Tips for Writers to Stay Positive

10 Aug 2018 3226
Tips for writers to stay positive

For writers, there's nothing in the world that brings as much happiness and joy in their lives as creating stories and sharing them with their readers. It has a beauty of exploring a rainbow of emotions, be it fear, grief, rage or contempt. However, there is also nothing else that gives them as much pain. Writing a story or a novel can be a daunting and excruciating task, and we don’t need to inform this to you all who are struggling in this field. It is something that you experience and learn yourself while trying to establish yourself as a successful writer. Numerous elements make writing an extremely strenuous process, such as the availability of sufficient time and commitment, a well-thought-out story, etc. If this is not enough, most authors have to battle their own negativity. They have to face the fear of rejection, loss of self-belief, lack of confidence, and much more.  

So, how to keep yourself positive amidst so much to deal with? Well, our professionals who provide assignment writing service have listed four tips for you. Read on:

Change your perspective

First and foremost, let’s talk about the outlook, i.e., the way you see your success and take negative feedback. When you complete writing a story, you expect your book to become an overnight success. Failing to achieve that makes you depressed, and that is where the problem lies. You need to set small targets rather than aiming for something complicated initially, such as completing the first draft, successfully putting your thoughts on the page, etc. Celebrate after accomplishing each task and pat your back to keep yourself moving ahead.  

Similarly, you should also re-frame your definition of criticism. You can’t receive 100% positive reviews for your work and need to learn the significance of negative comments too. Instead of taking it personally, look for constructive points which can make your writing skills better.

Stay connected with well-wishers

The people around you have a great influence on building your personality and thoughts. If you take a moment to analyze the significance of your friends and family in your life, you will surely realize how invaluable their support is. You wouldn’t have reached where you are without their constant encouragement and positivity. They are the ones who deeply understand when you are devastated because publisher rejected your first draft or you are not able to write even the first chapter. They can feel your agony same as you when you have to re-work on the structure of your novel. They will have the empathy that other non-writers just can’t as they’ve traveled your journey along with you witnessing all your ups and downs. You can also join online groups or communities of writers. This will help you feel less alone and seek advice from the people who have been through the same struggles as you.

Limit your time on social media platforms

Yes, we have just now suggested you be a part of online groups, but that doesn’t imply scrolling your Instagram and Facebook page unnecessarily. Seeing your peers or fellow writers posting about their first published books can make you upset as you start comparing yourself with them. It’s inevitable to think ‘why great things are not happening in my life.’ This can further make it challenging for you to focus on your writing task which should be your priority. Remember, art is not a competition and comparing yourself with others only makes things worse. Use social media platforms only to keep yourself updated and informed about the latest trends in your industry and not to indulge yourself in negative thoughts.  

Trust Yourself

While walking on the path of becoming a writer, you will encounter hundreds of people who will try to pull you down. Do not let others define yourself, be the one to decide the fate of your dreams instead. Keep reminding yourself why you wanted to become a writer and how much you love putting your thoughts on the paper. Yes, there will be challenging phases in your way, such as writing a specific session, developing a character, editing the chapters, and more. However, tackle them with a positive approach and conquer each stumbling block. When you trust your abilities, you will never feel defeated even after going wrong in the first try. You will find a better solution to your problems and keep telling yourself that you can do this, maybe not today but surely tomorrow.  

As you have already decided to become a writer, you need to forewarn yourself that irrespective of your selected path, there will be days where you will feel defeated and depressed. However, you have to remind yourself that there will be good times as well and you will achieve your goals one day. Trust us, once you are able to adopt this approach, nothing but only success will await you.

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