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How to Write an Appendix? | Understanding the Anatomy of Appendix Writing

17 Nov, 2020 296

An appendix is an important and vital part of both the human body and the content body. A bad appendix in the human body leaves a mark on your waist, and a bad appendix in your essay leaves a mark on its impression. To heal a bad appendix, you need a doctor, but to heal an appendix in your content, all you need is to read this blog as here you will find all the answers about “How to write an appendix?” So let’s get started.

An appendix is the collection of supportive information that might not be essentially important to your essay but supports and validates your opinion and perspective. Necessary charts and figures can also be included in an appendix depending on their size if they are too large to fit into the essay or research. Now that you are familiar with the basic concept of appendices, let’s take a deeper dive into them to understand the working and process of appendix writing.

What Is the Use of an Appendix?

An appendix is used mainly to provide enough reference material for readers so that they do not get lost or lose track of what you are trying to convey. Appendices help you clear all the doubts that could possibly arise in your reader’s mind while reading your essay. It is to be noted that your essay is considered to be complete even without an appendix but it is advised to include it in your work as mentioning long and irrelevant data in your body of work can result in poor structuring or making it full of clutter. It also allows you to include other author’s work as a reference. Without mentioning the entire piece in quotes, you can simply mention “refer to appendix x“ in front of your citation and later include the work in your appendix.

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Things to Include in Your Appendix

Including everything that inspired your opinion in your essay is just not possible. There are a few factors that you might feel are relevant and your reader must be familiar with them but they may seem cluttered. Appendices serve as a small data bank that are included with your work to provide context about things that you have used in your essay and it also holds evidence that supports your analysis. The most common application of the appendix is to make your writing more consistent and uniform without any irrelevant data and also gives you enough flexibility to use any sort of reference and evidence that you wish. If you are looking for an answer to how to write an appendix,then keep reading as this section can help you clear a lot of concepts.

Some common things that an appendix may include are -

  • Supporting Evidence- Things such as raw data which you have referred to in your work to prove any point or present an example fall under the category of supporting evidence.
  • Contributory Facts& Specialized Data- Raw data appear in the appendix, but summarized data appear in the body of the text.
  • Sample Calculations- The results of the calculations that you might have used in your essay can be cleared in your appendix. You can simply mention the calculation outcome in your work and later you can show how you derived the answer in your appendix.
  • Technical Figures, Graphs, Tables, Statistics- All the figures that you have referred to in your work but are too large to include in your work or including them might result in compromising the structure of your work, can be mentioned in the appendix.
  • Description of Research- A research is incomplete without using a few sources. You can easily mention your research instruments and details such as how you came to know about them, and what motivated you to include a particular work in your writing.
  • Maps, Charts, Photographs, Drawings- Apictorial representation that you feel relevant but could not be included in the main body of your text can easily be included in your appendix. You can use multiple appendices to elaborate on the use of images in different sections of your work.
  • Letters and Email Copies- Personal communications that you have referred to in in-text can also be mentioned in your appendix.
  • Questionnaires/Surveys- You can enlist the entire survey in your appendix if you have used the results in your work. Questionnaires can also be included if you have used a set of questions and answers from them.
  • Transcripts of Interviews- If you have used the outcome of an interview or you have summarized a conversation that took place in an interview to make a point, you can include the transcript of that interview in your appendix to give your readers the context and better understanding.
  • Specification or Data Sheets- It is not possible to include long data sheets and detailed specifications in your essay as it will make it unnecessarily lengthy. Instead, you can mention these data sheets in your appendix.

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How to Write an Appendix? Process, Format, and More

Writing an appendix is a task that every student has to complete at least once in their projects. It is not a mystery that every kind of writing has a process and a format associated with it which is needed to be followed,else it is of no use. The same is with appendix writing. Many students wonder “How to write an appendix?” Well,writing an appendix can be simplified in just 3 steps. Let us see how -

  1. Curating Content- Now that you know what to include, you should start by collecting all the required data. This is not that tough a job as you have already carried out your research for your main body of work. All you have to do is analyze which work will go directly into your body and which one will make its place in the appendix. Once you have decided and made your choices, you can easily move on to the next step which is formatting.
  1. Formatting Your Appendix- When it comes to formatting,there are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind while creating an appendix.
  • Titling the Appendix- The title should be clear and placed at the top center of your page. You can use all upper cases as APPENDIX or the sentence case Appendix but make sure that it is clearly visible and used as a heading. You can bold the font or you can simply use the font that you will use for all the headings of your appendix. If you are going to include more than one appendix in your work, you can use either numbers or alphabets as “Appendix 1” and “Appendix A.” Also ensure that there is an understandable gap between the ending of one and the beginning of appendices. Usually, it is advised that you always start a new appendix from a new page.
  • Creating an Order of Contents- It is really necessary to organize your content in the appendix when you use referred to content in your main essay. What you can do is order the references on the basis of their appearance in the main body of work. This way, it will be easier for the reader to refer to, and it will also keep your appendix simple.
  • Placing Your Appendix- Usually, it is advised to place your appendix just after the reference list of your project. Please note that if you are using an appendix, you have to include it in your main table of content as it will be considered as a part of your assignment. There is no such thing as a mandatory place for placing an appendix. Usually, it appears after the reference list; however, your teacher may ask you to place it somewhere else in the composition. In that case, follow their guidelines.
  • Number Your Appendix Pages- Adding page numbers to your appendix helps you address or refer things from the appendix easier. The numbers are placed either at the bottom center or the right corner of your page.
  1. Proofreading & Quality Check- Once you have completed curating your appendix, it's time to examine it for errors and mistakes. Making mistakes is a human tendency,so make sure you read it thoroughly multiple times until you make it entirely free of grammatical mistakes and human errors. As you know, the appendix is a part of your overall assignment. You just can’t leave errors in it as it will affect your scores. Also, it will look like your research was not up to the mark.

Whenever our experts encounter queries like “how to write an appendix” or “how to make the appendix perfect,” they always advise students to implement these mentioned steps as they are important and can make appendix writing a lot easier.

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