In-Depth Guide on Rolfe Reflective Model: What? So What? Now What?

30 Nov 2022 10666
Rolfe's Models of Reflection: What? So What? Now What?

What? So What? Now What?

These three primary and topmost questions indicate what we will discuss next. The writing of the Rolfes stated that it is essential to consider the reflection after the event and focus on the examination at the moment.

As a student, it is standard that you must know about Rolfe's framework for reflective practice as rolfe et al reflective model. It is the model that wholly and completely revolves around the three big questions. However, several students need help understanding what it is and how it works. So to solve every query, we bring this blog. With this blog's help, students can learn the basic information about Rolfe reflective model and its usefulness in writing reflective practice assignments. However, before moving ahead, students must know what it is and how it works.

Finding Rolfe Reflective Model Challenging to Work On?

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What Is Rolfe's Framework For Reflective Practice?

Rolfe's framework is one of the reflective cycle and reflective practice types. In several universities, nursing students are assigned assessments based on Rolfe's framework for reflective practice. The primary purpose of the Rolfe reflective model is to relate to simplicity and clarity. Therefore the reflective tools need to be accessible and valuable to the user. It helps to produce meaningful results. It is one of the simple models that can support that. Writing assignments for the reflective practice cannot be easy. Even students need to focus on the three main questions. They are:


So What?

Now What?

The above stated are the three basic questions on which the Rolfe reflective model acts. Still have doubts and need to get the correct answer to the problem, then know about the evaluations of this model. It will provide you with a clear understanding of the model.

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An Evaluation of the Model

One main advantage is that the Rolfe reflective model relates to the basic simple and provides clarity. Therefore, the issues related to the model include the concept of the three core questions, as we have mentioned above. This is one of the procedures on which the whole inventory of the situation is being reflected and may take place elsewhere. Also, the insight did not produce the consequences that might tend to the descriptive or in simple form.

According to Rolfe's writing, it is vital to contemplate reflection not just after the occurrence but also in the time - as the event is happening - so that quick remedial action may be taken. For Rolfe, however, because of its simplicity, this model only partially defines the perspective; reflection is not merely a summary process but must be engaged proactively (rolfe 2001 reflective model).

Three Steps of the Rolfes Model of Reflection

Below are the main questions that help represent the different stages of the given scenario. Also, these three questions (What?, So What?, Now What?) are the main questions. They also have some sub-questions that help to describe the situation. Have a look at the three steps of the Rolfe model of reflection.

1. What?

What helps to describe the presented situation in front of you?

What is the main reason or issue that you get stuck with?

What is my primary role in creating the situation at that time?

What was I trying to achieve?

What were the significant responses of others?

What were the actions that were being taken?

What are the consequences for me?

What were the consequences for others?

What feelings were provoked?

What feelings were provoked inside me?

What feelings were provoked in other people?

What was optimistic about the entire experience?

What was pessimistic about the entire experience?

What could be improved in the experience?

2. So What?

So what helps to provide information regarding the interaction with the one situation and how it affected you?

So, what do you mean to say about my relationships with others?

So, what was my thinking process when I acted in the situation?

So, what was the base of my course of action about that situation?

So, what are the significant approaches I have deployed to the situation?

So! What could be done extraordinarily in that particular scenario?

So! What brings out the best learning from the incident?

So! What novel are issues highlighted here in the situation?

3. Now What?

Now What describes the plan or, we can say, the action you will devise after analysing the situation and self-reflection?

Now! What should be the next move to improve things for betterment?

Now! What help would be required to fix the things?

Now, what things should I avoid in the future?

Now! what have I learned from this experience?

Now, what have others learned from this?

Now! What areas to address for improvised actions?

Now, what broader conversations need to be considered?

For this reason, these are the set of questions to form an excellent tool for understanding various situations. So by applying all the questions in the perfect format or scenario, students can know better ways to handle it in the future. Let's take the help of an example: if we apply all the mentioned questions to the nursing case, then the sub-questions would look different when we use them for personal life crises.

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Rolfe Reflective Model Pros And Cons

Everything has two sides, like the coin that also have two sides. So well, when we talk about Rolfe's reflective practice framework, there is no more difference. It has many benefits that are combined with some drawbacks. These pros and cons made the role's reflective model different from the other contemplative practices or modes like Driscroll Reflective model or the ERA cycle. Below is the list of the Rolfe reflective model pros and Cons. So students can go through it and know whether it is helpful for them or not.

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Pros of Rolfe's Reflective Model

  • One of the best parts of rolfe's reflective model is that it helps to provide a readily available structure. As a result, it does not matter what current situation the user can process to follow the deal effectively.
  • This model works magic for beginners because less experienced students can deal with situations simultaneously.
  • With the help of rolfe's reflective model, students can get a better introduction and conclusion or end to any problem. Once you are done with beginning a cycle, then you can able to get the perfect solution for the problem.
  • This model has three steps, providing the opportunity to assess the situation appropriately.

Cons of Rolfe's Reflective Model

Once the model's pros are understood, it is time to know the cons of rolfe's reflective model. First of all, this is one of the models which is very much restrictive because it is particular about various things. If still have doubts or not able to get the solution then avail nursing assignment help.

  • Rolfe's reflecting model could not be utilised in numerous situations because only some scenarios allow you to analyse first and then act.
  • The process of reflection is an ongoing one. It never ceases, which indicates that if you do, the advantages of the same would also finish.
  • Rolfes reflective cycle requires you to begin at the beginning, which may be unnecessary if you have prior expertise in the subject.
  • It also takes a lot of thinking to come to a decision. As a result, it is a time-consuming operation.

Need Assistance to Understand Rolfe's Reflective Model? Take the Expert's Help

When it comes to an understanding the concepts, then it is a challenging task for everyone. And what when it also needs to be implemented into the daily? Then there are two different things. First, are you done with reading this complete blog on rolfe reflective model? Then you will clearly understand the cycle and how it works. Reading a blog does not mean that you are an expert in this field or the application. So how is it possible for you to work on this model? This is the time when experts can help you. If you have any other queries and need help understanding rolfe reflective model, then feel free to consult our assignment experts. They have vast knowledge and experience and can assist you with all the queries arising in your mind. So what are you waiting for? Just get the consultation for the model and get your academic worries to stay away from you by availing assignment help.

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