What Are Some Good Graphic Design Project Ideas? Here's the Answer

30 Jul 2020 2159
Graphic Design Project Ideas

Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in graphic design is a 4-year full-time course in which students understand visual compositions to solve problems and convey ideas through typography, color, imagery, and form. It is an essential for them to gain knowledge and skills about creating visual concepts, using several graphic design related software to communicate ideas and thoughts that inspire, inform, and captivate viewers. However, they also receive academic tasks like writing assignments for which they have to know some good graphic design project ideas. But due to the lack of knowledge, they look for assignment help services.

Are you looking for the same? Great! We have everything that you need. In this blog, our experts have explained different areas of graphic design and topics related to them. Read the below-mentioned list and choose the topic that suits your interest.

Let's get started.

Visual Identity Graphic Design Topics

Visual identity graphic design is used to present the brand identity for almost every small, medium, or large businesses. It is because there is always a story that businesses want to convey to their consumers about the products and services they are offering. The visual elements act as the face of a brand to portray and convey those intangible qualities through images, shapes, and colors.

Students pursuing graphic design have to specialize in creating logos, typography, image libraries, and color palettes so that they easily present their design ideas visually in the assignment. Moving on further, here are a few topics to catch your professor's eye:

  1. How to establish an authentic brand identity by creating a compelling business logo?
  2. Why visual graphic design and modern architecture are interlinked with each other?
  3. What are most common software that are used for graphic designing and how useful they are?
  4. Commercial Design: How to deal with clients and providing pro-active feedback?
  5. How companies are using visual graphic designing for branding, labeling, and packaging of the products?

Ideas on Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design

In the digital era, we all can see advertisements around us. Every business with a good presence in the market wants to promote its products and services to build a massive customer base.

Graphic design is used for marketing and tap the target audience with compelling visual content. It also allows customers to know about different aspects of the product and why they should purchase it and how it will benefit them as compared to other available products. These are the key elements of marketing & advertising graphic design that students learn during their B.Des. If your professor has asked you to draft a graphic design assignment on marketing and advertising, below are some compelling topics that you should not miss.

  1. How email marketing templates are prepared and used to do marketing of the products regularly?
  2. Is it possible to promote any product or service without using marketing and advertising graphic designing process?
  3. How many types of marketing graphic designs are there that designers use while preparing a campaign?
  4. What is the importance of graphic design in advertising? How is it used by marketeers to promote their business and increase the business revenue?
  5. What are the different strategies used for promoting the business using marketing and advertising graphic designing?

Web Graphic Design Final Project Ideas

Web graphic design is another area of graphic design that includes a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). While studying this area, you get to know that UI helps in designing interfaces as per the requirements created by an individual or a group of people i.e., organization. On the other hand, UX is a process that focuses on providing meaningful and relevant experiences to users by creating visual products on a computer using technical software.

There is always a high possibility that the professor asks you to draft an assignment on web design because it includes interacting with users and analyzing their experiences post service. If you are worried about web graphic design final project ideas, keep scrolling to know a few best topics suggested by graphic design professionals.

  1. What is the process of making website look appealing to everyone by web graphic designing?
  2. How web design is also used to prepare customized logo for different organizations?
  3. 13 reasons why web design is different than graphic design. Present your thoughts
  4. What are the fields of web graphic design courses that teach students how to prepare a website?
  5. Why is it crucial to work closely with clients to determine every graphical elements of a product?

Publication Graphic Design Projects for High School

There was an era when the print media was the main medium used to promote and advertise the products and give information about it. The printing industry was in full swing and using books, magazines, and newspapers to print the ads of business and their products. It was the type of graphic design that people used back then.

Now, the technology is getting advanced at rapid speed with time. People are using their smart phones, and according to the survey conducted last year, the average user spends 5-6 hours per day on mobile devices. Thus, the companies have adopted the way of promoting their business and its product on a social media platform using digital publications. Due to this change in the trend, students receive publication graphic design projects for high school to acknowledge all the changes simce the beginning to till this date. To complete the project on time, they search related topics. Thus, the experts of Assignment Desk have shared a list of a few best topics on publication graphic design.

  1. How directories and newsletters are prepared using publication graphic design?
  2. Why the business organization uses catalogs to present the wide range of available products in front of every customer?
  3. What is the primary difference between catalog and catalogue graphic designing?
  4. Why do customers always get the catalogs for free of cost from every company?
  5. How to create a catalog template using publication graphic designing?

Every business uses packaging to protect their products for distribution, storage, sale, and use. The packaging referred to as the process of designing and evaluating information about the product in a very crisp format. The packaging is done with the help of graphic designing art.

When students study graphic designing, they receive the project of preparing a packaging label for a product of any company. They have to do this within the given time period using computer software. The label should present graphical constituents like logo, registration mark, ingredients, and so on. If you are struggling to choose trending ideas on packaging graphic design, consider the below-mentioned topics curated by our experts.

  1. How packaging helps in providing a complete new look to any product?
  2. List step-by-step process to design a product's label using the technique of packaging graphic designing
  3. Discuss all the do's and don'ts of packaging graphic designing
  4. Is it possible to create a design of an existing product in a highly competitive market? Explain all the risk associated with it
  5. How packaging design templates provide an insight into proceeding further to any designer?

Motion Graphic Design Senior Project Ideas

Motion graphic design is trending these days, and students are doing major in this particular field because of its scope. Almost every second company is hiring fresher students with thorough motion graphic design knowledge. It helps promote the company's and services by creating a short animated video that lasts for a limited period.

Students also enhance their 3D graphic design knowledge because it is an integral part of it. Those who are learning 3D graphic design possess strong computer and technical skills. Apart from photography and various computer-aided software's professors train them in lighting, effects, and animation techniques. However, to check whether students have gained the knowledge of this concept or not, professor assign them with the task of writing assignment on motion graphic design. It requires a compelling topic to write the assignment, this is why our experts have shared a few astounding topics.

  1. How to create promotional business videos using motion graphic design?
  2. How motion graphic design is helpful in creating banners for websites related to anything?
  3. How are GIFs helpful in portraying the right emotion related to the text?
  4. How motion graphics is completely different from animation? Present some authentic examples
  5. How 3D graphic design is helpful in attracting customers and insist them to purchase it?

Environmental Graphic Design Projects for Beginners

The environmental graphic design helps in connecting people to places visually to improve their experience related to the architecture, art, lighting, etc. It also helps in enhancing the visual translation by making it more interesting, memorable, and easier to navigate.

Students who enroll themselves into this particular course get to know that this is much broader type of design compared to others. When the professor assigns them with the task of writing assignment over this concept of design, students fail to draft the assignment as they can't shortlist an interesting, yet informative topic. To help such students, here is a list of popular environmental graphic design topics examples.

  1. What is the purpose of signage? How is it helpful in conveying the information to take a relevant decision?
  2. How wall mural helps in recreating the design of a place and provide an eye-catchy element?
  3. Why is environmental graphic design used for public transportation navigation?
  4. Why event and conferences spaces require environmental graphic design?
  5. How environmental graphic design helps in creating court-side digital banners at basketball games?

Art & Illustration for Graphic Design Topics 2020

Most of the time, students think that the art and illustration is one of the same thing. But, in reality they are completely different from each other. Art is all about creating solution to the given problem through graphical design whereas the illustration is visual presentation of an idea or concept. Illustration includes posters, design, and info-graphics.

While studying this course, students develop core skills to solve the given graphical questions and methods required to become an excellent illustrator. They enhance their knowledge by writing assignments on it. Due to the lack of knowledge, they fail to select a topic to write assignments on. Thus, the professionals have shared a few topics that will help in scoring top grades.

  1. Why is it necessary to use art and illustrative graphic patterns for textiles?
  2. How does technical illustration help in preparing visual designs for reconstructing historical places?
  3. What role does an info-graphic play in enhancing the human visual system's ability to see trends and patterns?
  4. Why do the picture books and book covers use illustration graphic design?
  5. How gamers use illustrator to create landscapes, objects, and characters to inhabit the video games we play?

This bring us to the end of this blog. Scrolling so far, you must have gained knowledge about different areas of graphic design and topics related to it. However, if you still fail to prepare an informative content due to the lack of writing skills, consider availing graphic design project ideas from our writers at the most affordable prices. If you think why you should take assistance from our writers, go through the succeeding section of this blog.

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