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Information Technology is the employ and application of the computer system to process, supervise and spread details. Use of IT in this perspective includes both the software and elements components such as business and for education.

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Advantages of Information Technology 

  1. Devices are assisting people to make smaller errors. Machines will work perfectly and you just need to system them with appropriate information.
  2. With the use of Information technology more perform can be done by people, companies, and solutions.
  3. IT has made international relation with public and social connections are very simple through this innovation. This is obvious with the appearance and success of sites, such as Experience book and Tweets.
  4. The effect of technology on worldwide interaction is incredible. Telecom has gone beyond the use of primary technology.
  5. A major step to international IT progression is the elimination of distance and time limitations introduced about by the application of technology to dealing of products or services; ecommerce is the best illustration for information technology.
  6. Education and studying has gone far beyond the use of stones and mortar classes or conventional blackboards. The globe is now in the era of e-learning,

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