Assignment Vs Exams: A Comparative Study by the Experts

03 Nov 2023 1441
Assignment Vs Exams: Which Is Better?

With the continuous growth of new perspectives on various points, things are changing a lot. Especially in the education sector, where different methods are explored for new learning techniques to implement in academics. However, to assess a student's knowledge, the common strategies that colleges use are assignments and exams.

So, let us read more about assignment vs exams in detail below. By doing so, you will get an idea of which one is better among them to test students and why they are so commonly used.

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The Purpose of Writing Assignments and Exams

For many, assignment vs exams is a very normal topic that is in debate at almost all times. Especially after the recent development in the understanding of the people for the old and traditional testing methods. Some students admit that they are good at exams bad at assignments, and vice versa. However, it's essential to comprehend them better to reach an accurate decision. So, let's first understand their purpose for writing before moving further.


When a student comes home with a piece of paper in hand telling that they need to finish that assignment in a few days, what do you think? An assignment means a task or set of tasks that will judge their comprehensive understanding of a topic. It is like a revision of what they learn in class in a better way, which will help them recall it in the long run. Commonly, in assignment vs exams, the first consists of either some writing work, a set of questions, some interactive activity, or projects, etc., which is much better than the rote learning of exams. It's because they are normally finished at home and then submitted in class after a certain period. Students can also seek help from assignment writing services for guidance in doing them on time.


Exams are considered much more important than assignments. It will assess the overall knowledge of a student and contribute to their yearly grade or marks. When comparing assignment vs exams in an education system, testing knowledge using exams is common whereas the assignments mainly focus on practice. They occur uniformly in the academic journey, and you will get information about their schedule beforehand to prepare. Exams usually happen in schools and colleges with a limited time restriction. For this, the teachers and experts prepare questions for students based on their overall coursework or syllabus.

However, in the end, there are still times when people end up asking, How hard are exams in reality, and why do the students fear them so much but not the assignments? Therefore, we will now read about this all below.

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Why Assignments Are Better Than Exams?

Various surveys show that most students prefer doing dozens of assignments instead of attempting even a single exam. However, have you ever thought why it is so? Why do students despise exams so much? They are ready to spend their time at home doing all the work instead of taking exams during the school year itself. Sometimes, it is to the extent that they start saying, I will do my assignment anytime rather than take an exam.

No Help Is Available

In an exam, there is no guidance available, and you are on your own. However, in an assignment, you have the option to seek the help you want from experts and professors. Here, you can also buy assignment online to get the aid you need to finish it up better. This ends up giving the student a secure feeling about their journey. Therefore, at this point, its easily seen that the former is much better than the other while comparing assignment vs exams.

Study for Exams and Not Knowledge

Most students get used to studying to pass the exams. Carelessness in checking whether their knowledge is increasing by this isn't a good practice for them. However, it does not matter if it's assignment vs exams, both are equally essential for them. But generally, when compared, assignments really help them build up their knowledge and make their learning impactful. Exams do not directly contribute to overall development but make them ready for real-life issues whenever they face them.

They Just Test the Memory

In most fields, exams just test what's written in the book. This approach does not ensure the learning of a student. It's because most of them just cramp up everything before the exam and forget it after it's no longer needed. This is why it is best to seek university assignment help in such cases. Students, at times, do not even understand what they read or write. Therefore, it is only a test of how much they can remember. But it should be about their analytical, creative, and practical understanding of a subject. So, honestly, assignment vs exams should not even be a topic to compare, but it still is.

Creates the Unnecessary Stress

Stress, nervousness, and anxiety are very common things that a student faces during their exams. They work hard the whole year and do various assignments, but still, the final result will always base on a few hours of the final exam paper. It is something that leaves a big impact while also making them disheartened and disappointed. Therefore, whenever you compare assignment vs exams, doing an assignment will always be a priority choice for the student over a stressful examination era.

Exams Are Always Time-Limited

This is one of the worst things about taking an exam: it is time-bound. Typically, in an assignment, the students get to decide, think, and complete their work. Furthermore, they can also look for a custom assignment help to understand and learn their work in a better way. But in an exam, they barely have enough time to complete the paper, let alone think. Due to this, they start stressing and rush through it without understanding the requirements. Therefore, they end up making mistakes most of the time, even after knowing the correct answer.

Thus, by these points, it is clear why assignments are better than exams in every possible way and are the first choice of the students. So, now let's read about the major differences between the exams and assignments.

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Difference Between Exam and Assignment

There are many times when people end up thinking about how hard are exams are, and students fear them so much, but not the assignments. Well, this is a very divisive topic that has been in the discussion for a long time. But this still has not received a conclusion. However, you can understand them both equally and then reach your own decision. For that, you will have to read about the difference between an exam and an assignment, which will provide you with all the necessary details. So, we will dive right in and compare the assignment vs exams in brief.


  • It will teach a student to manage their time with various assignments to complete in one go.
  • Assignments help one practice and revise their learning.
  • Enough time is there to strengthen subject knowledge.
  • Acts like an extracurricular activity for their brain while thinking.
  • It gives them the comfort of being at home and studying.
  • Will reduce their screen time to work with hands-on experience.


  • Both teachers and students are accountable for the results.
  • It can give birth to the implementation of new learning methods.
  • All students are assessed with the same contact at the same time.
  • Exams encourage the use of extreme efficiency.
  • This can be done by using multiple measures.
  • Gives students and teachers an idea of their yearly progress.

Thus, these are the main difference between exam and assignment. Just like everything, they also have some pros and cons, but this still plays an essential role in a student's academic journey. However, it can change according to your level to some extent. So, assignment vs exams are both important and a requirement for a student to do. However, this is slowly changing today, but it will still take a lot of time for this to happen everywhere.

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