Geography Mistakes That Most Students Make

04 Apr 2018 4931
Geography Mistakes That Most Students Make

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Over the past few years, geography students have replaced the atlases with the internet. All their knowledge and information is based on what the sources and various websites mention in their write-ups. However, this should come as no shock that every fact or detail mentioned in those articles or blogs is not exactly correct. There are many pages that provide unauthenticated and wrong data about different factors and elements of geography. You can discover mountains of mistakes being made by a majority of people about the basic geography of the world.

Our geography assignment help experts have highlighted eleven common errors that are often repeated by students. Take a look:

Holland is a country

Most of people use Netherlands and Holland interchangeably. You might have also repeated the same mistake many a time. But they are not same at all. The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces which also include North-Holland and South-Holland. As the cities, such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and The Hague are also part of the province, most of you tend to miss the details and call Holland as a country.

The Statue of Liberty resides in New York

Well, this argument can actually be referred to as a major point of contention between New Yorkers and New Jerseyans. Although  Liberty Island has been placed in New York's 8th Congressional District by the U.S. Geological Survey, the island is the part of New Jersey's waters. Also, it is much closer to Jersey's mainland as compared to New York's.

The highest mountain in Europe is The Matterhorn

Yes, we agree that this picturesque peak in Switzerland is visually the most striking mountain in the world. But it is definitely not the highest one in Europe. Russia's Mt. Elbrus takes the position of being the highest mountain in Europe. It rises to 18,510 feet in the Caucasus Mountains which is located near the border with Georgia.

Antarctica has no time zones

People generally misconstrued that the frozen continent located at the South Pole has no time zone. However, according to science stations in various part of Antarctica, nine different time zones are used in this massive ice shelf.

The capital of Australia is Sydney

When most of you think about Australia, the first picture that pops into your mind is of Sydney Olympics or Sydney Sydney Opera House. And that is the reason that people presume the largest city of this country as its capital. But, the capital of Australia is Canberra. As a compromise between rival cities of Melbourne and Sydney, Canberra was selected as a capital in 1908.

Verrazano Narrows is the world's longest bridge

The gateway to the New York Harbor-Verrazano Narrows is definitely the pride of America but far away from being the longest in the world. This honor is owned by the Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge in Beijing, China. It carries the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway and stretches an amazing 102.4 miles. Well, the Verrazano stands at 149th position on the list.

The United Kingdom and Great Britain are the same

People from different parts of the world still think that Great Britain and the UK can be used interchangeably. The UK is a country and includes Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. On the other hand, Great Britain is an island in the UK and consists of Scotland, Wales, and England.

The highest mountain in the U.S. is Mt. Whitney

Yes, it was the highest of all other peaks in the U.S. until Alaska came into the picture. Now, it has ten most towering mountains in the country. The tallest one is Denali, formerly known as Mt. McKinley, which is 20,310 feet high.

Russia and Turkey are the only countries lie on two continents

You must have studied in various books and online articles that only countries on two continents are Russia and Turkey. As per geologists, Caucasus watershed the boundary of Asia-Europe boundary also cuts through Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

The northernmost country in the world is Norway

This might disappoint many Norse scholars, but the fact is that Norway comes fourth among the most northern nation. Greenland's Kaffeklubben Island is actually the world's most northern land.

It is followed by Russia, Canada, and Greenland which are much closer to the North Pole.

You must have realized by now the common mistakes that you might be repeating every now and then. We are sure you will refrain from doing so in your future and even correct your other friends too. This may also give you teeny-weeny chance to show off your knowledge about the world.

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