Advantages and Applications of JavaScript

11 Apr 2018 4657
Advantages and Applications of JavaScript

From the early 1800s, ‘programs' were mainly intended to direct the behavior of machines, such as music boxes, player pianos, and Jacquard looms. The number of programming languages that were created at that time was in thousands. There are still many more such languages that are developed every year. One of the simplest and effective languages that has become quite popular now amongst the developers is Javascript. It has been around for approximately 20 years now. It is considered as a dominant web development technology. It was initially limited to front-end engineering, but it has witnessed a huge growth in terms of popularity as it can be used on the server side as well. It is also preferred for on-screen visual effects, easily calculating data on web pages, etc.

Below we have discussed some of the advantages and applications of JavaScript in detail. Take a look:

Fast and Responsive

The worst issue with modern web development is its network latency. It takes longer time duration to make a request to the server and get the results due to slow internet connections. But with JavaScript development, this problem is reduced to its minimum. This is possible because it sends JSON/XML data to the client rather than a mix of data and markup HTML. All rendering of HTML takes place in the browser which keeps the communication faster and minimum. The changes in the UI (User Interface) are also done conveniently without any additional communication with the server.

Extended functionality to web pages

Third party add-ons like Greasemonkey allows developers to write effective Javascript snippets that can be used to perform various functions easily on web pages. According to JavaScript assignment help experts, these add-ons are time-saving and increase the range of program functionality as well. When you want to include a certain feature, you can do it yourself by using such add-ons so as to implement it on the web page.

Huge talent pool

As per the results of a survey, JavaScript has been named as the most-used programming language. Approx 62.5 percent of the respondents use it, which amounts to almost 23,000 developers on the website alone. One important point to be noted here is that the survey covered only about 0.4 percent developers out of more than 19 million across the world. If we calculate the total number of JavaScript engineers, then it might reach well over 10 million.

Offline support and app stores

One of the most important reasons to select JavaScript development over other traditional server-side development is its Offline Support. In JavaScript development, apps are responsive and usable even when there is no active Internet connection. JavaScript front-ends, like the ones built with Kendo UI, use locally cached data and refresh the app till network connectivity is restored. The objects on the page can change track which can be persisted to the server later. This is perfectly suitable for mobile app packaging too. This feature of JavaScript to load and run on with or without Internet connection makes it indistinguishable from any ‘native' app.

Applications of JavaScript

Implements Basic Automation

Apart from standard programming language features, like math calculations and text manipulation, JavaScript can access amount of information about the web pages and browser it runs in. It further uses this available information to write a custom greeting that is based on the time of day. It can also add the Web page address in the page footer and make the web page more effective based on the browser one is using.

Adds interactive features to web pages

JavaScript, used in web pages, is more of a "client-side" programming language. This implies that its scripts are read, interpreted and executed by the client, i.e., Web browser. On the other hand, ‘server-side' programming languages are run on a remote computer. This client-side feature of JavaScript allows developers to add more interactive features to a web page without even reloading a new copy of that page from the website.

Communicates with the Cloud

By using Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax), it can easily exchange data with a server. Through this, the leverage server-side resources can build powerful Web apps. Ajax allows JavaScript to access data and specialized server resources which were nearly impractical in a client-side application. For example, Ajax can display search results without reloading the Web page, create form fields that give suggestions as you type, and even provide maps that are interactive while you explore them with your mouse cursor.

Updates web Page Content on the Fly

There are two significant features because of which JavaScript can change a Web page on the fly while you are interacting with it. These are event-driven and access to the Document Object Model (DOM). The former enables it to respond the events, such as keyboard input, mouse clicks, a Web page loading, etc. The later is an interface to the structure of a Web page. It accesses the JavaScript to read and change text, styles, images, form fields,  and other attributes of a Web page. These two attributes let developers perform practical tasks which include validating form input, adding interactive features like image sliders and games.

Hopefully, this blog has given you enough knowledge about the benefit and applications of JavaScript. Stay tuned with us for more interesting write-ups.

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