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We can understand the growing agony amongst the media students. Writing a media dissertation is indeed a big deal for every pupil. With the rising competition between the Universities, students are pressurized to win the race of performing exceptionally well in the academics. For a successful submission of a assignment papaer, selection of a dissertation help UK in media has an utmost importance. If you feel stuck at the point of choosing a media dissertation topic, you can refer to our suggested Media dissertation ideas to get started.

Journalism Media Dissertation Topics

Journalism is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television. The role and status of journalism, along with that of the mass media, has undergone profound changes. Our proficient writers have suggested a few media dissertation topics such as:

  • Are journalists using celebrities’ private life for gaining readership?
  • Celebrities use media as and when they wish. How can a media person defend his stand when someone accuses of privacy invasion?
  • Discuss the various styles of reporting?
  • Are paparazzi legal? Understanding the importance of protecting privacy keeping Princess Diana case in focus.
  • Coverage of Syrian exodus: How this case proves that journalism can help expose serious issues?
  • Responsibilities of a journalist and how he should use his writing power to bring change.

Freedom of Expression Media Dissertation Topics

Freedom of expression refers to the right to express one's ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication, but without deliberately causing harm to others' moral values or reputation by snide and derogatory statements. Some important media dissertation ideas related to ‘freedom of expression’ subject are:

  • Why do media fail to cover incidents using unbiased approach?
  • How much coverage is complete coverage?
  • Freedom of expression is the basis of a democratic society. How?
  • Al-Jazeera has converted media into a tool of war.
  • Why balanced approach is essential for Journalism?
  • Rationale behind using 24 hours coverage of important events
  • TV media has become a puppet in the hands of political parties.

Radio and TV Broadcasting Media Dissertation Topics

Radio and television broadcasting includes the production and transmission of educational, entertaining and news-related programming. Broadcasting is a vast and diverse field. Here are some media dissertation topics to kick-start your thesis work.

  • 24 hours news channels: Is pressure of filling channel time spoiling the quality of news?
  • Evaluating reach of Radio and TV Broadcasting against print media.
  • Why aren’t all sections of people considered as news-makers?
  • Advertising strategy for the TV viewer.
  • How consumers perceive radio broadcasting?
  • Rationale for setting time for broadcast of adult content on TV and discuss its relevance.
  • Are reality TV formats impressive enough to bring change in the thinking of viewer?
  • Soap Opera: Their role in building the image of a television channel

Social Media and Journalism Media Dissertation Topics

Websites and applications that enable users to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share, co-create, discuss and modify user-generated content. Here is the list of media dissertation topics for you to get started.

  • Can anonymous commenting be marked as journalism?
  • Should social media be held responsible for the undue prpagation of irrelevant issues?
  • Social media and whistle-blowing: Finding the connection.
  • Is social media confusing people instead of keeping them informed?
  • Why is social media being seen as the panacea for all problems?
  • How is social media giving tough competition to other media types?
  • How the level of freedom of expression should be defined in a social media discussion?

Censorship Media Dissertation Topics

Censorship is the non-disclosure of speech, public communication or other information which may be considered offensive, unacceptable, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, authorities or other groups or institutions. Some thought-provoking censorship dissertation topics are:

  • Role of censorship in shielding children from inappropriate content.
  • How religious beliefs decide the view-ability of any work of art?
  • Is censorship a tool or a hindrance? Justify its roles
  • Banning pornography: Is censorship invading people’s privacy?
  • Role of censorship in controlling the breach of national security
  • Watergate Scandal - how laxing rules can bring revolution?

Film Media Dissertation Topics

Film and Media Studies focuses on film, television, and new media around the world. If you select this subject field, then surely you’re going to explore various creative activities. Brilliant film media dissertation topics are:

  • How perception of people towards films has changed in the last decade?
  • Why are films considered as an active medium for introducing a revolutionary idea?
  • Is classy always relevant? Examine the influence of exclusive content from the public viewpoint.
  • How femininity is affecting the messages conveyed by film media?
  • Aren’t films an exaggeration of thoughts and tend to create an illusion?
  • Role of film media in bringing change in the thinking of general population.
  • Isn’t film media too monopolistic in approach?
  • How is iconography important in film media?

Cross-Cultural Media Dissertation Topics

Cross-cultural is an area of study that focuses on how people from different cultural backgrounds communicate, in similar and divergent ways among themselves, and how they struggle to converse across cultures. This subject is certainly interesting to writing your media dissertation

  • Why is cross-culture gaining popularity in TV media?
  • Is too much of foreign media is detrimental to the value set of a nation?
  • Is communication a challenge for cross-cultural media?
  • What important factors does a producer require to keep in mind while preparing a programme of global relevance?

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