single attribute can be reached in better manner.


1.1 Formulate and record possible project outline specification

The project is based on influence of technology on travel and tourism sector of industry with the expansion of technology and also enhancing in the number of tourists. The study is based and include various factors of Thomas cook tourism sector which is one of the tourist agency in the United Kingdom and it provide better services and facilities. Therefore, they need to determine regarding impact of social media on travel and tourism sector.

Aim: “To identify the impact of social media that influence consumer decision making in travel and tourism sector”. A case study on Thomas cook.

Research Objectives:

  • To understand the concept of social media.  
  • To analyse major challenges faced by Thomas Cook Plc while implementing the concept of social media within business.
  • To analyse the impact of social media in travel and tourism sector.

Research Questions:

  • What is the concept of social media ?
  • What are major challenges faced by Thomas Cook Plc while implementing the concept of social media within business?
  • What are the impact of social media in travel and tourism sector ?

1.2 Factors that contribute to the process of project selection

Research is a most crucial concept which is basically uses to provide detailed information to learner on a specific topic. In order to conduct a proper research, investigator requires to follow a proper step which is describe below -

  • Introduction: This is the first section of research in which researcher describe overview and information analysis on given topic.
  • Literature review:This is the second section of research in which researcher analyse various authors and scholars point of view regarding specific topic.
  • Research methodology:This is third section of research in which most appropriate method of data collection is considered for data analysis and collection (Keller and Fay, 2012).  
  • Data analysis:In this section, researcher analyse the data and information by asking questions with respondents regarding company products and services.
  • Recommendation and conclusion: This is the last section of research in which researcher provides recommendation for further changes.

1.3 Critical review of key references

Literature review is the main aspect where different authors and scholars attributes are included properly. In this project, scholars perceptions need to analyse whole project so they can determine accurate results or outcomes.

Concept of social media

According to views and opinion of …, it has analysed that social media is a large concept in today's world. It connects organisations, individuals and entire world with each other. In this regard, concept of social media aid companies in promoting their products or services in vast area of marketplace. Mostly platform of social media have built-in data analytics tools. It enables companies to monitor the progress and success of business effectively. In context with Thomas Cook Plc., social media platforms help in reaching potential customers. It includes Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook pages and more, where 60% of users enrol in discovering new products for satisfying their desires. Therefore, using different tools like e-commerce and digital marketing, its managers can engage people with brands.  In addition to this, by developing interaction with targeted travellers, managers of Thomas Cook can analyse their demand, preference and taste more appropriately. This would help in designing holiday plans as per taste of tourists so that higher satisfaction of them can be gained.  

Henceforth, concept of social media provide various advantages to travel and tour companies including Thomas Cook Plc. It includes free advertising and marketing, enhance brand recognition, influence customers towards business and more.

Major challenges faced by Thomas Cook Plc in implementation of social media

As per opinion of …, it has ascertained that social media play a crucial role in influencing people towards various brands. Without using its different platforms, a company cannot increase its brand awareness among people. It gives various opportunities to travel companies including Thomas Cook Plc. in enhancing their customer base. But adopting social media marketing creates various challenges also. In context with Thomas Cook, it includes developing strategies, measuring social media ROI, turning employees into brand advocates, choosing best platform for promotion and more.  

In this regard, social media ROI reflects what business will get from investment made for advertisement. Therefore, to measure the same, it is essential for this company to define goals and objectives in appropriate manner. Similarly, for building an online presence, it is necessary for managers of this travel agency to streamline the content. Therefore, an employee advocacy platform is considered as another challenge. Managers must ensure that workers share right information about company's product and services on social media. Other than this, understanding which social media platform is needed for promotional activities, is also a challenge for travel agencies.

Impact of social media in travel and tourism sector

According to perception of …, it has evaluated that social media has provided a large platform for organisations to improve their marketing activities. By using this concept, companies engage in travel and tourism sector can establish their brand as a thought leader. It includes brand advocacy which help in building trust and long term relationship with potential customers. With respect to Thomas Cook Plc., social media gives opportunities to connect with targeted audience and provide them update information about holiday packages. Some major benefits this travel agency can gain are- increase website traffic, generate leads, boosts sales performance, enhance brand image and more. All these processes help travel agencies in promoting tourism and provide information about various destinations to customers. This would help in attracting tourists towards national heritage which aid in developing economy as well. It also prove beneficial for Thomas Cook Plc. to gain high competitive advantage and increase its market share.  

1.4 Research project specification

This research is based on the analysis of the impact of social networking sites on growth and success of travel and tourism industry. The main objectives of an organisation is to create direct and positive relation with their customer in order to maximise sales of their products and services easily (Hinterhuber and Liozu, 2014). For this, they implement several marketing strategy in business operations that assist to promote organisational products and services directly in target market. In this digitalised world, each and every individual spend their maximum time on internet surfing in which they grab detailed information of their desired concern. For travel and tourism industry, it can be most emerging platform that aid to create direct relation with visitors.

1.5 Plan and procedure for agreed research specification

Gantt chart is one of the major tool which help in managing time schedule for project is Gantt chart. It is that method and sources through which different activities of the project can be divided among different aspects and consideration. Along with this, it define starting date with ending time and time duration where report is used to be done.

Critical Path system is another method and tool through which project can be completed in minimum time period. In the study, critical path system enables and defines short period of time for the given project that can be used for implementing and take better place.


2.1 Resources efficiently to research question or hypothesis

For successful study, it is important to include and estimate some resources properly so that they can get effective and efficient outcomes. Thus, to reach with agreed research questions and hypothesis, it is necessary for determine and gain correct resources along with accurate results. These resources are evaluated as under:

  • First resources are associated with time based consideration where research questions are addressed within certain period. This would help in obtaining desired outcomes of research in effective and efficient manner. Along with this, it also aid investigators to utilise time base resource more appropriately.
  • Similarly, another most essential requirement of research is information. It can be gathered by using various multiple sources such as journals, books, questionnaire, articles etc.

Henceforth, all these resources are needed to be considered while conducting an investigation. It would give advantage to research team to address aims and objectives as well as obtain high outcomes in systematic manner. 

2.2 Proposed research investigation

In research, qualitative analysis referred as objective in nature. It is used to understand the occurrence of events and can be described by using different statistical methods. This analysis can also be classified either as discrete or continuous where data can be gathered by using various methods. It includes observations, surveys, experimentation or interviews etc. However, quantitative analysis helps to get a deeper understanding of a particular research topic. But this method cannot be used for generalising population. While in place of this, quantitative analysis is generally associated with numerical analysis. In this concept, information is collected in systematic manner, then further classified and interpreted by using a set of statistical tools and techniques. The main beneficial part of quantitative research is analysis of findings that can be applied on general population. But limited generalisation of findings is considered as its main drawback side.

Primary research technique can be defined as a process where investigators itself conduct research, with main objective is to collect original data. This information helps in addressing the research aims and objectives in deep manner. Under primary method, data can be gathered by using both quantitative and qualitative research. In addition to this, various techniques are used for collecting primary information. It includes online and offline survey, interviews, questionnaire and more. While in place of this, under secondary research, whole procedure go in opposite manner. It relies on collecting published or unpublished information which is gathered by some other investigators. Such data can be obtained from multiple sources like government data, official documents, newspapers, books, magazines, internet and more. In this regard, most beneficial part of secondary research is that it takes less time and money for conducting an investigation.  

2.3 Record and collate relevant data


3.1 Research evaluation techniques

3.2 Analysis of result

3.3 Recommendations and justification areas for further consideration


4.1 Appropriate media to present the outcomes of research

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