The Guiding Light to Get an A+ in Chemistry Lab Report

02 Oct 2019 1675
Chemistry Assignment Help by Assignment Desk

How do most of the students write a lab report? Well, they compose it in a haste, without knowing the exact way of writing it, or some of the masterminds, even copy from their peer's reports. Do you think getting an A+ will ever be possible if you write it like this? Well, if you ask us, then our answer will be, No. You can get the grade of your dreams only by writing the report in the manner it should be written. Wondering what's the correct method to draft it? Well, our experts who have provided chemistry assignment help to numerous students, have formulated some easy-breezy steps of completing it correctly. These steps will be your lamp and enlighten the path leading to your dreams so that you can successfully reach the destination, i.e, get the dream grade. Are you excited to know them? Well, knowing them is impossible without reading the next section of this blog with the utmost attention.

The Lighting Lamp Enlightening Your Way to an A+

Ever walked on a road without lights? It is so dark, frightening, and misleading. But, if there are lights on the road you always reach your desired destination. Why? Because, these lights show you the correct direction so that you never take a wrong turn, and make it to the right place. Similarly, these steps will lead you to your target. All that you're required to do is following them the same way you follow the road-lights. Here they are.

Step # 1 Understand the guidelines

Most of the people nowadays, study Google Maps carefully before leaving their home, so that they don't move towards an incorrect path. Similarly, you also need an understanding of your map, i.e., the guidelines of the professor has given to avoid doing mistakes at a later stage.

Step # 2 Form a hypothesis

Before heading anywhere, you have an agenda in mind. You know the answers to the questions, such as Why am I going there? What I am going to get there? While writing the chemistry assignment lab report also, you need to ask yourself Where will this experiment lead me, What will be its results? Do you know what these questions are? Well, they are the hypothesis, and you'll obtain their solutions after completing the last step.

Step # 3 Draft the introduction

"Why the introductions are important?" This is something we always hear from the students taking chemistry assignment help from us. Well, think of a road you know nothing about, will you travel on it? Nobody will. Now, for the professor too, your lab report is a journey, starting with the introduction and ending at the conclusion. As you need familiarization with the path, he also wants the same. The introduction acquaints him with how the report is going to be and clears his doubt about whether the journey is worth taking or not. That is, your report is worthy of a serious reading or not. Therefore, draft it with caution. Seeking tips to do it? Well, here they are:

  • Give background information about the topic
  • Explain your reasons for conducting the experiment
  • Describe how the experiment will contribute to the future studies of the subject

Step # 4 Write the procedure

Open your favorite Google Maps, there you will see the step-by-step directions for reaching the destination. Why are they provided? Well, they are given so that you don't have any confusion about how Google will take you to the desired destination. In its absence, you'll keep on thinking what if I land at a strange place. Similarly, the professor also wants to know how you'll take him to the end of his journey, i.e., the experiment's conclusion. Therefore, write the procedure adopted by you to experiment.

Step # 5 List the material used

Do you fly from your home to the destination? Well, we, the humans do not have this power, only birds and the airplanes do. Then how do you travel? Through a car or any other means of transport, right? Similarly, how do you experiment? With the help of laboratory equipments and data obtained from various sources, right? Well, these are your materials used. Pen them down.

Step # 6 Describe the observations

Do you travel with your eyes closed? No one does. We observe several things like trees, houses, and even the moon while traveling. In the same manner, while experimenting too, you must have observed some details about the subject matter. Describe them in the lab report.

Step # 7 Explain the results

All observations give some results. For example, on observing a house on road, we can form a result on whether it has been well planned before construction or not. Similarly, the observations made during the experiment must have also lead you to certain findings. Explain them in the report.

Step # 8 Conclude the report

All journeys come to an end. The professor's journey must also end, right? Well, it ends with a well-crafted conclusion. This section reminds the professor of what he has seen while traveling from the introduction to the conclusion. Summarize the entire report here. Below are some tips to help you do it easily:

  • Describe your learning from the experiment
  • Explain why is it useful for the future development of the subject
  • Elaborate whether the experiment successfully answers the assignment's question or not.

Now, are you ready to embark on the path of getting an A+? We hope, yes. But, if you are still scared to do it, then feel free to contact our experts for the best online chemistry lab report writing services.

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