50+ Stand Out Conclusion Starters that You Need to Know

10 May 2024 111
Good Conclusion Starters | Assignment Desk

You have finally written your introduction and body paragraphs, but is your mind out of knowledge for writing conclusion starters? Writing a conclusion seems to be the most challenging part of the overall document. Do not worry about what a conclusion is or how to write it. Moreover, after reading this blog, you will be confident about it and will take no time to finish your paper. You can also ask our writers, Can you do my assignment? Anyway, here we will also discuss the 5C's, how to write, topics, and more. So, stay tuned till the end and begin your reading from the overview.

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What are Conclusion Starters and its Importance?

Each academic writing part is incomplete without good conclusion sentences, whether we talk about a dissertation, assignment, thesis, research paper, or coursework writing. So, it is the last part of the write-up in which you summarize it by providing a clear idea to the reader about what they have been reading till now.Do you know what the importance of a conclusion is? Cool down! Our experts have read your mind and are ready to solve your query. So, read why it is essential to write good concluding sentence starters.

Importance of Conclusion Starters

1. It makes your readers think twice and helps them remember the thoughts and ideas you have included in your best conclusion starters.

2. It provides you with an overall idea of the complete write-up.

3. The conclusion gives a proper structure to your document.

4. It also assists the reader in understanding your opinion.

5. It works best by giving a strong end to your self-introductory speech or essay.

We hope you have understood the meaning and importance of the conclusion. So, now it is time to learn what the 5C's are for drafting concluding sentence starters.

Learn and Understand the 5C's of Conclusions

Here, you will study the 5C's of good conclusion starters, and it will help you come one more step closer to understanding how to write good conclusion sentences. Thus, have a glance at it to enhance your learning and score A+ grades by impressing your reader.

Close the Loop

End the conversation by summarizing all the points together. It should be compiled so that your reader leaves the write-up with a strong impact. But what every student does is that they end their conclusion by writing, to conclude, hopefully, ultimately. Thus, find the list below and catch some interesting concluding sentence starters.


To conclude does not mean that you need to just end by writing; you have read all of this information. Instead, come up with new ideas about your thoughts while writing the best conclusion starters. Thus, you can write about what your research and writing brought you to the end.


Clarity is the crucial point while writing the good conclusion sentence. Moreover, while writing it, you should avoid adding some new information to your write-up that you have not discussed above. It will not bring a clear end to your paragraph.


Your conclusion must depict how your argument relates to everyday life scenarios. Some of them reading your content might connect with the subject matter that you have shared. So, you can end your paragraph by saying, So, according to the study, the children should listen to their parents.


Now, we come to the ending line of the conclusion, where you state the result of your particular findings that you have written for your subject matter. Your conclusion should make a strong positive point to agree with the hook statement that you have stated in your introduction.

Indeed, you must have understood the 5C's of the best conclusion starters, but that's not enough because now you are still unaware of how to write a good conclusion starter. So, read the next section to get that too in your hands.

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph?

how to write a conclusion paragraph

After going through the meaning, importance, and 5C's that a concluding paragraph holds, it is now in your hands to write a perfect paragraph. But, to help you out with it, our experts have written a few points that you need to follow up on to impress your reader and score A+ grades. So, let's begin by reading this.

Raise a Strong Conclusion Starters

Start your ending paragraph with a strong start that makes your reader curious to read it more, and conclude it with an impressive end. It assists your reader in finishing your document by understanding and grasping the context of your text. So, always ensure that you give an appealing beginning to it.

Highlight Your Topic Sentence

In this, you need to summarize it in short to put forward your strong statements in front of your reader. Moreover, do not add or present some new theme or idea that you have not discussed in the above part. In addition, instead of this, you need to pile it up in a way that your audience thinks it is worth reading.

Restate Your Argument Point

After reading so much information, it becomes difficult for the reader to keep each one each one in mind at the end of the paper. Thus, to bring back the impressive thoughts and help your audience recall your findings and proven facts, you must put them forward again. But try to keep the words different and keep a good ending to your academic document.

Give Powerful Closure to the Readers

A powerful conclusion is a must for your reader. There might be a few points that your reader will not agree with in your paper. But here you get one last opportunity to change their mind. Therefore, a strong end does not mean that you will write new phrases or any fancy words. You just have to put your good points forward for your audience so that they make a final call in your favour.

Add Call for Action

The final sentences must be captivating for your reader to take action. It should be influenced to change the mind of your reader. Also, after reading all the above information, they can be able to overlook a few of your mistakes and give you a good result. Also, you can seek assignment help from experts for the best conclusion paragraph.

So, this was all about writing a perfect conclusion. Moreover, many students are unable to understand what the best examples of conclusion starters are that they can use in their writing. Thus, reading the next paragraph will clear up your doubts.

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List of 50+ Best Words to Start a Conclusion

Are you bored by using those repetitive starts to your conclusion paragraph? But here comes an end to it. In this part, you will come across the best words to start a conclusion according to your requirements. So, go through the list shared by our experts and make it unique compared to the previous ones.

Basic Conclusion Sentence Starters

  1. To conclude
  2. Thus
  3. Hopefully
  4. Clearly
  5. Lastly
  6. Ultimately
  7. Hence
  8. Therefore
  9. Finally

Speech and Essay Conclusion Starters

  1. In the final analysis,
  2. In general
  3. As a result
  4. In light of this information,
  5. To sum up
  6. In conclusion
  7. In my opinion,
  8. Generally
  9. At the end

Conclusion Starter for Research Papers

  1. Since the facts suggest
  2. Upon exploring all the facts
  3. According to the final findings
  4. In the context of this study
  5. As the study demonstrates
  6. To assume from the facts
  7. The result of this study
  8. Based on the evidence

College-Level Conclusion Starters

  1. As expressed
  2. Henceforth
  3. Indeed
  4. Meanwhile
  5. On the contrary
  6. In a nutshell
  7. To wrap it all up
  8. After all
  9. So, finally, it can be stated

Good Conclusion Starters for Emails

  1. Speak with you soon
  2. I am looking forward to hearing from you shortly
  3. I appreciate your time and consideration
  4. Thank you for your attention
  5. I hope that answers all your questions
  6. I would like to express my heartfelt best wishes

More Examples of Good Conclusion Starters

  1. At the end of the day,
  2. To end it up
  3. I believe that
  4. When all is said and done
  5. As I see things
  6. My verdict is that
  7. The summative end is that
  8. My take on
  9. Beyond a shadow of a doubt
  10. It is my conviction that

To end it up, you must get your query solved about what are conclusion starters along with some great options to use for your paragraph starters. Moreover, we are sure it will become easy for you to impress your reader. What? Are you still confused and do not know how to start a conclusion sentence starters? Read the next part and understand how our experts can help you relieve stress in just a few minutes.

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To wrap it up, if you still face any issues in writing an impressive conclusion starter, you can seek expert help by asking, Can you write if I pay for assignments?" They will provide you with the with the best document that will surely help you score A+ grades.


1. What Is a Good Way to Start a Conclusion?

To write the best conclusion, you need to understand that you are stating your strong point so that you can keep your reader connected with your write-up. It should be captivating because you never know when your professors change their minds.

2. What is the Purpose of a Conclusion?

The purpose of the conclusion is to tie up all the crucial arguments that you have stated above because it is the last chance to change your reader's mind positively. Also, it keeps your reader's perspective clear on your subject matter.

3. What to Avoid When Writing a Conclusion Paragraph?

A few things to avoid while writing a conclusion paragraph are:

  • Start your paragraph with overused phrases such as in conclusion or in closing. But you can use these phrases while writing speeches.
  • To state the arguments for the first time or to introduce new ideas in your conclusion.
  • To state any emotional appeals that sound unreliable with your overall paper.
  • To include examples (quotations, statistics, etc.) in the conclusion that should be stated in the body part of the paper.

4. What Are the Different Types of Conclusions for Essays?

Good essay conclusion starters have four different types that have their own purposes. They are:

  • Reflective conclusion: For historical events
  • Projective Conclusion: To impress the audience
  • Embedded Conclusion: For research-based essays
  • Retrospective Conclusion: For narratives
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