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Myths About Technology That You Should Get Over with Instantly

10 Oct 2017 3745
technology Myths

You might think of yourself as technologically savvy, but the fact is that you too might believe in some myths. As there are advancements that are made on a daily basis, a lot more information is heard. Some out of these might be true, but most of the time it is just a rumour. The assignment help experts have listed a few most popular technological myths so that you can be aware of the truth. So without much ado, let’s get started!

Incognito tab makes you invisible

The word incognito mode means false identity. On the contrary to everyone else's belief, it does not create an impenetrable barrier between a computer and the outside world. Yes, the cookies created are deleted as soon as you close the tab, but this mode never assures you that you’ll not be tracked. Your Internet provider can track the pages you visit, and you are not protected from the viruses and other malicious programs as well.

Gadgets should not be charged until they run out of battery

When we see zero percent charge on your laptop or mobile, we assume that the battery is dead. But if you'll attempt to switch it on, the screen will turn on long enough to notify that you need to charge the battery. The reason behind this is the battery is still approximately 10% charged. Also, if you allow your battery-powered devices to go to “dead” every day, it will reduce the battery’s effectiveness over time.

Keeping magnets near hard disk will corrupt its data

This too is a myth that has gained immense popularity. In reality, every hard disk drive contains two powerful neodymium-iron-boron magnets that control the movements of the read/write heads. It would take a highly powerful magnet to affect the data inside the hard disk drive. It is reported that even when a neodymium magnet is passed over a hard disk drive, it only affects the hard disk minutely leaving most of the data still intact.

Not removing the USB safely will erase the data

People often assume that not doing so will corrupt the data. But the reality is quite different; it only corrupts the data if any file is being copied or pasted to or from the USB. If there is no such exchange going on between the two, you can just take out the USB without clicking on the ‘safely remove hardware’ option.

Constant use of cell phones might cause cancer

According to research, “Radiofrequency energy, unlike ionizing radiation, does not lead to DNA damage that can eventually cause cancer. The only biological effect on humans is a slight retarding of tissue heating. And in studies, it has not been found to cause cancer or enhance its effects. Therefore, just limit its usage for your good!

High pixel count is equivalent to high-quality picture

Sometimes it is found that a 5-megapixel camera produces better photos than a 12-megapixel camera. The reason behind this is the number of megapixels alone is no guarantee of heightened photographic performance. The formula for superb picture take other factors also into consideration, for example, the camera module that includes the size, material of the main camera lens, the light sensor, the image processing hardware, and the software that ties these all together.

These were a few myths unveiled. We hope that you’ve found this blog interesting to read. For more such write-ups, stay tuned with us!

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