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Introduction to Communication Plan

Communication plan refers to an art and science for reaching to the target audience by using various marketing communication channels. These includes advertising, public relations, experiences, direct mail and many more. The communication plan includes who, what, when, why, how and by whom for effective marketing of the products or services. Various messages are used by the companies for increasing awareness about their product among the people. It works as a guide for the communication and sponsorship efforts until the project does not achieve its objectives.

For the proposed study, Two Towers Brewery is taken into consideration. The file includes importance of communication for solving strategic marketing problems and analytical frameworks for developing integrated marketing campaign. Along with this, the report consists of detailed understanding of target audience, their needs, elements of communication mix, aims and objective of communication for plan, future marketing activity, the best practices and ways of monitoring and measuring marketing activates.

1. Importance of marketing communication

As per the given case study, Two Towers Brewery can take various advantages by using integrated marketing communication. Different authors have different perception towards the importance of marketing communication which are as follows...

According to the Yeshin, 2012, “Marketing communication plays important and integral role in transferring the message regarding the product or brand to the large audience. It integrates all necessary components of marketing to the communication for attracting more people”. Along with this Shimp and Andrews, 2013, have stated that “Integrated marketing communication helps in building bran image among the customers at very low and effective cost. It also leads to create direct interaction with the consumers”.

On the other hand Thorson and Moore, 2013, have said that “Marketing communication results to successful promotion of the brands and also develops trust and loyalty among the people with respect to the brand and its company”. In favour of this, Two Towers Brewery can promote its different variety of beer such as Jewellery Porter, the chocolate porter, Chamberlain Pale Ale, etc among the new and existing audience. In addition, Percy, 2014, has asserted that “Customers are not going to purchase the product B if the benefits, features and characteristics of the product A is explained properly and effectively. The thing which plays important role is use of appropriate communication tools as per the requirement of the situation”. With reference to this, Tow Towers Brewery can use public relations, advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and many more for informing its customers about the beers and their advantages and features.

Along with this Torppa and Smith, 2011, have concluded that “Traditional marketing tools make employees to think really hard for choosing appropriate tool for the promotion and advertisement of their products or services which is a time consuming process whereas marketing communication prevents the wastage of time and resources”. In context to it, Two Towers Brewery needs to use appropriate tool for the marketing of its different beers so that customers get influence and purchase them. This will also reduce the wastage of time, money and resources.

A detailed understanding of target audience, their needs and motivations

Two Towers Brewery has three types of target customers which are high income, medium and low income people. High income audience like to drink high and standard quality of beer for their parties, events, maintaining their living standard, different occasions and many more. Such kind of audience give emphasis to the various factors while purchasing beer such as taste, price, style of beer, Brewery that produced it, quantity available in bottler, match with activity or mood, sizing, etc. On the other hand, medium income people generally does not like to drink and if drink then only some occasions, office meetings, or events. They do not include beer or other alcoholic drinks into their life. In contrast to it, low income people likes to buy beer for their dealing with their problems or issues. They like to purchase low quality, price and size beer bottle. Generally the targeted audience of the Two Towers Brewery is economic and high standard people as they like to buy high quality and price bottles which results to incomes the company's sales and profitability.

The need behind intake of alcoholic drinks is due to curiosity, reaction of social environment, for relieving from stress, result of personality characteristics such as depression, withdrawn, hyperactivity, etc, easy access and expectation of a good experience. All these factors motivate customers to purchase and use beer. Two Tower Brewery provides tour to their factory for influencing people of all age to buy and taste their beer which results to increase their sales, number of consumers and popularity. Along with this, different trends are also influencing people to buy beer bottles such as use of beers in movies, by models, celebrities etc. Two Towers Brewery targets such audience and sale various variety of beer such as Hockley Gold, Complete Muppetry, Bhacker Ackhams and many more.

Integrated marketing communication

For attracting above discussed targeted audience, Two Towers Brewery uses integrated marketing communication plan. While developing integrated marketing communication plan, company needs to follow communication lifecycle properly which is as follows...

Unaware: At the first stage, target audience remain unaware about the new products, their services, benefits, features and characteristics.

Awareness: Two Towers Brewery needs to aware its customers about the variety of beers by using various techniques such as advertisement with the help of TV, radio, magazines, social media, etc.

Knowledge: With the help of various advertisements, targeted audience will try to get all the information about the beer so that they can evaluate its effectiveness.

Linking: At this stage, customers will link the product with their daily life and activities. This linking makes them realize whether they need beer or not and if they need then why.

Preference: In this, preferences are determined by the customers. Company needs to provide focused information with innovation and creativity so that people can add beer to their priorities.

Conviction: In this step, conviction is conducted by the people with respect to the product and its features. So Two Towers Brewery needs to provide relevant and effective information about the different types of beers so that consumers can take result in their favour (Habermas, 2015).

Purchase: At last, targeted audience will purchase the product as per the need. This will result to enhance the sales, number of diverse customers, market position, profitability and brand image of the company.

Along with the communication lifecycle, Two Towers Brewery needs to analyse the various elements of the DRIP which are as follows...

Differentiate: In this, company needs to explain how its brand of beer is different from the other products. For better communication, firm should provide all the features of the brand which makes it different from other beer products available in the market. Along with this, Two Towers Brewery can differentiate the product on the basis of cost by keeping its price low as compare to the other products.

Reinforce: In this, organisation needs to ensure and recheck its previous communication tools with the experiences. This will help the firm in finding loophole and strong points. These will lead to improve the communication strategies and tools for making better and effective impression over the customers of Birmingham and West Midlands.

Inform: After the proper analysis of above explained two elements, company needs to inform audience about its beer products with their different features. In this, firm needs to use appropriate marketing tools and strategies so that customers can be influenced by them.

Persuade: In this, Two Towers Brewery should encourage customers by innovative and creative messages, advertisements, campaigns, etc to purchase its beer. For achieving aims and objectives, company needs to build good and healthy relationships with its audience. This will make potential customers of the company to purchase its brand next time whenever they need it.

4C's Framework

For achieving the objectives, Two Tower Brewery needs to follow 4C's framework which is explained below...

Consumer: The prime focus of the company should be consumers so that they can create appropriate strategies. This will help in understanding expectations, demand, needs and desires of the people of Birmingham and West Midlands. For attracting the people of Birmingham, company produce a new and special Canolbeer. Birmingham is a city of students and due to this Two Tower Brewery targets them while producing any new beer. As per this, organisation needs to study the consumer behaviour so that they can effectively accomplish their objective of increasing awareness, sales and prof