How to Write an Academic Book Review? Format and Tips

03 May 2024 150
Academic Book Review | Assignment Desk

Many of you think that writing an academic book review is the same as a book review. Do you also wonder the same? No, both terms are different from each other. But how and what does it mean, and what are the steps to writing it? Most of your heads might be running around with such queries, right? Calm down! If you want to know this, you need to read this blog till the end.

Here, our experts are all set to uplift your knowledge about any of your problems. It includes dissertation, assignment, or essay help. Thus, in the next section, you will learn and understand the meaning, structure, tips, do's and dont's, and academic book review example. Are you curious to read all of this? So, get your seats tight and go through each piece of information shared in this blog. Let's begin with an overview and the purpose of it!

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Meaning and Purpose of Academic Book Review

An academic book review is an assessment given to students before they get published in an academic journal. The professors provide detailed guidelines to assist scholars in understanding how to write it.

Thus, before they begin to write, they need to read and understand the context of the book. Also, they create notes that can be used in evaluating the text. Such reviews are often written by knowledgeable people in a particular niche. For an academic book review example, if you are a psychology student, your professor will not permit you to review a scientific text. We hope you understand the meaning of the term. Now, it is time to look at the purpose of academic book reviews in journals.

Purpose of the Academic Book Review:

The purpose of the reviews is to help scholars and researchers understand the main argument, general strengths, methodology, and other relevant information about the book.

Now that you have understood the meaning and purpose of the academic review, the next step is what most students find as difficult as solving a tough puzzle. So, they can get assignment writing service from us. But now it is time to read the structure of a review. Let's move ahead and have a glance at it, too.

Structure of Writing an Academic Book Review

Do you know how to write an academic book review? If not, then worry not! In this part, we will read the steps to follow while writing a book review. So, let's have a glance at the structure of writing academic book reviews.

structure of writing an academic book review


Do you know why some of the book reviews look so fascinating to read? What is the first thing that readers look at when beginning to read a review? Well, the great scholarly book reviews include a good introduction part that seems to be attention-grabbing. Thus, if you want your professor to continue reading your opinions of the book, you must give it a captivating start.

Summary of Book

The next step after writing an introduction is to write a summary of the book. Thus, the summary should not include too many details; instead, try to keep it short and portray your analysis of the book. Also, you can go through some examples of academic book reviews before writing a summary. Also, add evidence from the book to support your arguments, but keep it to a minimum.

About Authors

Students always forget to add this step, where they need to write a bit about the book's author(s) and editors. In this, you can write about their area of specialization, background, if there is any other work of theirs, and how many years of experience they have in the research work.

Critical Analysis

This is the crucial part of your review, where the actual weight lies. Moreover, you need to organize your thoughts into different paragraphs to make it easy for the reader to understand your point. Sometimes, the universities tell students to write a review of a few chapters, where writing in paragraphs becomes effective.


Here, you need to summarize your review with a stunning concluding statement. Thus, how was the book written, and does it provide room for future research? If you find any limitations in the work, you can mention them too. Lastly, after writing, proofread your work. And if you face difficulties, you can ask our experts. Can you please help me with proofreading my essay.

Let's understand the structure of writing a review with the help of a table of what you need to explain in these three parts.

Introduction Part

Context: How you write matches the existing writing; write the qualification and field of the author; and write the background of the topic.

Author's Thesis: Describe the author's thesis and how to compare it with the field.

Your Opinion: End it by sharing your opinion as a reader or an expert instead of just summarizing it.

Body Part

Body of Critique: In this, you should be detailed as well as concise while covering all the points. It includes the main argument of the author, methodology, readability, originality, relationship with other research in a particular field, and more.

Supporting Arguments: Back up your opinion with the help of adding some quotes from the actual book. It will help you present your thoughts in a better way.

Formats of the Body: There are three basic formats for the body, followed by:

1. Following Each Chapter

2. Organizing Topics or Ideas

3. Critical Points of the Book

Conclusion Part

End on a Good Note: Always end with a positive note, but ensure not to embellish. It will give the reader a good end to reading your review.

Who Must Read and Why: In this, you need to be precise but detailed. Also, add some good examples from the text and do not miss any point or end up making any grammatical errors.

Now, after reading this part, if anyone asks you how to write an academic book review, you must have the confidence to explain it. Well, there are a few things that students miss out on in their writing. So, for that, the next part is about the tips for writing a flawless book review.

Easy Tips to Write an Academic Book Review

Are you struggling to write an academic book review? Well, by reading the tips below, you will get a clear idea of what things you need to remember so that you can stay away from silly mistakes. Thus, to have a better understanding, let's begin.

1. Pin Crucial Points

Before writing a review, you need to ensure that you are noting the crucial points you need to highlight or talk about in your writing. Moreover, this will help you remember it. Also, be specific while taking notes and include quotes and page numbers for your reference.

2. Do brainstorming
For writing an academic review, you need to think critically about your opinion on the accomplishment of the book. Moreover, what are the loopholes, issues, and evidence that you need to raise in your writing? It will assist you in coming up with some new ideas and creatively framing your write-up.

3. Check Your Arguments
Recheck the arguments that you have stated in the review paper. It is because most of you will get help to understand, whether your arguments make sense, flow, and are actually well-convincing. If not, you can change it accordingly.

4. Add citation
This is the most crucial part that most of you do not add. It is adding a citation. So, you should not take it casually and add it. Moreover, it will help the reader understand from where you have taken the reference or added the quote.

We hope you have noted these tips in your mind and will use them while writing your academic review. But, apart from this, one more crucial point that might help you is the dos and don'ts of writing a review. Are you aware of this? Do not worry! Move on to the next section and learn it.

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Do's and Dont's of Writing an Academic Book Review

Here, you will learn the dos and don'ts of excellent academic writing. So, look at the table given below by our experts for a better understanding.

Do's of Academic Book Review

Dont's of Academic Book Review

Do read the book before you begin writing the review.

Do not quote the book excessively; otherwise, it can show a lack of confidence.

It is a must to give an honest opinion about how you feel.

Do not over-critique the book because the author cannot add all the details.

To put a good impression always look up to organise your text evaluation.

Do not be biased while reviewing and try to share your real thoughts.

Do not be biased while reviewing by sharing your true thoughts.

These are the dos and don'ts of writing a review that will help you write an outstanding review. Apart from this, if you need help with an essay or research paper, you can ask our experts, Can you please write my research paper? Also, if you need help writing a review, read the next part.

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