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    “A person who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it is committing another mistake."

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    The above-mentioned points clearly reflect the importance of proofreading in assignment writing. Okay, let us put it this way- would you ever read a piece of information full of errors? No, right? Thus, only when your assignment is 100% error-free, your professor will care to read it further. But, the easier it is to read the term 'Proofreading,' the harder it is to imply it, provided you are not William Shakespeare. The poor command of the students in the English Language paved the way for assignment proofreading services. 

    UK is the favorite destination for students across the globe to pursue their dream course. Students from abroad are not well-versed with the native language, and therefore, fail to impress their 'Grammar Nazi' professor. Moreover, the native students also struggle to spot the mistakes due to a stringent deadline, poor vocabulary, inadequate grammatical skills, to name a few. Here the proofreading services UK come into the picture. But, with them comes a question that puzzles students even more, i.e., “Which is the best academic proofreading website in UK?”  

    Assignment Desk, the No.1 assignment proofreading website in UK, is your destination to overcome your language obstacles. The online proofreaders & editors working with the brand holds a Ph.D. degree in English, and this is what makes them the right candidates to deliver flawlessness blended with perfection. Other than rectifying assignments, we also offer assistance in dissertations, thesis, essays, research proposals, personal statements, research papers, journal articles, academic manuscripts, homework, coursework, etc. Before moving forward, let us dig deeper into the concept of proofreading.

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    What Is Assignment Proofreading & What Is Its Importance?

    Proofreading is the final stage of assignment writing in which a student is required to identify mistakes. The errors can be related to spelling, tone, punctuation, typing, etc. According to the best proofreading services UK experts, it becomes hard to spot our own mistakes due to brain functionality. Hence, a student must not think twice about taking someone else's help. Furthermore, there are a majority of students who do not care about revising their document after it is done. Such students should consider reading the importance of proofreading shared below: 

    • Importance of Proofreading Assignments:
    1. Revising your academic paper helps you to remove mistakes. This increases the readability and interest of the professor.
    2. It helps you to maintain the style and tone as demanded by the lecturer.
    3. Right usage of punctuation aids in conveying the information better.
    4. Consistency is an important attribute that can be achieved via proofreading.
    5. Repetitive & redundant information gets removed.

    Reading so far, you must have learned about the importance of proofreading. Moreover, the reflection of a faultless academic paper in your grades is known to all. So, choose the best academic proofreading services and score an A+. The subsequent section consists of the things that need to be checked while proofreading.

    How Does Proofreading Services for Students Ensure A+ in Assignments?

    Well, the credit behind the fact that no student loses his valuable marks on the grounds of grammar goes to the highly-skilled proofreaders. The professionals revise the document multiple times to make it flawless. Below are some common mistakes they encounter and troubleshoot: 

    1. Spelling:Typing mistakes, spelling, and hyphenation errors create a bad impression on the professor. The assignment proofreading services expert rectify them when noticed.
    2. Word Choice Confusions:Confusion related to homophones (their, there, they're), definite and indefinite articles (a/an/the), propositions will be resolved effectively with suitable words.
    3. Wrong Punctuation:Periods, colons, semicolons, quotation, dashes, commas, marks, etc., helps in communicating the thoughts effectively. Hence, the proofreaders will make sure to use the right punctuations wherever necessary.
    4. Stylistic Inconsistency:No matter you seek dissertation proofreading service or assistance on any other academic paper, the writing style will be consistent. Inconsistent capitalization, taboo words, usage of different conventions, etc., will not be found.
    5. Formatting Issues:Unavailability of page numbers, headers, footers, incorrect paragraph indentation, spacing, incorrect quotation, and citation formatting costs students big. Thus, experts strive hard to eliminate such faults.
    6. Irrelevant Tone:Over-usage of passive voice, repetitive phrases, informal language irks the professor. So, keeping a formal tone throughout the paper becomes the main goal of the proofreaders.              
    7. Grammar and Syntax:Word order, sentence structuring, verb agreement, tenses are some parts of the language which troubles many UK students. If you are also one of them, then choose one of the most trusted academic proofreading services.
    8. Academic Writing Conventions:Mistakes corresponding to acronyms, Latin abbreviations, equations, numbers, etc., will also be rectified. 

    So, these were some of the errors commonly found in the document. But you need not worry! The online UK proofreaders are here for you! The next section contains some tried-and-tested tricks for winning your professor's heart.

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    What Are the Best Proofreading Tricks? Here's the Answer!

    Assignment Desk, one of the top proofreading services for students, works day and night to discover strategies that can prove beneficial. The native proofreaders highlight the best tips for achieving maximum gains.

    1. Editing Is 'First,' Proofreading Is 'Second 

    You begin proofreading, it is advised to edit the paper first. This will reduce the workload as there is no point in fixing errors in a paragraph that you might remove or rewrite later. Therefore, proofreading should always be considered as the last stage.

    2. Wait At Least a Day Before Proofreading: 

    The dissertation proofreading service UK professional recommends that a student should take a good amount of break before spotting mistakes. The idea behind this is that it becomes hard to proofread a document when the student has already read the same words continuously for hours. Keep aside your work for a while and return fresh!

    3. Stick to the Printed Page Over the Digital Page:

     It becomes easy to notice things that you might overlook on screen. So, it is a good approach to take the printout of the academic paper. Doing so will also help you know whether the formatting and consistency are correct.

    4. Big Thumbs-Up to Online Tools: 

    Proofreading assignments becomes easy when you take the online route. Online spell-checkers, reference generators, etc., are some tools that can help you travel the academic journey successfully. This is similar to killing two birds with a single stone. For instance, on the one hand, proofreading will be faster, and on the other hand, the document will be free from errors.

    So, these were the best proofreading tricks for scoring good grades. Moreover, you will now be curious to know the technique followed by the best proofreading services UK professionals, right? Well, keep scrolling the page to know more!

    What Is the 'ARMS' Technique in Proofreading? | How to Do Proofreading?

    Assignment Desk has an in-house UK's leading proofreaders who never shy from using effective techniques for better outcomes. Among many techniques, one such technique is ‘ARMS.' It stands for A- Addition, R- Removal, M- Significant, S- Substitution. For a better understanding, let us discuss each of the components one by one.

    A: Here, 'A' stands for addition. While revising, there are times when you feel that something is missing in your document. Thus, in order to make your paper logically and critically correct, you must add a few pieces of information. This is the technique that the best proofreading services UK experts follow!

    R: The consonant ‘R' stands for removal. Detecting and deleting unnecessary words and phrases that do not add value to the assignment is done in this phase. Such unnecessary elements only increase the word count and don't hold any significance in the academic paper. 

    M: The letter ‘M' stands for movement. The assignment proofreading experts make sure that the words/phrases/sentences are correctly positioned for better readability and presentation. Moreover, one thing that they keep in mind is that the movement should not change the true meaning depicted by the elements.

    S: It stands for substitution. Many times while revising the dissertation/thesis, it happens that you feel that there is a more accurate term to express the idea and thought. In this case, you must replace the element(s) with the right one(s). When the academic proofreading services professionals do the substitution, they ensure that the information flow is not disturbed.    

    By now, you must have known the secret recipe followed by the proofreaders of Assignment Desk. Now, you are well-equipped with all the tricks and techniques for presenting a flawless paper before your professor. Stick to these principles and surprise your tutor! However, if you are still burning the midnight oil, then the next section contains a piece of good news for you.

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    Who Can Proofread Assignments for Me? Native Academic Experts Will!

    Assignment Desk is the one-stop solution of 3 out of 5 UK students. Irrespective of whether you wish to avail dissertation proofreading services UK or require assistance on other types of papers, we will never fail to stand tall on your expectations. The Ph.D. graduates in English are highly skilled in delivering a grammatically-correct work. Over the passage of years, the website has helped 10,000+ UK students on various academic subjects and topics. The expertise of the proofreaders can also be seen in FREE proofreading samples available on the website.

    Furthermore, you will be surprised to know that the best academic proofreading services come FREE whenever you buy any kind of academic paper from us. So, save yourself a couple of bucks and get your assignment proofread for free.

    Here are some guarantees provided by us to the UK students, which further urge them to ask us, “Can you proofread my assignment for FREE?” 

    1. Free Assignment Proofreading Services UKYes, you hear that right! We do not charge anything for proofreading, provided you place the order for an academic paper. Moreover, the prices of the documents are competitive too. Also, the exciting offers and discounts reduce the financial load from the student's shoulder.
    1. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: The structure of the family of 10,000+ satisfied students was laid on the foundation of trust. In the world of fraudulent websites which aim to dupe students, we offer a refund policy. According to it, we will refund the entire amount if the work fails to impress you.
    1. Fastest Delivery: Our proofreading services for students come with fast delivery, and this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Assignment Desk holds the record of never delivering the assignment before the deadline. Get your assignment proofread by us NOW!
    1. 24*7 Customer Support: Each of you is special to us, and thus, we leave no stone unturned in offering you round-the-clock assistance. The customer executives are available 24*7 to resolve your queries related to the ordering process, tracing procedure, for naming a few. Pay cheap proofreading services prices and avail such amazing benefits.
    1. 100% Privacy: Your privacy is our ultimate goal. Thus, we ensure that your identity is confidential. We never share your personal information with the third-parties and protect them in a database that is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Network Layer. The secured payment platform further ensures peace of mind.
    1. Editing & Proofreading Combined: We at Assignment Desk aims to provide maximum benefits to the students at a reasonable price. The idea is clearly reflected by the fact that we do not charge extra for editing services. The assignment proofreading services availed by you also offer editing facilities for free.

    Now, you must be fully convinced that Assignment Desk is the right destination for getting your assignment proofread for you! So, without wasting a single second, seek the best assignment proofreading services UK and take a step towards academic success. Hurry Up! Many offers are waiting for you.  

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