Social Media: Reshaping the World of Education Like Never Before

04 May 2019 4121
Social Media Dissertation Topics

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Facebook started as a network, developed by some university students to exchange their question papers.

Who other than students can understand the importance of social media in the field of education? It is not just a way to connect with your peers but also to exchange not just subject information but a lot more things.

Exploring and realizing what's good for you is important. Social networking sites give students a platform to not just explore themselves but also to build an identity for themselves. It is not that it is all always spring here, the autumn fall comes in the picture at times.

Although, social media does offer a lot to students but being a part of it and being involved in it does make a bad impact. They may start with something interesting, but then they end up being in the same zone. They connect with random strangers who not only at times are fraudsters but also sometimes con them with really stupid tricks. Getting influenced by celebrity life is really a bad impact on social media and because your parents are worried about you. They make it a point that you are never exposed to something that may have a negative impact on your life. Undoubtedly social media does have a negative impact on students around the globe, but then the excess of anything and everything is bad. Limited use of your gadgets to stay connected with the outer world is not a bad option.

The world of college-goers these days revolve around social networking sites and their gadgets. And why to blame just the students or the teenagers for that matter, none of us can imagine our days without our phones. Checking the mails, following the news, which friend got what or just general greetings, there is a lot that goes around when we are busy peeping on the screens in our hands. It is not just the technology that has seeped in our lives, but the social media too. Both of these have become an indispensable part of our lives. If you have any confusion related to the fact that is stated, here are some interesting stats that reflect the same.

Around 81% of the teenagers believe that social media has a positive impact in their lives

On average, a person spends 116 minutes on social media

Almost 60% of the population that falls in the age gap around 16 years have at least one social media profile.


And who fall under this age gap? The students. It is impossible to keep students away from the strongest addiction of recent days. But do we actually need to do so? Do we need to keep students away from this or just checking what they are following here can help?

Well, the experts providing assignment writing service UK to students, suggest that social media plays a vital role in their lives.

Role of Social Media in Lives of Students

1.Builds Communication Skills

It is easy for you to get along with someone pursuing a similar course from some other university or maybe from the other hemisphere. Interesting? Just talk about studies, course materials and if you don't wish to talk work, talk travelling. Know how they have been explained different concepts and what methodologies you use. Also discuss other general things and get to have a better understanding of the world.
(Meeting friends from the other corner of the world would be fun.)

2.Share Information Easily

There is a hub out there. You just need to find the right place to stand it. If you reach the right spot you are definitely getting the best assistance and the most of your presence on social media. A lot of people share their personal stories, subject matter, and other informative things on the net round-the-clock. Read through these to keep yourself updated about the latest happening around the globe. Not just this, also make it a point that whatever interesting work you find online, you share it with your friends too.
(Sharing Is Caring After All.)

3 .Flaunt Your Talent

On the social networking website, you are exposed to a lot of ways to share your creations. There is a lot more material on the internet that is not just interesting but can also help you work on your academics. If you follow a social networking site, you can also get to share your personal work on it. Not just share your work, but also let the world know your hidden talent.
(Use your social media account to connect with the world out there and flaunt your talents.)

4.Educational Websites

Most students along with leisure activities, follow the educational websites on social media sites too. It does not just keep them updated with the latest happening of their fields but also with other streams. Many of you who have been struggling with academics, may find some interesting academic solutions online. From assignment writing service providers to dissertation help providers they are all there, just a click away. (Use your social media account not just to connect with people but make your academic career easy too.)

5.Tool of Pocket-Money

If you are extremely good at something make it a point your social media account says it louder than you do. It is important that the content that you share on your social media accounts not just have the work that is original but reaches the right crowd at the right time. Many of you may get some interesting offers, that can help you get the best results (Or some pocket money).
(Your social media account can be your portfolio that reflects your talent and work.)

6.Online Competitions

Many of us often find it really difficult to participate in the competitions that happen around. Social media has brought these on one platform that is not just rewarding but also has some really interesting learning experiences. Being on social media is not always fan following, sometimes it is also passion following. With so many interesting competitions running online you can participate in them and grab some really interesting opportunities to get rewarded.
(Go out there, follow some pages that are according to your passion, participate in competitions and build your identity.)

7.Know Your Peers

Many of us find it really difficult to be a part of the peer group. Not that you don't want to be, but the hesitation may stop you. In such cases, connecting with your group through social media accounts can always be fruitful. Gradually you'll learn to explore yourself and come up with a great circle that not only shares academic interests but also other hobbies.
(Find people who share your interests and be a part of a group that can help you grow always.)

The Bottom Line

That's a lot to convince your mum, how social media is adding value to your life. Just stay smart and be focused and remember All work and no play made Jack a dull boy.
So, next time someone says you are using your social media account a lot, show them there is a lot about your studies that goes in that 6-inch screen and let them have a better understanding of the teenagers of the day.

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