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Global Leadership skills for Organizational Goal Sample

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Global Leadership & Its Roles

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Introduction To Global Leadership

The function and role of leadership is one of the most significant intellectual tasks and is one of the most required skills. Leaders play a prominent role to shape in our life and it explains the business and its practices are concerned in with effective accomplishment of goal. In this respect contingency theory focuses on particular variable related to environment that can define in particular style of leadership which is best suited for prevailing conditions (Pauleen, 2003).

Leadership is actually stated in as a major factor that impacts on the behavior of others in order to achieve in particular goal. In numerous organizations leadership strategy is being used in a team to ultimately achieve its main purpose and it includes in precise traits that should be present in a leader i.e. effective communication, power to influence others, ability to make in decisions and manage the contingency theory (Eddy & et. al., 2004).

While undertaking leadership in a global role the leader faces in several challenges and in a global market there are several competitive strategies in the form of climatic conditions, cultural behaviors as well as the currency that makes a precise reason for competition in the global market.


In order to be a prominent leader in the global market the sense of cultural sensitivity is crucial and it can be attained by means of going through the culture of platform of the market where in business is going to originate. The leader dealing in global level should have diversity training to enhance the harmony in workplace and can better understand different people.

Global leadership needs not only training but also much of confidence and experience to achieve in the organizational goals. The global leadership skill is a significant factor available for the growth of business as it helps in to acquire competitive edge at international level. At global level there are various business strategies in every corporation and it varies with each and every company (Osborne & Brown, 2005).

It is very much evident to consider the necessity of global leadership as it helps in companies to acquire a competitive advantage in the global market and behind every successful corporation there is a competitive leader who has power, motivation, influence on others and capability to communicate with others.

In order to be a professional leader one should possess in global leadership skills that defines in development of emotional intelligence and is scientifically used in measure both cultural and emotional intelligence.

Globalization is new norm in the modern world and organizations focus in to expand their operations in global market and there is a need to develop in strategies and skills that work with culture and manage in operations at global level (Thomas, 2011).

In present changing global economic conditions there are multinational companies that need to survive and compete. The information acquired in from global leadership skills in contingency situations will be beneficial in terms professional as well as academic level.



Global leadership is an important skill in an organization for the success and growth of a corporation. Leaders at global must possess in required skills in order to manage in the contingency situations that arises at any point of time and for this self motivation and confidence is essential attribute that should be present in order to manage in operations.


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