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    The invention of computers has brought a revolutionary change in the entire world that converted almost everything into the new digital world. Nowadays, everyone is dependent on computers and computer networks; be it a student, an employee, a manager, or a business owner.

    Due to this dependency, universities started teaching computer science to let students know about computer networks and their usage. They also get the task of writing computer network assignments, which is quite tiresome. And scoring good grades is necessary to pass the subject. Thus, seeking computer network assignment help from professionals becomes the last resort them to improve the grades. It is because writing assignments on this subject is not easy as it requires a good knowledge of network topologies, network types, devices, and concepts.

    But, you need not worry! With the help of Assignment Desk experts, you will be able to write a document that satisfies all the criteria. Take an insight into different types of network topologies, as explained by our computer network assignment writing services providers.

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    What Are the Types of Network Topologies?

    1. Mesh Topology

    The mesh topology includes several devices that are connected to each other by using a local area network, which is dedicated through a point-to-point link. It means the information can be shared with only two devices that are connected.

    3. Star Topology

    Star topology involves a node to which every device in the computer network is connected. No device can be connected directly to another device or a computer. Therefore, users can communicate by passing data through the hub. Since the number of hops is minimal, this topology provides perfect performance with no scope of failure. One of the most significant disadvantages of star topology is that it is costly to build.

    3. Bus Topology

    In a bus topology, all the network devices and computers are linked with each other by a single node, so that every connection can obtain the required information simultaneously. A break in the central node can affect the entire system to shut down, which is a major drawback of bus topology.

    4. Ring Topology

    In the ring topology, every device is connected with every adjacent device creating a ring-like formation. The information stored in this topology has to move through every node before it finds the right terminal. A central hub is not needed to maintain the flow of information, and all data flows in one direction minimizing the chance of packet collision.

    5. Hybrid Topology

    When two or more than two different topologies combine to work on any data, it is known as hybrid topology. For instance, a combination of ring and star topology is considered as hybrid technology.

    These are the five computer network topologies that you must know before writing your computer network assignment. If your subject professor has assigned you a writing task on different types of computer network, but you lack knowledge, then our experts are ready to provide online computer network assignment help the minute you need it. To learn more about different types of computer network, go through the following section.

    What Are Different Types of Computer Networks?

    1. Personal Area Network (PAN)

    The personal area network is made up of a wireless modem centered on a person's workspace. It enables the communication between the computer device and a person. A PAN provides the accessibility to transferring the data among several tools. such as computers, tablets, smart-phones, and personal digital assistants. PANs can be wired, such as Fire Wire or USB. It can also be wireless, such as Bluetooth or infrared. The wireless PAN operates through the battery, whereas wired PAN uses the electricity.

    2. Local Area Network (LAN)

    The local area network is one of the most common and widely used computer networks that is used to connect groups of computers with other low voltage devices. According to computer network assignment helps experts, students at university use the LAN network to access devices that require low voltage to study and complete various academic papers and tasks. Other than students, multiple business organization also uses this network that has high-speed routers to rapidly and safely transfer the data.

    3. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

    Nowadays, wireless local area network is seen almost everywhere. This network is kind of similar to the local area network, but it doesn't require wires to connect to each other. It is a type of computer network which connects people and organizations with one another. Wi-fi and radio are an ideal example of a wireless local area network. The WLAN network provides a varied range to move around without losing the connection. If you have been asked to write an assignment on this types of network, then you can rely on our computer network assignments writers for the bets assistance.

    4. Campus Area Network (CAN)

    Campus area networks are larger than the local area network but smaller than metropolitan area networks (MAN discussed next). These types of computer networks are typically seen at universities that have a large campus area. The wires of this network can be spread across several buildings and provide fair access to resources, which are easily accessible to every user. Many professors ask students to write my assignment on it. Do you also have to write on it? Leave the stress to our professionals and get computer network assignment writing services in UK.

    5. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) 

    The metropolitan area network is an entirely different type of computer network used in various forms like ATM, Ethernet, FDDI, and so on. It can easily cover the whole city because MAN can extend up to 45 kilometers in range, while maintaining its high-speed and effectiveness. The ownership of this type of computer network is handled by either an individual or an institution.

    6. Wide Area Network (WAN)

    When one has to cover a broad geographical region, a wide area network (WAN) is used. It is the type of computer network that is way larger than LAN. WAN is mostly preferred or utilized in the telecommunication sector as it covers almost an entire country. This network is of very high speed in comparison to any other computer network. If you are looking for the best online computer network assignment help in UK, you may contact us.

    7. Storage-Area Network (SAN)

    Storage-area network (SAN) is the type of computer network that doesn't depend on the local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN). It works on storing data for the long term and process every information at very high speed without any interruption. SAN works for moving the storage resources away from the local network and place them into their quality performance network. The information that is stored in this type of network is encrypted and locked with a password. The user who has the pin or code can only access the information.  

    8. System-Area Network (Also Known as SAN)

    A system-area network (SAN) is used to link or pair clusters of computers together. It is one of the fastest and connection-oriented networks that never disappoint the user. SAN delivers a bandwidth of slightly more than 1 Gbps. This type of computer network is supported eight or more notes, typically switched by hubs. Is you computer network assignment question related to it? Our experts can solve it easily!

    9. Passive Optical Local Area Network (POLAN)

    The passive optical local area network (POLAN) works as an alternative to traditional Ethernet to overcome concerns related to protocols and network applications, such as POE (Power Over Ethernet). According to computer networking assignment help providers, the POLAN is used to split an optical signal from one strand of single-mode fiber into multiple computer network signals to efficiently serve users and devices.

    10. Enterprise Private Network (EPN)

    The enterprise private network (EPN) is the type of computer network widely used by businesses. The primary aim of establishing this network is to connect the businesses' various locations to share specific resources and eliminate interruptions in sending information from one person to another. Our professionals have written so many assignments on this topic; thus, you can trust them for the desired computer network assignment writing help online.

    11. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    The virtual private network is a series of virtual connections that are routed over the internet. In this, the link encrypts users' information as it travels back and forth between the client machine and the internet resources user uses, such as web servers. Nowadays, many professional internet protocols have built HTTPS, NNTPS, LDAPS, etc. like encryption, that secure the user's data from hacking or leaking. 

    The categories mentioned above are the most common and widely used computer networks by different users and a group of people as an organization, such as telecommunication. These networks can only be accessed by specific network devices that users have to install on the basis of a monthly subscription.

    Our computer network assignment helpers have in-depth knowledge of such concepts, so you can rely on them for the best solutions. If you want to learn about all those devices that provide access to these types of computer networks, go through the succeeding section.

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    What Are All Important Network Devices?

    The primary goal of the network system is to carry information to computer networks. It can only be transferred to one point to another by using network devices. It is a fundamental unit that helps in conveying the data using networks. Thus, our computer network assignment helps experts draw attention to all-important network devices used by millions of users across the globe.

    Here's the list of widely used devices that are used to transfer the data according to the user's requirement.

    1. Modem

    The modem is an essential device used for modulation and demodulation of information transmitted from one point of connection to another. While transferring the data, it uses the analog signal and converts it back to digital signals when receiving them. 

    2. Repeater

    The repeater is an electronic device used to receive the signals during the transfer of information and re-transmit them with a higher level and power. Students are often asked to create such devices in their final projects. Our professionals can help you with such tasks if you buy our computer network assignment writing service.

    3. Hub

    The hub is a connecting device that connects several computers with each other by using a single topology network.

    4. Media Converters

    The media converters is an electronic device that helps in uncomplicating different network systems and connecting the media types, such as twisted pair and fiber optic cables with a single topology network.

    5. Router

    The router is also an electronic device that joins multiple computer networks with wired or wireless connections. According to computer network assignment help providers, it has different layers of the OSI model that helps transfer the data using local area networks (LAN).

    6. Network Interface Card (NIC)

    The network interface card (NIC) helps in connecting the computers with the internet. It is an electronic hardware device, without which, no user can access the internet.

    7. Switch

    The switch is nothing but a smart hub that helps in identifying and selecting the desired port to convey the information. It is a tool that extracts the required information from various sources to achieve or fulfill the desired objective.

    8. Firewall

    The firewall is a computer network security system that blocks every unwanted network traffic that can affect the transfer of data using the internet. It establishes a barrier between trusted and untrusted networks. ‘How to create a firewall' is an interesting computer network assignment topic which professors assign to students. For assistance with this, you may reach our experts.

    9. Bridge

    The bridge is a network tool that joins multiple networks to communicate with one another effectively. It operates at the data link layer of the reference OSI model. This tool acts as a leader that helps in interconnecting two different network points mutually to flow the data at a very high velocity.

    These are the nine different and important network devices that help in transferring the information without any interruption. As a computer science student, you must know about all these devices so that you can perform well when your professor assigns any practical computer network assignment.

    Apart from the knowledge of these devices, you must know different computer networks concepts because they help develop a core understanding of the subject. Our computer network assignment helps experts are well-versed with these concepts and can assist you in writing about them. Below they have explained a few major concepts.

    Different Concepts of Computer Networking

    The computer network assignment help experts associated with us have years of experience in writing various types of academic papers on a wide ranges of computer networking topics and concepts. Whenever students seek computer network writing services from writers, they ensure going through their requirements first and then providing them with detailed information in their document.

    Here are some essential concepts of computer networks that our professionals cover while writing the assignment.

    1. Introduction to Networking

    A seven-layer structural design is involved in a computer networking system. These layers are an OSI model in which every layer has predetermined tasks to complete for processing a program over the internet. While working over the networking system, an operator crosses his path with numerous questions in the form of codes. Being a tricky concept, students often need help with computer networking assignment writing. Turn to our experts if you get stuck at any point.

    2. Topology & Transmission Media

    In this networking concept, different transmission medium layouts are used to pair devices in the physical topology. It includes optical cable and wires, which are in the form of fiber to resist the extra heat produced by the processors present in the devices. These connecting wires and cables are referred to as transmission media.

    3. Routing Algorithm

    The primary purpose of the networking system is to transmit the information, but without a routing algorithm, it is not possible. Routing algorithms provide an easy and effective way to share the data from one end to another. Most of the students find these algorithms difficult to understand and hard to run. Stop tormenting yourself and start buying computer network assignment solution from us!

    4. Blocking Control Techniques

    While passing on the information, there is always a problem of congestion in computer networking. It happens due to the heavy load of data. It blocks the control that affects the entire working of various available networks. As per our computer network assignment help experts, such problems can be managed by applying the network congestion control method using HTML or any other computer programming language.

    5. Management of Network & Safety

    Nowadays, data stealing and hacking is one of the biggest challenges that are faced by network creators. Thus, they have prepared a system that helps manage the network and its safety without any trouble. This concept is so trending that even students who are pursuing computer science often receive computer network assignment questions to solve by learning different computer networks concepts.

    6. IPV4 & IPV6

    These are TCP protocols, which came into existence a few years back. The IPV6 provides a much bigger networking address space than IPV4. It is generally used to provide in-depth knowledge to university students about computer networks. If you are facing issues with IPV6 and IPV4 assignments, consider seeking online computer network assignment writing help from us.

    These are the six different concepts of computer networks that you should know to write better assignments. However, if you can't, the computer network assignments helpers of Assignment Desk have got your back. The work delivered by them will help you grab an A+ instantly.

    If you are searching for computer network assignment topics, take a look at the next section where our professionals have listed some of the most interesting ideas.

    Top Computer Network Assignment Topics Our Writers have Covered So Far

    1. What is the primary role of computer networks in the business environment?
    2. Discuss the connection between computer networks and the internet?
    3. Explain how Artificial Intelligence has become one of the biggest challenges in the world today
    4. Why computer viruses are considered to be the biggest threat to computer networks?
    5. How does information processing system work with the help of computer networks?
    6. What are some uncanny political and social behaviour that render a computer network susceptible to vulnerability?
    7. Explain the working of a virtual private network about all the challenges an operator faces while operating the system
    8. List a few problems that are linked to a personal area network
    9. What are neural networks and how they can be used to contribute to artificial intelligence?
    10. How computer networks impacted the telecommunication sector across the globe?
    11. What are the most crucial components that make up an information technology system?

    These are a few computer network assignment topic ideas that will help you draft the most compelling content. If you think that writing assignments without any guidance is tough for you, consider taking computer network assignment help from our writers.

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