Surprising Traits That Children Inherit from Their Parents

19 Jan 2018 4184
Habits from parents

You look at an old photograph of your mother and realize your features are so similar to her. Or your friends and relatives always say that your smile is so much like your father. Well, most of us have faced such situations in our life when we notice how identical we are from our parents. You should give credit and thank them for those pretty blue eyes, your perfect height, glowing skin because it's incredible when one thinks about those physical attributes one inherits from parents. But, there are many other attributes, habits, ailments that we acquire from our parents. Although a person's environment, lifestyle, and experience also influence the way he/she becomes, heredity and genetics have a much more significant impact such as intelligence, athletic ability, fear of dentists, and much more.

You might have noticed some of these similarities, but there are other surprising traits that you haven't yet realized, you inherited from your parents. Let us take a look at such personal features:

1. Coffee addiction

Can't you start your day without a cup of coffee? Blame your parents for it. According to study, your response to caffeine depends on your genetic link. The research was done on two set of people-one who were addicted to coffee and others who were not. Those who had more active PDSS2 genes drink less coffee as compared to those who had a sluggish PDSS2 variant as they feel the effect of caffeine faster which fades quickly too, so they get a rush of energy more.

2. Driving ability

The scientists have confirmed that your driving skills are hugely dependent on your DNA. You may have got your license because you know the traffic rules and have passed the driving test, but if you are not good at alignment, have slow speed of reaction, and poor memory, then it is because of improper amount of BDNF, a protein in your brain, which is important for the communication between your brain cells. Next time you are pulled over, tell the cop to hold your parents responsible for it.

3. Academic brilliance

When you get bad grades in your exams, and parents scold you and tell you that they used to get excellent scores during their academic career, most of you think how their grades are related to yours. Well, they are linked because scientists have proved that 55% of your academic excellence is due to your heredity. So, if your parents give you an example of their brilliant performance in studies, then you might also have the same potential.

4. Popularity

You might have wondered what is so special about that popular guy in college and why everyone is so fond of him. The answer is, there's nothing so special about him but his special ‘popularity gene' that he has got from his parents. Students who are more impulsive, informative are likely to get positive attention from their schoolmates, and they get these qualities from their genes.

5. Laziness

You might have a friend who is extremely lazy and can't even go from couch to fridge to get himself a water bottle; you might wonder why he is so inactive. It might be because of the genes that he got from his parents. According to research, active people pass their genes to their child which makes him more energetic than a person with inactive genes.

6. Love for traveling

Some people just love traveling and exploring new places, they are always ready to leave for a new destination and have a bag ready and packed all the time. It is because of DRD4-7R gene which is commonly known as ‘wanderlust gene' and found in 20% of the population and mostly in people whose ancestors have traveling history. So, one with a higher level of this particular gene is more curious, restless, willing to take risks, and love to explore new things.

7. Your niceness

Many people are kind and empathetic towards others and maintain the same goodwill even in rough situations. It is because of a particular variant found in DNA. They may feel fear, and unsafe from their peers, yet they will respond by being compassionate and nice.

So now you know from where you got those habits you have been appreciating or criticizing for so long. These traits might be surprising, and you may find it difficult to believe that your parents gifted you them, but they are all scientifically proven facts. Next time you wonder about your certain feature, ask your parents if they also have the similar ones or not.

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