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P1. Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour required by HR Professionals

Human resource management refers to a formal system that includes set of activities performed by a HR officer in order to manage the personnel and other resources of an organisation. For performing these activities effectively it is very essential for a HR offices to have certain skills, knowledge and behaviour. These factors are explained below:

Knowledge:-It refers to the information and understanding about a particular subject or situation that come through learning or previous experience. Following are the knowledge criteria that must be present in a HR professional of whirlpool:

  • Media & Technology:-Being an HR professional, it is very essential to have knowledge about media as well as technology. As now a days business are more technology driven and all the operations are managed using computers. So, HR manager must have a thorough knowledge of various technologies or software that can simplify their work and improve efficiency by minimizing the chances of elimination.
  • Laws & Regulations:-HR officer is responsible for ensuring that the activities must be performed legally. So for this, it is very necessary for human resource manager that they must have deep knowledge about all the laws and regulations. This help in operating business without any legal compliances and also support in building strong brand image.

Skills:-An ability or capacity developed through systematic and sustainable effort that help in carrying out future complex activities much effectively. Following are the skills that are required by HR professional in Whirlpool:

  • Personnel Management:-This is consider to be the main function of an HR officer as personnel management is very essential task for achieving long term success. Proper utilization of employees skills brings efficiency in work and also bring maximum productivity.
  • Conflict Management:-As the main function of an HR officer is to manage employees, so it is very essential for them to have the ability to resolve conflicts that may arises while employees are working. This help in bringing coordination and also develop feeling of job satisfaction that encourage employees to contribute more toward company's growth.

Behaviour:-It refers to the set of actions that are being represented by an individual as per the present situation. An HR profession of Whirlpool is required to have following behaviour which contribute toward increasing productivity:

  • Decisive Thinker:-For being an effective HR officer, it is very essential for a personal to have the ability to take quick decision so that work may not hamper or delayed. Further it also help in increasing productivity.
  • Adoptive:-HR manager must be adoptable to each situation and changes that may arises in an organisation. This behaviour will be beneficial for both organisation as well as employees. As by being adoptable to changes, HR officer can formulate plan that work with those changes which contribute toward maximizing productivity. This will further help in achieving success and maximizing the profitability.


P2. Difference Between Organisational and Individual Learning, Training & Development

For operating business activities effectively and to develop a competent workforce, Human resource officer of Whirlpool is required to conduct various programs in order to promote individual as well as organisational learning.

Learning:- It refers to the process of gaining or developing existing knowledge, skills or behaviour either by studying, practising or by experiencing something. For improving the productivity and accomplishing the objectives effectively it is very essential for Whirlpool to organise various training programs that help in developing the learning among individual working with in the organisation. Learning are of two types i.e. individual learning and organisational learning:

Individual Learning

Organisational Learning

Individual leaning generally focuses over developing skills or ability within a person. For example: it is done when company is focusing over new employees to developing an understanding of their job and operations to be performed.

Individual learning is carrier oriented. Its main aim is develop skills and knowledge among an individual which further help in their career development.

Whirlpool also organise some training sessions during induction program. So that employees can developing learning toward task to be performed while performing their jobs.

Organisational learning is more focused toward developing the skills or ability among group of individuals. For example: this is done when company is implementing changes in their technologies and want their employees to learn methods to operate them.

Organisational learning is task oriented. It help in achieving the desired goals and objective of Whirlpool by developing the skills and capabilities of employees working within the organisation.

Whirlpool organise learning programs for their employees to build up their capabilities to deal with upcoming changes.

Training & Development:- It is a function of Human Resource manger which focuses toward improving the organisational performance. Training refers to an educational program which includes increasing their knowledge, sharpening the skills and changing the attitude in order to enhance the performance of employees. Following table shows the difference between training & development:



Training is a learning process in which skills, knowledge and competencies are developed among employees as per job requirements.

Training is a short term process.

It is job oriented activity and focuses toward improving the work performance of employees.

It requires instruction or guidance in each step involve in developing skills and knowledge

Development refers to an educational process that work toward overall growth of employees.

It is a long term process.

Development is career oriented and focuses on preparing employees for future challenges.

It includes education in theoretical and philosophical concepts.

P3. Need for Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Continuous Learning:-It refers to the constant expansion of an individual's skills by developing learning and increasing knowledge in response to changing environment. Continuous learning is very essential for the success of an organisation as it help in achieving competitive edge over rivalry. So ,Whirlpool is required to promote an environment of learning where employees can learn new skills and knowledge while working. These skills can be further used to improve productivity and bringing efficiencies. This can be better achieve when company provide opportunities to their employees by assigning different task. It will help in developing knowledge among them and encouraging them to work effectively.

Professional Development:-It refers to the process of increasing and improving the capabilities of employees by providing educational and training opportunities at workplace. Professional development helps Whirlpool in motivating employees and also support in developing the high skilled workforce within an organisation. This skilled team help company in accomplishing their desired goals and objectives. It further support whirlpool in developing capabilities as per the changing environment, so that changes can be adopted within the organisation.

Continuous learning and professional development are one of the important function of an organisation which help in developing competencies that contribute toward achieving pre-specified goals or objectives. This help whirlpool in developing the skills and knowledge among employees. Need of this function for Whirlpool are explained below:-

  • Updating Knowledge:-As whirlpool is working in dynamic environment where changes are anticipated on regular basis that convert the methods of performing task. So in order to cope with this changing situation, employees require continuous professional development to retain their status. Therefore, continuous learning will help them in updating their knowledge that further support in dealing with future challenges.
  • Sharpening the Skills:-Employees are required to update or improve their skills for meeting up future challenges and being adoptive to different situations. Whirlpool must assign different task to their employees that help in developing their professional skills and knowledge. These developed capabilities can be further used to accomplish difficult tasks and improving the overall productivity of company.
  • Competitive Advantage:-Continuous learning program will help in improving the skills and abilities of employees. By providing on the job training, Whirlpool can improve the capabilities of their workforce. This high skilled employees help in achieving competitive edge among the competitors. As employees are consider to be main factor behind the progress and productivity of a company.
  • Enhancing Performance:- By providing on the job training and guidance, Whirlpool can improve the performance of their employees. As by getting assistance employees feel motivated toward their job and tries to perform more better to get recognition among their superiors in the hope of getting promotion.