Most Dangerous Online Apps and Games Every Student Must Avoid Using

04 Jan 2018 26149
Most Dangerous Online Apps and Games Every Student Must Avoid Using

A few months back, a teenager ran away from his house to commit suicide. Why? Well, he was one of the many victims of the Blue Whale Game. There are many similar online apps which can be risky and might result in something bad and serious. These online games have gained immense popularity among teens in the last few years. In fact, 6 to 10 years old kids have replaced the outdoor games, stuff toys, hula-hoops, footballs with mobile phones. Many of these online games and apps are interactive and allot fun tasks to players that they get completely involved in them. Students don’t even realize when and how they fall into their trap and find no way out. They are asked to harm themselves or others by admins. In fact, some apps encourage kids to be mean to others. Whatever the concept is, the consequences can be dangerous so everyone should avoid using such apps.

Here is the list of horrible games and apps that you need to identify and avoid:

1. Blue Whale Game

There is no confirmation as to how and when this game started, but in 2016, there were reports of teenage boys and girls committing suicide who were part of a certain group. Later, investigation suggested that they were the victims of an online game called ‘The Blue Whale Challenge’, where the admin gives fifty tasks to the player, one for each day. They start off with easy activities like waking up at odd hours, watch horror movies, but gradually raise the risk and ask them to cut themselves, make a whale shape with razor or blade on hand, and the last stage is to commit suicide. There have been many arrests regarding this game, but police got no concrete proof as to how the link gets viral or how one participates in the game.

2. Fire Fairy

This social media app is based on the harmless prank on popular animated series 'Winx Club: School of Witches.' It is especially targeted at girls where little girls are instructed to turn on the gas stove to become a fire fairy. It tells the player to secretly turn the all four knobs of the burner on but don’t light it, at midnight while no one is watching and go back to sleep. Then they have to breathe the magic gas that will come to them. In the morning, after saying ‘Thank you Alfeya, I’ve become a fairy,’ they’ll become fire fairy. There was a report of five-year-old girl getting severe burns due to this game.

3. The letter X

The latest Snapchat craze ‘Letter X’ is a bullying app and many parents have been warned against it. It starts by targeting one person as a victim; then others post rude and hurtful comments about appearance, height, weight, etc., and compete to write the worst insult about that person, and nothing is off limit here. It begins when one person sends X to another, and the latter picks the victim. This game is a perfect example of cyber-bullying, and many suicides have been registered due to this. It is a threat to vulnerable students and mothers have come forward against this app.

4. Whisper

In 2013, news reported where a twelve-year-old girl was asked by a 21 year-old-man to come away from her home. The man took advantage of her in a motel. The girl met this stranger through an app called Whisper where you can post your secrets and chat with strangers. Students are attracted to this game because they feel that their secrets are safe and no one would know them. It is a perfect platform for the people with ill-intentions as they anonymously get in contact with easy targets.

5. Chocking game

It is not exactly an online game but is highly trending these days. In this game, one strangle himself or another person intentionally to block the oxygen supply to the brain. As soon as the person is about to lose consciousness and euphoria, they relieve them. Many students have been admitted to the hospital as this challenge got really serious.

Well, the list is not over. There are many other challenges like ice and salt, fire, gallon, cinnamon, etc., and other apps or games which are proving risky for students as they result in suicides and depressions. Next time, you hear anything about them maintain the distance and beware your friends too.

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