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Uploading the Text:

Drag & drop the file to upload the text, or use CTRL+C & CTRL+V for copy-pasting. Now, Click ‘Paraphrase’ for the magic to happen

Scanning Begins:

After the text/file has been upload, the best paraphrasing tool will begin the scanning to rephrase the text with synonyms while keeping the meaning intact.

Getting Unique Text

Hurray! The free paraphrasing tool is done rephrasing your text, and you now have a 100% original document. Your text is free from plagiarism too!

Uploading the Text:

Drag & drop the file to upload the text, or use CTRL+C & CTRL+V for copy-pasting. Now, Click ‘Paraphrase’ for the magic to happen

Scanning Begins:

After the text/file has been upload, the best paraphrasing tool will begin the scanning to rephrase the text with synonyms while keeping the meaning intact.

Getting Unique Text:

Hurray! The free paraphrasing tool is done rephrasing your text, and you now have a 100% original document. Your text is free from plagiarism too!

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Do you also agree that using someone else’s way of writing is fascinating, but due to the risk of plagiarism, you cannot do it? If yes, then you must get along with the benefits of our free paraphrasing tool. At this moment, students often think about changing or modifying a few words to avoid copying. But this is not the appropriate approach. Hence, our academic writing services have a quick fix to overcome this situation. You can use our tool to rephrase sentences to avoid plagiarism. Moreover, through this, we want to enable you to use other’s ideas or thoughts but not commit the crime of plagiarism. Therefore, using this tool, you can rewrite a few phrases or sentences to make them unique. Moreover, our rewording tool is one of the leading choices among the students. It is due to numerous reasons listed in the table below which you cannot resist.

Attributes Other Paraphrase Tool Our Paraphrase Tool
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Features and Benefits of Using Paraphrasing Tools

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the use of paraphrasing tools has become increasingly prevalent, offering a myriad of advantages for individuals across various domains. Whether you're a student aiming to produce original academic work, a content creator seeking to enhance SEO strategies, or simply someone looking to save time while crafting clear and unique content, paraphrasing tools provide an efficient solution. This section explores the features and benefits of employing paraphrasing tools, delving into the ways in which these tools contribute to content creation, plagiarism prevention, time management, and overall linguistic proficiency. Understanding the multifaceted advantages of paraphrasing tools is essential for optimizing their use in diverse contexts.

  • Purposeful Rewriting:

    Paraphrasing tool is particularly useful for content creators and can help them rewrite content for different purposes, such as creating variations of articles, blog posts, or marketing materials.

  • Time Saviour:

    Paraphrasing tools can save time, especially when you need to generate content quickly. Instead of manually rewriting paragraphs or sentences, these tools can produce results in seconds.

  • Maintaining Consistency:

    When you need to maintain a consistent tone or style throughout a document, a paraphrasing tool can help by providing alternative wording while preserving the overall voice.

  • Improve Grades:

    A paraphrasing tool can enhance students' grades by helping them uniquely present information, reducing the risk of plagiarism. It enables students to rephrase content effectively, demonstrating a deep understanding of the material.

This Paraphraser Helps You Write Better, Faster, and Smarter

An online paraphrasing tool is an artificial intelligence technology that makes you paraphrase any content in your own voice or words. You can use this to rewrite any piece of content in your own sentences to avoid plagiarism. Using this tool sometimes becomes crucial when you must use a particular thought in your content to justify your arguments. Thus, if you copy the content, you might face severe consequences. But when you rephrase sentence, you will ensure making the content unique yet delivering the same context. Our rewriting tool will ensure the meaning is intact and avoid copying simultaneously. Thus, it makes this the best way to complete your task on time without much ado. This tool is used even by scholars to ease their process and secure higher grades. Moreover, this is tested by the professionals in the field before it starts reducing your workload.

Our rephraser tool is used by a variety of audiences, from students to researchers to professors. They use it to enhance the quality of their work and polish it a bit more. There are other factors for using the tool that are enlisted:

Keeps Exact Meaning:

Although this tool changes the sentence structure and the actual words, but it keeps the meaning of the thought as it is. Thus, using it is never a bad idea when you have to deliver a similar meaning. Yet if you still aren’t sure, you can always ask our experts “ Can you do my assignment?”

Improve Writing Skills

Any write-up becomes appropriate when it is easy to read and understand by a layman. Thus, our paraphraser increases the readability of the content by making the sentences short and crisp.

Approved by Experts:

Our paraphraser tool is used by the experts and has received a green flag from them. Thus, you do not have to doubt its efficiency and capability. Hence, it will also deliver top-notch quality content.

No Hidden Charges:

We never hide anything from our customers, so you do not have to spend a single penny for using our rewriting tool. It is totally free of cost and delivers top-quality content.


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#1 Paraphrasing Services at the Best Affordable Prices!

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The art of paraphrasing is tough and sensitive- simple mistakes can cause serious trouble to students. This is why students put their trust in professional paraphrasing services to stay stress-free. These service providers have got special training in rewriting documents and editing them with apt synonyms that take the document to the next level. As a result, a perfect document is assured of scoring the best grades.Now, get your document paraphrased by experts at the best rates!


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Drafting assessments are full of hurdles. Students need to cross various obstacles to get what they want out of the papers. To make their academic life easier, we also provide some other helpful academic tools for their assistance. By using those tools, students can easily achieve what they want. So don’t waste your time & choose Assignment Desk for making things simpler.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to Use the Paraphrasing Tool?
    To use our paraphrasing tool, students need to follow these steps:
    • First, they need to upload their assignment/text.
    • Then, they need to click on ’Paraphrase.’
    • Now, the scanning will begin for some minutes.
    • At the end, they can download their rephrased assessment/text.
  • How can I get my assignment manually rephrased?
    If you don’t want to use the free paraphrasing tool & want an expert helper to assist you in rephrasing, then all you need to do is hire your favorite academic writer to draft your whole document. The benefit of taking our experts’ assistance is that students will not need to worry about anything because they are very well aware of the academic guidelines and professor’s expectations.
  • How your paraphrasing tool is different from other tools?
    The main feature of our tool is AI-based technology, which makes us different from others. It makes sure the usage of the correct word in the right place. Not only that, but it also ensures that the sentences are decorated logically according to the grammatical rules.
  • Is it true that your paraphrasing tool online is free of cost? If no, what is the cost?
    Yes, our tool is indeed free of cost until students have only 250 words for rephrasing. However, if students exceed the word limit count, they need to pay a minimal amount for paraphrasing.
  • Is your tool provide a guarantee of no plagiarism?
    Yes, our free paraphrasing tool makes sure to provide 100% plagiarism-free content to our customers. Not only that, but our tool makes sure to compose quality & unique content for our valuable students every time.
  • What are the supported file formats for your paraphrasing tool?
    Our tool supports: - • Doc • Docx • PDF • TXT
  • How can you assure that your free paraphrasing tool is trustworthy?
    Our developers worked 24*7 to produce this tool to help the students. They left no bugs in this tool, so the students can depend on it with their eyes close. Moreover, they have used the latest technology- Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to generate a tool that produces 100% accurate results.
  • Is it true that using a paraphrasing tool for an assignment is called cheating?
    No, it’s not true; the only motive behind the making of the paraphrasing tool is to make students work with less stress & anxiety. With the help of this tool, not only do students paraphrase the text accurately, but they can also learn new words or phrases that can help them in the future.

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