Unfolding Some of the Weirdest Natural Phenomena

23 Aug 2018 3964
Unfolding some of the weirdest natural phenomenas

In our busy schedules, we remain lost in studies, learning, socializing, and running the rat race with our peers. We often forget that there is a bigger world out there which is beautiful and yet to be explored. Our universe is full of mysteries, and we haven’t seen even half of the wonders that occur across the globe. There are strange things happening every single day and at times just outside your door which have no explanation and whet our appetite.

We have jotted down five most incredible phenomena that the Earth offers with a brief explanation of the science behind them. Read below:


They are the swirling water bodies that are formed when opposing currents meet. Well, honestly we think that whirlpools sound more dangerous and ominous in fiction as compared to real life. Wherever water flows from streams and creeks of river or seas, you can witness a whirlpool. The whirlpools that are capable of sucking objects are called vortex. Maelstroms which are the most powerful ones are formed in shallow and narrow straits that have fast-flowing water. However, the speed of the swirls hardly exceeds 20mph.

Aurora Borealis

One of the most delightful natural events, Aurora Borealis has amazed and astounded all of us since the time it was discovered. Also called as the Northern Lights, this phenomenon is much easier to look at than trying to understand the reason for its occurrence. However, our experts of assignment help UK service have explained it in simple words. High-energy charged particles are given off the sun which then travel into space at the speed of 300 to 1200 km/second. The cloud formed with such particles is called plasma, and the stream of plasma that comes from the sun is referred to as the solar wind. This solar wind interacts with the earth’s magnetic field which further traps some of the particles. As they reach the ionosphere by following the lines of magnetic force and collide with the gases, particles start to glow to produce the spectacle that we call as the auroras.


We all have heard about the rainbow and mystery behind it, but have you ever wondered about its not-so-distant cousin ‘moonbow?’ When light from the moon reflects and refracts off droplets of water, a perfect medium is produced to create these colorful nocturnal arches. However, they are rare to see than rainbows in light of the fact that the moon is not as bright as the sun. Therefore, the moon has to be very low, and the sky has to be dark, and rain must fall opposite the moon for a moonbow to occur. Yes, it is a hard chance to see it, but once you do, trust us, it will be a sight to behold.

Shooting Stars

We all have wished something seeing shooting stars and hoped it to come true. But, have you ever thought about the reason for these floating rocks in the sky? Unlike their name, these falling stars have nothing to do with stars. In fact, they are tiny bits of rock and dust called meteoroids that enter the earth’s atmosphere and burn up. The trail of the light that you see is known as a meteor which is short-lived. The remaining meteoroids that survive burning up and hits the earth are called meteorites.

Fire rainbows

These sky paintings are not actually made of fire or rain but are the result of the sun that shines very high from a specific type of ice cloud formation. Also called as circumhorizon arcs, are caused when sunlight refracts through flat, thick and horizontal ice crystals in cirrus clouds. However, to witness this, there have to be perfect atmospheric conditions. Also, these can be observed only at particular locations across the world. To give an idea about how ideal and complicated things have to be, we have explained the scenario in brief. The sun has to be high with an elevation of 57.8° or more in the presence of cirrus clouds. Therefore, it is not possible at the north of 55°N and south of 55°S.

We hope, this blog helped you to answer some of the unknown natural mysteries that you have been hearing about for years. For more such exciting write-ups, stay tuned.

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