Virtual Learning Environment And Impact on Students


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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Evaluate the concept of virtual learning environment.
  • Discuss the challenges that arises in the integration of virtual learning with the students.
  • What are the solution of challenges faced by learners in virtual learning.
Answer :


The impact of Virtual Learning Environment on Students Learning Experience


With the advent in technology, the learning methods have also improved and become more technology oriented. Many schools, universities, colleges etc. have developed their own learning platforms where students, parents and teachers are all connected. Virtual learning environment is a web oriented digital platform where the students are provided with e-learning sources and activities so that the learning process of students become simplified and more assisting. This research will help in understanding how student platform is assisting the students and what are the challenges that are being faced in such integration. The research will present appropriate recommendation and conclusion for the challenges identified in the researcher.


  • To understand the concept of Virtual Learning Environment
  • To integrate the concept of Virtual Learning Environment with the students learning.
  • To identify the challenges that arise in the integration of virtual learning with students.
  • To recommend appropriate solutions based on the challenges identified above.


Research type- this is defined as the method which is used by the researcher in order to complete the research. The research type are of basically two methods that is qualitative and quantitative research (Humphries, 2017). For the completion of the current research that is impact of virtual learning environment on the learning experience of the student the scholar has used qualitative research type. This has been selected because this method help the researcher in getting complete and in depth knowledge of the research topic.

Research philosophy- this is defined as the beliefs which are taken into consideration before initiating with the research (Kumar, 2019). The research philosophy can be of two different type that is interpretivism and positivism. The philosophy used by researcher for following research is interpretivism. This is selected because of the reason that this assist the qualitative approach to a great extent.

Research approach- these are defined as the steps or the process which is being used by the researcher to accomplish the research aim and objectives. The research approach are of two types that is inductive and deductive. For current research deductive approach is used because this is not based on formulating hypothesis rather is more focused towards the achievement of aim and objectives.

Data collection- this is the most important part in the research because in this stage the data is collected relating to the research topic (Ledford and Gast, 2018). This collection of data can be done from two sources that is primary source and secondary source. For current study the combination of both primary and secondary data because primary source is the information collected directly from the respondent with help of questionnaire. The secondary source authenticate the information by adding the viewpoints of different authors.

Sampling- Sampling is the process in which the scholar try to find-out the number of the respondent for conducting the primary research. Probabilistic and non Probabilistic are the two type of the sampling technique which can be used by scholar for the same. To conduct the following study scholar has choosen simple random sampling in probabilistic method. Sample size selected is 30 students.

Data Analysis- Data analysis is the process of analysis and presenting the data in the way that it helps the view in understanding the same (Rienties and, 2016). Scholar has taken help of the Thematic data analysis to analysis the data. In this Scholar has taken help of different graph and table to present the data.

Ethical consideration- Scholar will be taking consent of all the respondent beforehand itself. Also, Scholar will make sure that high level of confidentiality is maintained throughout the process of carrying out the result of the operation.


The primary data analysis involves interpretation of the answers that were given by different respondents. Following data has been collected form 30 respondents that were selected for the research.

Question 1: How important is the student experience in your process?

  • Bad
  • Good
  • Excellent

Interpretation: It can be clearly interpreted from the chart above that the maximum of the respondents think that the experience of the students on the learning platform should be good because when the student will be able to navigate through the process and system easily then it would generate results in a meaningful manner. This is followed by a part of respondents responding that student experience should be excellent and then bad.

Question 2: How do you rate the student platform de pending on your learning?

  • Very profitable
  • Less profitable
  • None

Interpretation: The chart above helps in interpreting that the majority of the respondents consider the student platform to be extremely profitable in their course of education as they are able to access different and wide sources for their education at any time according to their convenience. This is followed by 5 out of 30 respondents stating that the platform is less profitable and lastly, only a few respondents think that it neither profitable nor a loss making platform.

Question 3: How would you rate the service of online library?

  • Better than I expected
  • As I expected
  • Less than I expected
  • I don’t like the service

Interpretation: The chart above helps in interpreting that majority of the respondents think that the student library is as per their expectations i.e. they have rated that the library is similar to what they expected followed by certain respondents stating that the library was not similar to what they had expected. The respondents also stated that they didn't like the service followed be some of the stating that it was much better than their experience.

Question 4: On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely are you to refer the student platform to a friend or acquaintance?












Interpretation: Maximum of the students rated the student platform on the scale of 8 out of 10 regarding student friendliness. This shows that the student platform is assisting students very much in their learning experience and the results that is giving are satisfactory because there were as few as 1 respondent who gave the rating of 3 out of 10 showing that majority of the students are highly satisfied from the platform.

Question 5: Is your relationship with university currently linked to the student email or is there no such link with university?

  • Yes
  • No

Interpretation: The need of VLE can be ascertained from this question where out 30 respondents, 27 of them were found to have their E-mail id linked to the university. It can therefore be concluded that digitalization and use of online student platforms has increased the interconnection of the students with the university. There are only a few number of students who are not connected with the university and it can therefore be concluded that VLE has simplified the process for both teacher and the student.

Question 6: How is your professor assisting your study in this learning process with Moodle?

  • Extremely well
  • Very well
  • Well
  • Not good

interpretation: The bar graph above shows that the majority of the respondents stated that the assistance of their professors in the understanding and getting adapted to such online student platforms is very well. They regularly guide the students and assist them throughout the process however there were certain students that did not agree with the statement and stated that it was not so good, and they were not getting complete assistance and they were facing various problems while operating on the online student portal.

Question 7: Are the timeline and phases of your study being well accompanied by the school?

  • Extremely well
  • Very well
  • Well
  • Not good

Interpretation: The chart above shows that most of the students agreed that the fact that the deadlines that are being given in the college re well integrated with the deadlines on the student portal thus showing that the online portals are correctly integrated and updated timely along what the decisions that are being made in the classroom so that there is n deviation n the class activities and the information being showed on online portal.

Question 8: In general, how do you evaluate the quality of education performed by university?

  • Very well
  • Just a little good
  • A little Bad

Interpretation: The chart above helps in interpreting that in terms of quality of the education being given, the respondents have stated that it is good i.e. they are not completely satisfied with the education levels, but they are not disappointed as well.

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The concept of Virtual Learning Environment-

According to Kampa and Kaushik, (2016) virtual learning environment is the system of providing or delivering learning materials to students with the help of using Web. These systems include student tracking and communication tools. Professionals require benchmark tool to assess VLE as viable means of education. It accessed on and off campus, meaning that they help individual learning outside lecture seven days a week. It makes institutions able to teach traditional full time people and teach those who are unable regularly visit place due to geographic or might be time restrictions. Various kind of virtual learning environment work mostly different but usually perform similar functions and deliver the same learning things.

On the other hand, in view of point of Phungsuk, Viriyavejakul and Ratanaolarn, (2017) virtual learning environment is known as learning management and course management system. In educational technology, VLE is web based platform for digital aspects of subject of study, mostly within educational organizations. It helps to present resources, interactions as well as activities within course structure. It provides for several stages of work, usually report on participants with other institutional systems. It is also considered as the set of learning and teaching tools which is specially designed to enhance learning experience of students.

Virtual Learning Environment with the students learning-

As per view of Larmuseau and, (2018) virtual learning environment cater automatic integration of outcomes of student learning into campus data systems. It is one of the best procedure which is used to increase the ability of learning experience among number of students. It works in self paced format which encourage and motivate students to take accountability for their own learning. The materials is accessible in form of technology aided learning systems, special self assessment module and lecture notes. Another technique for students to student connections in form of easy discussion facility is by using novel link cyber educator. It permits with their doubts or related quires. Boulton, Kent and Williams, (2018) stated that virtual learning environment is beneficial for students learning, it allows individual to benefit from self packed learning, provide the chance to learn new skills and gain better knowledge in which they are interested without having to travel from long distance. With the help of this system students are able to learn new things and it helps to enhance the level of knowledge one step ahead. With virtual learning environment, it is very easy to get which student have completed activities effectively given by its tutor. It supports to provide access to course work from anywhere at any time.

Challenges that arise in integration of virtual learning with students-

As discussed by Viberg and Grönlund, 2017 virtual learning is students learning experience that enhance through using computers and internet inside or outside facilities of educational company. Several types of challenges arise in integration of virtual learning with individuals. Lack of face to face conversation and engagement with educator is one of the biggest challenge faced by students at the time of learning via online systems which directly impact on its learning experience negatively.

As per the opinion of Silverman, (2016) virtual learning used to create lack of ordination between the tutor and the student. As in virtual learning tutor used to provide the teaching with the help of the video. In which they try to resolve all the solution of the problem which may be faced by the student but it has been find out that there are many issues which used to occur once the student try to learn and it creates the situation that student is not having the support from the tutor at that point of time. This used to create the situation of lack of coordination between the tutor and student.


The research above helps in concluding that the development of the students and their learning is largely dependent on the technological integration and digitalization of the courses in the universities and other educational institutions. The research also identified that the students had enhanced learning experience and satisfaction level after the student platforms were developed, and they were very supportive of the educational techniques that ere being adopted in the creation of the virtual learning environments. This research also concluded that the students were highly satisfied with the assistance of their teachers as well. The primary and secondary research conducted above helps in making some recommendations so that the entire process can be further improved:

  • There are a proportion of students who still do not find the current student library and portal sufficient or adequate for their study purpose and this points out that thee needs to be more work done on it so that it can cater to the needs of each and every student.
  • The assistance of professors can be more enhanced towards the understanding of such online portals and therefore this is another aspect which can be worked upon thus improving the understanding level of the students.

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