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Introduction to HRM

Strategic human resource management refers to bridging the gap between human resources and objectives in order to increase the performance of business as well as to create and improve the organizational culture that encourage innovation, flexibility and competitive advantage. Ryanair Ltd. is a British low-cost airline which was found in the year 1984 (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Its headquartering is in Dublin, Ireland. It was the largest airline of Europe in 2016. Its route networks provide 34 countries in majorly 3 continents that is Africa, Europe and Middle East. Its mission statement and goals are accordant with its strategy mix. Its mission statement is to provide low rate fare to its customers on all routes and permitting modifications to their bookings. In this report, analysis of the internal and external factors of the firm along with the assessment of policies and procedures of human resource and suggestions relating to attract and retain the employees for the better future performance.


SWOT Analysis of Ryanair


The strengths of Ryanair provide competitive advantage over its competitors. These are: It provides point-to-point service, that means the transportation system which can be done by bus, train or air plane that travels directly to the spot rather than going by a central hub. There is large number of seat availability that reduces the cost of the ticket. Punctuality in the flights and no delays are there. It eliminates extra cost as 100% booking is done through their official website. They use high quality fleet. The charges of the airport are reduced which in turn cut down the cost. It covers the cost and risk that is incurred in terms of fuel and protecting.


One of the major difficulties a company is suffering is in handling the customers as well as in quality of services they are offering. The company has collected taxes which are hidden and services provided for the customers that are restricted (Armstrong, 2011). The business entity has faced many problems that affected majorly by the lack of strategic decision making in various sectors of human resource especially in relation to the policies of trade union.


Ryanair with its administration framework and it do not have any geopolitical threats. It also opens new chances to make the business more grounded as well as surpass from all its competitors in the industry. The opportunities that it would avail be able to advancement of vital cooperation, openings in centre and non-centre territory.


As European aircraft industry is the most focused commercial centre so, Ryanair is confronting inescapable risk of hardened rivalry. Other risk for Ryanair is fast increment in fuel costs which can generally influence its aggressive edge of giving minimal effort admissions to its clients (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). The development of its operations to different range refers to the modification according with the exchange strategies and also issues regarding political territory. Dynamic needs and requests of clients filled in as a test to the administration. The quick paced innovative progression can be an incredible threat to Ryanair as it might be conceivable that individuals learn towards video conferencing. Another threat is increment of cost that is charged at the terminal.


Pestle analysis is mainly the concept of marketing principles. It is utilised to view and understand the external environment the company is functioning. Nature changes and it has distinctive effects on various levels of organization. An issue that must be confronted is that the scope of factors is probably going to be great to the point that it may not be conceivable or sensible to distinguish and see everyone. Consequently, it is important to distil out of this multifaceted nature a perspective of the key ecological effects on the association (Storey, 2014). If there should arise an occurrence of Ryanair it can broke down its large scale condition utilizing PESTEL Analysis. The key drivers of progress that would impact be able to the methodology of Ryanair. At that point, the key drivers can be utilized to develop situations of conceivable future.

In PESTEL evaluation, Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal elements that would affect the future system of Ryanair with respect to threats and opportunities are described as follows:


Political factors draw attention to duties of governments that can have immediate or aberrant effect on development, intensity and thus, the future procedure of Ryanair. For the aircraft business, some out of many issues are confine on travelling to few destinations. The safety controls and in vast majority, the cases for the administration assistance is for national carriers. Ryanair has been confronting some of these kind of issues in the past and have these sort of difficulties later on. The duty arrangement is distinctive for various nations (Guest, 2011). New European Union directions and presence of new courses implies new rivalry.


This aspect alludes to macro-environment elements. For instance, trade rates, business cycles and differential financial development rates far and wide which can have coordinate effect the general goals and strategies of the company which is to give least passages to their clients and consequently remain as the cost pioneer over the long haul. Thus, these elements must be plainly measured to remain steady and for getting upper hand for its rivals. A portion of the threats which are for the firm as well as for a similar industry in this setting are the risk of expanding oil costs, charges, loan fees and rise of air terminal taking care of charges and trade rates.


This factor involves the security and safety of the traveller. The passengers prefers this airline as the give high quality services to them that includes hospitality and low cost of the tickets. If the passengers does not feel the sense of safety, they will avoid going with this airline. In this way, the company will face problem as it will reduce the income of the firm and trust issues of the worker will increase.


With the use of internet and innovations in the technology has made modification in the whole aviation industry. It also gave the video conferencing services to the individual and business people and make it easy as they do not have to travel that particular place. This also gives the audio songs as well as movies on the flights. They even had launched new technologies for the development of the cited firm.


Environment worries about greenhouse gases from carbon release keep on increasing the people in general and political scheme around the world, particularly in Europe, with more prominent concentration on the effect of avionics. As per the report, cautioned that inability to shorten nursery gasses would prompt disastrous human and financial outcomes (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). Henceforth, the airline business should pay duties for the commitments they make regarding global warming. Ryanair is essentially restricted to any type of natural tax assessment (ticket charge, fuel impose, outflows demand and so forth). The mix of operations and business initiatives and firm's heavy investment in new air plane has prompted a total decrease in fuel utilization.


European Union commission is repeated on a regulation against illicit state endowments. It has expected to set up the reasonable arrangement condition in European airline industry. EU choices depends on non-separation enactment maintaining the air plane terminals from offering differential arrangement to various carrier administrators. The interests of European airline industry were secured by non-segregation enactment. Legitimate issues that goes up against to aircraft industry are illicit endowments from air plane terminals, rivalry laws in avionics business and directions about carbon outflow level.

Evaluating a variety of human resource policies using appropriate concepts and models of strategic human resource management

Basic viable human resource management policies is a joint effort on strategies amongst HR and company's initiative in light of the fact that firm's prosperity lays on its workforce. As per the research, around 65% of an enterprise's esteem depends on its staff members, the nature is driven by HR management as well as policies and procedures. Its policies are fundamental for maintaining a feasible business.Following are some of the policies of strategic human resource management:

Employment-relations policy

Ryanair's strategies is to concentrate on the low cost through reduction in the wage rate as well as control of staff workers. The staff members are required to pay for their grooming and training sessions for the cabin crew approximately €2800 and their meals along with uniforms for €25. The company's HR are facing many problems by their employees regarding increased complaints such as difficulties in customer service and workers being arrogant to the customers. The firm has reduced the teams level of expectation and matches with that of business model.

Consistency policy

Setting the establishment for human resource management is the place where the cited company positioned concerning consistence with government and state work along with employment laws (Jackson and Muller Camen, 2011). For instance, guarantee that holding fast to Fair Labour Standards Act arrangements for the lowest pay permitted by law, extra time pay, and absolved and non-exempt workers categorization. In respect to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act is critical to guarantee legitimate or legal consistence and to give equal chance to candidates and workers.

Strategic Development policy

A principal venture in making human resource management policies and procedures is guaranteeing that HR and official leadership are working towards similar objectives. In the long run, HR works as an authoritative and focuses on the expansion of the business as opposed by upper management as a vital assistant. Building an elite workforce helps Ryanair's objectives to accomplish and results out to be gainful for the firm. The company need not to have a HR division to distinguish employees objectives. For private companies, HR management approaches are basic for two essential reasons. They moderate the entity's risk for choices that aren't upheld by a working environment strategy. Additionally, creating a plan of approaches removes the need slowly and carefully to manufacture the working environment strategies.

Work environment Policies

Work environment approaches and standard working systems furnish the cited company with quite required structure. Working hours, pay data, well-being measures, advantages and execution desires are centre themes to address in a worker handbook. An equivalent open door work approach and proclamation about the firm's zero-resilience for segregation or badgering ought to be a piece of the association's implicit rules (Alfes and Soane, 2013). These approaches recognize the business commitment to give a protected workplace where representatives feel like esteemed contributors.

Recommendations to attract and retain talent to support the future performance of Ryanair

Providing focused advantages that suit the needs of workers

Giving medical coverage, life insurance and a retirement-investment plan are important factors in retaining the staff members. The two different advantages of this are: strategic scheduling and the alternative of working from home.

Giving some small perks

Free burgers or pizzas on Fridays as well as dry-cleaning pickup and conveyance may appear to be immaterial. Yet in the event, they enable workers to better deal with their lives and they'll value it.

Direct "stay" interviews

Notwithstanding, after performing post employment surveys it resulted to realize why workers are leaving and also to see request for the longer-tenured representatives for what good reason they remain . Make inquiries, for example, Why did the workers come to work here? Why the employees remained? What may make the staff clear out? Also, what are employees non-negotiable issues? Something should not be said about the company's managers? What might workers change or move forward? At that point utilize that data to fortify the representative maintenance procedures.

Promote from inside at whatever point conceivable

Also, give staff a reasonable way to work on the improvement. If this not happens then usually the workers end up noticeably disappointed and may quit attempting in the event. Also they see no reasonable future for themselves in an organization.

Support workers advancement

This may be prepared to take in another job ability or educational cost repayment to assist the encouraging members training.

Make an open communication amongst workers and management

Hold general meetings in which representatives are able to offer the concepts and to make enquiries. It also has an open-entryway policy that encourages the workers to be honest with their chiefs without dread of consequences.

Get managers included

It needs managers to invest strength in training the workers, aiding employers who are efficient must move to new positions and limiting those who has poor performance.

Communicate business' main goal

Feeling associated with the firm's objectives is one approach to keep staff rationally and sincerely attached to Ryanair.

Give financial rewards

It consider the offerings that are investment opportunities or other monetary honours for workers that meet the execution objectives and remain for a certain era like three or five years. Additionally, it gives significant yearly raises (Renwick and Maguire, 2013). On the off chance that you can bear the cost of it, offer more to the top performance employees. Or, on the other hand, on the off chance that would prefer not to be screwed over thanks to extensive changeless increments, make a reward structure where workers can acquire a yearly reward on the off chance that they meet pre specified execution objectives.

Expectations of the workers

It might appear to be essential, however, frequently in little organizations, workers have a various rules and regulations to follow (Jabbour, 2013). On the other hand, they do not know exactly what is involved in their job also what the company require from them.

Hire a HR expert

In the event that cited firm is nearing 100 workers, consider procuring a HR chief to regulate and streamline the workers structure and procedures. Putting one individual accountable for overseeing representative advantages, livens, audits and related assignments takes a tremendous load off of you and ensures employees are dealt with decently. HR directors are likewise more up and coming on work laws and patterns (Barney and Wright, 2011). They would set be able to up different projects along with perks that might not have known existed.

Adopting new approaches

Some of the methods that can be adopted are as follows:


Remuneration and advantages approaches and techniques start with creating pay procedure. This strategy ought to be archived plans with utilitarian steps for execution. There are three fundamental pay techniques that is, advertise pioneer, focused with showcase and beneath advertise (López-Nicolás, 2011). Hierarchical procedure is a huge variable to decide pay technique and strategies, which is another motivation behind why human resource must team up with upper administration as a vital business accomplice. Employers whose objectives are to pull in the best qualified specialists may choose that turning into the market pioneer in pay hones gives them an unmistakable preferred standpoint over their rivals. Underneath advertise remuneration methodology puts the organization at hazard for high representative turnover and less-qualified specialists.

Recruitment and selection

Enhancing the estimation of its work force lays on the firm's recruitment and selection procedure (Schuler and Tarique, 2011). The rationality of all enlistment arrangements is equivalent open door, however more particular selecting techniques incorporate HR correspondence with division pioneers about their staffing needs, work postings and meeting steps, and employing managers' basic leadership specialist. Recruitment and determination approaches are situated to a limited extent on the remuneration procedure (Foss, 2011). More significantly, the company's general system for achievement drives human resources management's policies improvement and implementation.

Workplace policies

Working condition policies and standard functioning frameworks outfit the referred to cited company with very required structure. Working hours, pay information, prosperity measures, points of interest and execution wishes are focus topics to address in a specialist handbook. An equal open entryway work approach and decree about the organisation's zero-flexibility for isolation or bullying should be a bit of the affiliation's understood standards (Choi and Ruona, 2011). These policies perceive the business responsibility regarding give an ensured work environment where delegates feel like regarded contributors.


From the above report, it has been concluded that Ryanair, British low cost airline company. It has been discussed the critical evaluation of factors facing in the present which affects the firm internally and externally as Ryanair is using latest technology to have grounds in the market also they take care of the passengers in terms of safety and security. By utilizing appropriate concepts of strategic human resource management and analysing various policies and procedures of the company for the development of the firm. In this it will also form the basis of the company's future strategies in the means of strategic recommendations so that the enterprise can induce to get sustainable competitive advantage and can attain success in the future.


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