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Work Based Experience

Introduction to Web Based Experience

Work based experience is a paid or unpaid opportunity which allows individual to get the experience of different types of jobs or works. The given process has its importance in today's working scenario. This is because through this way, people can perform significant improvements in their employability skills. I am pursuing my degree in information technology field and therefore, I would like to gain the experience of respective field by working in the position of software developer. The present report will depict the ways which an individual can use with an aim to negotiate with a person in order to

Task 1

1.1 Researching the industry which can give industry experience

I have researched on an effective UK based IT firm that enhanced my experience in context of respective industry. In order to do the same, I have taken help from different secondary data sources. Through using different secondary sources, I have gathered information about different IT firms situated in the UK. However, among different researched firms, I believe that SCC (Specialist computer centre) is the most suitable company for getting IT based work experience in relation to the post of software developer. From the conducted research, I have identified that working environment of SCC is very cooperative. This environment will be very beneficial for me. This is because by working in such environment, I can resolve all my doubts with respect to the work which is being done by the software developers of the company. In addition to this, training module of company is also effective as it gives opportunity to the interns with regard to improve different types of software development related knowledge and skills.

1.2 Negotiate with the Manchester college tutor and the business supervisor

In order to get placement in the respective firm, I will have to negotiate with Manchester college tutor and supervisor of the SSC. With an aim to do the same, I will use different negotiation methods and techniques. For example, for the purpose to influence the Manchester college tutor for giving permission to get placed in the respective company, I will give detailed information about the company to him. In addition to this, I will also tell him about the opportunities which are prevailing within the company. Through this way only, I will negotiate with the Manchester college tutor.

However, I will use some different techniques of negotiation with an aim to negotiate with the supervisor of SSC. Here, I will assure him that during the period of my training within company, I will not create any kind of disturbance in their routine activities. Moreover, I will also tell the supervisor that I will not reveal any personal or confidential information about the organisation to any third person or its competitor. In addition to this, I will also make sure that I will perform my assigned duty in an effective manner.

1.3 Recognizing the business constraints on the experience offered

By getting placement in the given company, it is expected that I will learn all the techniques of preparing software for the client of SSC. In addition to this, I also want to learn the ways through which software systems are designed and tested. Hence, the main aim behind getting placement in SSC Company is to get full-fledged information regarding the work which is being performed by its software developers.

In this context, there are number of business constraints identified which can create problem in the task of getting work experience from the cited company. Among all, one of the biggest problems can be related with heavy workload on my trainer. In this circumstance, it will become difficult for my trainer with respect to provide high quality training to me. Hence, in the respective situation, my all doubts related with software developer position will remain unsettled. Hence, I will not be able to direct my efforts in terms of getting an effective experience of the respective job. Furthermore, another constraint will be related with lack of sufficient time with the supervisor. In this condition also, I cannot receive full attention from the side of SSC supervisor. Thus, these hurdles may create problem in the task of getting proper work experience.

Task 2

2.1 Prioritizing the responsibilities which are involved in work experience

There are number of roles and responsibilities that need to be fulfilled by the software developers of cited company. Hence, I am interested to learn all the responsibilities which are being fulfilled by the software developer of SSC. Here, I will try to learn some tasks on daily basis, however some are not. In this context, I will segregate responsibilities of SSC software developer on routine and non-routine basis. For example, the main responsibility of software developers is to analyze the user requirement, test the system programs, and write the code along with installing and maintaining the software system. I will perform all these things on routine basis. However, other tasks such as reviewing the current system and preparing the training module for the users will be performed by me on non-routine basis.

Being a learner, my first priority will be to learn and improve the knowledge and skills with regard to the work which is being performed by the software developer. However, it is priority of SSC that it should resolve all the doubts of trainees and make sure that he or she is gaining an immense experience of specific work.

2.2 Producing the plan for the work based experience

With an aim to get the experience of work which is being done by the software developer of company, I have prepared an effective plan. I will use the given plan with an aim to schedule the work of my whole training in an effective way.

  • At first, I will gather system requirement of my company's clients. 4 weeks’ time will be needed with an aim to learn the given task.
  • On the basis of requirement, I will prepare a design for the system. This task will be learned by me within 5 weeks.
  • Finally, I will implement the developed design. Here, 2 weeks’ time will be needed with an aim to assess the way of implementing the developed software programs within the company.
  • Later on, I will perform changes in the developed design in accordance with my customer feedback.

Hence, I will follow the respective steps with an aim to learn the work which is being carried out by the software developer of cited company. In order to meet the above mentioned actions, I will read different software development books. Besides this, there are some things which are expected by the supervisor of cited company. Here, supervisor of SSC will expect from me that I will be able to design an effective software for the company by following the framed plan. In addition to this, I will meet with my tutor after completion of each software development phase.

2.3 Benefits of proposed activities to learner and SSC

Activity of getting IT based work experience within firm will lead to provide benefit to both the learner and SSC Company. Firm such as SSC can get benefit in the form of assessing the effectiveness of software development steps which are being followed by it. For example, individual who is getting work experience from the company has given feedback that software development phase which is followed by company is incomplete and requires some more modifications. Then, by working as per the given feedback, SSC organization can get benefits in form of increased profits and sales.

Besides this, being a learner within the company, I will also gain number of benefits. Here, I can improve my skills regarding the ways of developing the design and software of company. Here, experience which I will gain while getting training in the respective firm will assist me in my future employment. Hence, given placement will be proved as beneficial for both the learner and firm.

Task 3

3.1 Fulfilling the placement requirement and complying with the code of practices

While getting work based experience within the selected IT firm, I will make sure that I should comply with all the placement related code of practices. In accordance with the given context, placement code of practices state that an individual who is getting training within the firm must not reveal the confidential information of company to third person. I will comply with the given rule and make sure that I will not give important information of the company to any person. In addition to this, placement practices also depict that I should follow all the ethical practices which are being followed by SSC. I will surely perform the same and thus, in order to get the information about the ethical practices which are being followed by the cited company, I will read the module of organization which will provide thorough information about the SSC in an effective way.

3.2 Maintaining the systematic record of work undertaken

I have systematically maintained the record of work which is being given to me while getting training within SSC. At the first day of my training, task of analysis was given to me wherein I had to analyze the system requirement of company. Here, my supervisor had suggested me various steps which are being followed by it for the purpose to analyze the requirement of system. Here, I have maintained the record of same in my diary. In addition to this, in the second day of my training, information about the ways of designing and implementing the computer program was given to me. Here, with an aim to maintain the record of same, I have used spreadsheet. It is very beneficial for me with regard to maintain the record of things or tasks which I have learned while getting training within the company. This is because, by using the respective document, I can again get the knowledge of things which I have forgotten.

3.3 Revising the above plan

I have again revised my plan which I have prepared while getting the experience of work which is related with the software development post. Plan which I have framed above possesses systematic steps which I can use with an aim to learn the skills of developing software for the company. First three steps of my plan were effective, but still I felt that some more steps are necessary to be added in the respective plan. For example, I should get feedback from the client after testing of developed system. Through this way, SSC Company can assess that whether it is going on a right direction or not in terms of product development. Here, with an aim to review the given step, around 6 weeks’ time will be needed. Thus, this is the only thing which I will require in my revised plan.

3.4 Making suggestions for the improvement

There are number of suggestions given by me to the supervisor of SSC on the basis of revised plan. For example, it is recommended to the supervisor of SSC that it should involve feedback step after testing phase of software development. Through this way, effectiveness of the developed software can be assessed (Morris and Blaney, 2010). In addition to this, by complying with the given type of activity only, corporation can deliver high quality of services to the buyers in an effective way. Thus, it can gain benefits in form of increased profits and sales.

Task 4

4.1 Monitoring the progress against the original proposal

I have monitored my own progress against the original proposal. Here, plan which I have framed above will be considered as an original proposal. Here, with an aim to monitor my own performance, I have taken help from the technique in which I have carried out comparison between my before and after training program performance. In this regard, I have realized that there are lots of improvement needed in the task of designing software for the company. Now, I can direct my efforts in terms of designing software as per the requirement of the customers of SSC. In addition to this, earlier to the given training program, I had theoretical knowledge regarding the ways to test the developed software. But, given thing has also improved after performing training program. Here, now I have practical information regarding the way to test the developed program. These all things I have learned because of the given training program.

4.2 Evaluating the quality of own performance

I have evaluated the quality of my own performance. By getting training program within SSC, I have realized that now I am able to direct my efforts in terms of developing an appropriate software for the company. Here, I believe that now I can fulfill all the roles and responsibilities associated with the software developer post in an effectual manner. But, I still believe that I should work upon my software testing skill. Although I have enough knowledge of the same, but still want to learn about the given approach in more detailed way.

4.3 Learning taken place during the experience

By performing various roles and responsibilities associated with the software development post within the company, I have learned number of skills. For example, I have learned the ways to communicate with other individual. In addition to this, I have also improved my negotiation skill. Here, with the help of given skill only, I have got opportunity with respect to get placement within the UK based IT company. In addition to this, I have also learned the way to work in a team. Overall, it can be said that the whole work based experience has helped me in terms of improving my various skills in an effectual manner.

4.4 Making recommendation of how experience can be enhanced

Experience which I have gained while working within SSC Company can be further improved, if I will get regular feedback from my supervisor regarding the performance which I am carrying out. By complying with the given type of activity, I can assess that whether I am working towards the correct approach or not. Hence, I can improve my work based experience in more effectual way.


It is necessary for every individual that it should get prior experience of the work which it will perform in the near future. This is because through this way, person can get job in a better company as per his or her own desire. Furthermore, by complying with the given type of activity only, individual can deliver high quality services in the corporation where he or she will work in future. In addition to this, such type of experience is also necessary for individuals to enhance their number of skills and knowledge in an effective manner. Further, it leads them to deal with corporate based opportunities in future and helps in performing effectively at the workplace.

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