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7 Common mistakes that students commit in java coding

26 Sep, 2016 6091

Java is a general-purpose computer programming language, but the students pursuing courses of the computer often face difficulty in completing their Java assignments. The reason behind is the codes! Coding is something which haunts the college-goers because there is a lot to learn and the wrong syntax can result in disastrous outputs. Thus, students seek out for the java assignment help from us when the deadlines approach. But there are some of the common mistakes that every student commits at least once. Experts of the Assignment Desk have listed a few of them which are extremely common, take a look at these and try avoiding them in your next code.

1. Capitalization of the keywords-

Some students are in the habit of writing the class names in capitals while coding in Java and thus, occasionally there are situations in which they are caught for writing the keywords in capitals. The compiler restricts this and shows an error in that particular line. The error message will be shown as:
Line nn: class or interface declaration expected
If you have capitalised the keyword 'class'.

2. Writing a string over a new line-

In some cases, there is a need of writing long strings, in case you miss the ‘+’ sign, it will again point out an error stating:
Line nn: ';' expected
To overcome this, you can write the string as:
String s = “whenever there is a long string needed in my code”+“compiler points an error.”

3. Missing brackets in arguments-

This is the most common mistake done by the students as there are many areas in which the brackets are needed and in case you forget to put them, the compiler pops error as:
Line nn: Invalid expression statement
As soon as you put brackets, this error will be gone.

4. Using a variable before declaring it-

The variables can be used in abundance in each Java program, but the major problem lies in keeping track of them. In some cases, there are instances of students using the variables before declaring it. Nothing disastrous would happen, but the compiler will restrict it during the compilation process.

5. Omitting the break from case statements-

This is considered as an error in both procedural and object-oriented programming. If you want a branch of the case to get executed and move to the next case statement, then do not forget to include the break statement in the last of each case branch.

6. Importing packages-

Importing packages is vital and if you do not, then the error in the code will be shown as:
Line nn: Class xxxx not found in type declaration
To remove this one, import the respective package and proceed further.

7. Confusion between prefix and postfix operators-

Even in the procedural languages this problem is as prominent as it is in the object-oriented language. You need to clear the concept of postfix and prefix operators as they do not get caught in the compilation time, but give rise to garbage values during the run time. For instance,
If the value of x=45, then after the execution of
Both x and y become 46, but in case of
Y=45 but x=46 becomes the new value of the variables.

These are the most common errors that were noticed in the codes of the students. Hope you’ll not repeat them. In case you feel that Java assignments are far more difficult, then do not let the stress depress you and contact our experts right away.

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