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How to Use the Tool?
Upload/Copy-Paste Text :

Either drag & drop the file or use CTRL+C & CTRL+V to submit text in the online grammar check tool.

Click ‘Check Grammar’:

After uploading the text, you need to click on ‘Check Grammar’ to check the flawlessness of the content.

Receive Grammar Report:

A report will be generated containing errors related to spelling, punctuation, grammar, structure, etc.

Edit or Rectify the Errors:

After getting the report, all that is left is rectification. Edit your document to achieve perfection & and an A+ grade.

Upload/Copy-Paste Text:

Either drag & drop the file or use CTRL+C & CTRL+V to submit text in the online grammar check tool.

Click ‘Check Grammar’:

After uploading the text, you need to click on ‘Check Grammar’ to check the flawlessness of the content.

Receive Grammar Report:

A report will be generated containing errors related to spelling, punctuation, grammar, structure, etc.

Edit or Rectify the Errors:

After getting the report, all that is left is rectification. Edit your document to achieve perfection & and an A+ grade.

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Stop Making Your Professor Cringe With the #1 Grammar Checker!
Learn more about grammar mistakes that students commonly make in writing!

Use Grammar Checker & Avoid These Major Mistakes.

  1. Spelling Mistakes

    It’s the most common mistake that many of the students make in their assessments. Not only these silly mistakes can irritate the professor, but they can also portray you as a careless student lacking English language skills. Most of the time, such mistakes happen when students are falling behind the deadline. When the deadline knocks at the door, students fail to detect wrong spellings or sometimes use confusing words which change the entire meaning of the word or phrase. But with the grammar checker UK tool by your side, you can save yourself from committing this mistake.
    A common example of spelling error:-

    Incorrect Sentence: I drove my bike threw a small town.

    Correct Sentence: I drove my bike through a small town.

  2. Wrong Punctuation

    Let’s Eat, Grandma. Let’s Eat Grandma. After reading the above two sentences, you must have realized that a ‘comma’ can actually save a life. Moreover, it can save your grades too if you use them right. Apart from comma, there are other punctuations as well, which can shatter your dream of securing an A+ grade. Strong grammatical knowledge and eagle’s eye are two complementary things required to spot the errors. And, if you fail to possess any of these skills, then our free grammar and spelling checker online tool will prove to be your match made in heaven.

    Incorrect Sentence: The political news however came as a shock.

    Correct: The political news, however, came as a shock.

  3. Wordy Sentences

    Meeting the word limit prescribed by the professor is a tough nut to crack for the students. As a result, they use unnecessary words in the sentences, which not only makes their writing boring but also snatches top grades from their hands. It is high time that students should know that crisp content is one of the ingredients of impeccable writing. If you are also tired of looking for ways to detect this error, then resort to our free online grammar checker. Here are two sentences to highlight the error better:

    Incorrect Sentences: I bought a new pen for the purpose of writing.

    Correct Sentences: I bought a new pen for writing.

  4. Errors in Voices

    Active and passive transitions and vice-versa can easily roll down tears from the cheeks of the students. If facts are to be considered, then 60% (approx.) of students lose their grades because of this mistake. Do you belong to the same category of students? If your answer is a big ‘YES,’ then you should use our free grammar checker tool. The tool is proficient enough to perform the transition as per the demand of the text. Below is an example that portrays the right transition from an active voice to a passive voice. Active Voice: John read the book in one day.

    Incorrect Passive Voice: The book was being read by John in one day.

    Correct Passive Voice: The book was read by John in one day.

  5. Pronoun Errors

    Pronouns play a vital role in writing. They are the alternatives to nouns; hence, if you are committing pronoun errors, then your sentences may look wordy and can lose the interest of the readers. Moreover, grasping the rules for pronoun usage is a difficult thing to do. As a result, we at Assignment Desk decided to ease the student’s academic life, and our grammar checker online tool for free is a step towards our goal and objective. Here is an example to showcase punctuation error:

    Incorrect Sentence: When the professor saw punctuation errors, they failed the student.

    Correct Sentence: When the professor saw punctuation errors, he failed the student.

  6. Incorrect Use of Verbs & Tenses

    Verbs and tenses are the basic ingredients required to form well-structured and readable sentences. But not all students possess good commands on the two concepts, and this is where the problem lies. In fact, the majority of the students focus on using good vocabulary but fail to keep the basic foundation strong. For such students, our free online grammar check UK tool will prove to be a great help. It underlines the incorrect usage of verbs and tenses and provides swift results for rectification. Here is an example depicting the error:

    Incorrect Sentence: It is raining for three days.

    Correct Sentence: It has been raining for two days.

Free Grammar Checker: 4 Benefits to Know!
  • Spot All Errors

    Most of the online free grammar checkers are only designed to detect spelling mistakes & punctuation errors. But that’s not the case with our tool; it generates results a lot more accurately than other tools.

  • 100% Correctness

    Most free grammar & spelling checkers online are unreliable because of the fake results they present. Our tool makes sure to give students 100% correct results. Don’t believe us? Well, see it yourself!

  • Amplifies Skills

    Not only does our grammar checker UK tool help students to rectify the errors in their papers, but it also helps students to grow academically. They can learn from the mistakes by seeing the auto-suggestions.

  • Saves Time

    Proofreading & editing is some of the lengthiest tasks that students need to do after their writing phase. But, with the help of this tool, they can save a lot of their time in their hands & submit a flawless paper.

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Struggling to get rid of those grammatical mistakes which somehow land in your document? Only a professional proofreader can find them out and resolve to add perfection to your document. Any complex sentence can be simplified, and any mistake can be resolved only when the right approach is used, known only to professional writers. A perfect and flawless document can get the best grades for students.Seek the Best Quality Content by Top Experts at Affordable Prices!


‘MORE’ Academic Tool for ‘LESS’ Stressed Life!

Assignment Desk has left no stone unturned in providing convenience to UK students. Other than developing a tool for the online grammar check, we have 3 more tools in store for you. Using these tools will make your academic life stress-free and more productive. And, the best part is that all these tools are absolutely free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Is Grammar & Spelling Checker?
    Online grammar checker is a tool produced by Assignment Desk to help students who lack proficiency in the English language. With the help of this tool, students can easily rectify their grammatical errors without facing any hurdles.
  • Does Your Grammar Corrector Have Any Word Limit?
    No, our free grammar & spelling checker does not have any word limit. However, if the content exceeds 250 words, then the students need to pay a basic fare charge for availing the service. By paying a minimal fare, students can rectify their documents.
  • How Does This Tool Help Students Grow Academically?
    Often, many students lack proficiency in the English language & because of that, they need to suffer a lot. One of the best things about our tool is that it provides swift suggestions to rectify the errors. With the help of that, students will find themselves aware when they are making the same mistake twice in another paper. It will help them grow academically.
  • What Is the Accuracy Rate of Your Free Grammar Checker UK Tool?
    The accuracy rate of our free online grammar checker is 100%. With the help of genius-mind developers, our organization has created this tool to provide students a perfect solution to their writing worries. There is no doubt that our grammar corrector can ever make any mistake regarding accuracy.
  • How to Download the Content Checked by Online Grammar Check?
    To do that, all you need to do is drag & drop or copy-paste the text in the box & click the button ‘Check Grammar.’ After doing that, your result will take a few minutes to generate. Then, you will get an option to submit your e-mail if you wish to receive it on your device. After submitting your e-mail, you will need to make a minimal payment, and that’s it! The checked content is now in your device.
  • Is It Possible That I Can Directly Submit My Paper to Professor After Online Grammar Check?
    Yes, of course! You can directly submit your paper to the professor after using our grammar corrector. Our tool makes sure to provide 100% accurate results to the students, so they can easily rectify their documents for instant submission. You can completely trust our tool because our developers have put all their efforts into making it reliable
  • Is Checking Grammar a Required Task for Paper Drafting?
    There are many UK students who take errors in their papers for granted. Often, these students face the wrath of the professor or get low grades. So, it’s student’s duty to rectify all the errors in their document, which makes grammar checking an essential part of writing. By rectifying those errors, students can save their documents from getting rejected by the professor.
  • How Do I Get Accuracy Report from Grammar Checker?
    After clicking ‘Check Grammar,’ students will get to see all the errors they have made in their academic papers. With the help of that, they can easily estimate the quality of their document. Also, students get a comprehensive report for their document after our online grammar & spelling checker has processed the document. After analyzing the report, you can even download it.

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