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The Assignment Desk caters to the need of the students and ensures they get the most affordable services at the best prices. Our Refer n’ Earn policy would earn you some extra discount and add to your savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Refer and Earn Policy

Your Doubts Answered

  • Referring to our services to your friend is an easy process. All you need to do is enter your registered mail id, enter your friends’ id and share the referral link. Once the reference is confirmed and your friend places an order using the same code you get the rewards.
  • No. You can make as many references as you want and avail the most from our services. We let you make unlimited references and earn reward points to add to your wallet.
  • Once the reference is confirmed, you are eligible to get 5% discount on all the orders that you place from the website. So, to add some extra amount to your savings, be a part of our program and help our family grow.
  • When you refer to our assignment writing services, you’ll be eligible to earn almost $25 with each successful reference. In case you want to check the monetary value, you can review it in your Assignment Desk account.
  • The referral points generated comes with no expiry date. Your reward points would be eligible for the lifetime and can be redeemed anytime. These reward points have no time restriction.
  • No, the reward points that you have earned are added only to your account. You can not encash them. You can redeem these points each time you place a writing order with the website.
  • Any offline referral would not make you eligible for the reference points. You need to refer a friend online to earn the referral benefits.
  • Sadly no. Referring only to the new members who are not associated with the website would earn you referral discounts. So, help us grow our family and get amazing discounts.