Laws That Every Country Must Adopt

08 Jan 2018 13058
Laws That Every Country Must Adopt

To protect the legal rights of every citizen, each country has strict laws. They provide basic rights on the one hand and restrict us from committing crimes on the other. Primarily, they are the rules and regulations of a nation, and all the residents have to abide by them. But, there are some liberties and limitations that need to be made legal in all the countries and should be included in their legislation. These laws are important for the betterment of any country and ensure the real progress and success.

Here we are listing some of the laws that should be adopted by all the countries to grant more safety and justice to every individual. Some of them are already followed in different countries while others are not enforced anywhere yet.

So let’s get started:

1. Net neutrality

According to this law, every website and data on the internet should be treated the same way by the service providers. They can’t block or slow down any site on the basis of discrimination. It protects the interest of the users and provides them the freedom to use all the sites without any restrictions. Many countries prohibit its citizen to use certain sites on the internet as they consider those pages inappropriate for them especially students. But, it’s high time that every country should make it legal because banning specific internet sites is not a solution to any problem.

2. Protection of whistleblowers

Not many dare to stand for the what is right because people are scared to do so. They fear that their family members and their own life might be in danger if they go against a powerful personality. But, there are some fearless citizens who speak for the sake of truth and justice and are known as whistleblowers. Every country’s legal system should provide protection to such individuals and their family and also hide their identities as they risk their lives for the right.

3. Mandatory paid vacation

Many countries have made the paid vacation mandatory for employees. They grant the minimum of four weeks in a year apart from other paid leaves such as sick, maternity, etc. People could not go for annual holidays sometimes because they know they would not get any off. And they usually curse their hectic work schedule in return. But, this rule ensures motivation and efficiency among the workers. When they return from a relaxing and calm environment, they are able to work with better energy.

4. Law of Mother Earth

One of the most historical legal decisions in global history is ‘Law of Mother Earth’ passed in Bolivia. This law regards the earth as a dynamic living system which is made up of living beings who are interconnected and interdependent with the common destiny. This law gives legal rights to nature such as rights to life, water, clean air, regeneration, biodiversity, balance, and restoration. It requires everyone to accept the ecological limitations of nature. The duty of every citizen under this is to ensure the sustainable use of resources provided by Earth and prevent activities that cause harm to the living population. It also states that people should live in harmony with nature instead of focusing more on production and consumption. This law is more of a vision and should be adopted by other countries soon.

5. Gross National Happiness

Since 1971, Bhutan is measuring its progress in terms of Gross National Happiness and has rejected the concept of GDP. This approach includes the spiritual, physical, social and environmental health of the citizens. The level of GNH is measured according to education, good governance, health, environment, socio-economic development, cultural preservation, etc. Now is the time, that every country should start giving preference to well-being in place of material growth.

Although adopting new laws is not possible in an instant, positive spirit and solidarity might help the nations to succeed in it, but only if they want to. And above-mentioned points need the immediate consideration of the legal system for the overall growth and development of any country. We hope that soon all these rules will be included in their respective books of laws.
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