Analyze Company Culture for Strategic Management Assignment With Simple Tools

12 Jul 2019 2611
Analysis of company culture with strategic management tools

Who doesn't dream of being in the corporate, sitting on the boss chair, and enjoying to see the company perform well? If you have this conscious smile on your face, definitely you had the same thought. Well, the strategic management classes must have given you the reality check. Being on the boss's chair is not a child's play. You need to work and be in the rush to reach the top. To let your instructor know you could be the one there, why not analyze the company culture for your strategic management assignment with some simple tools and along with an A+ prove your candidature for the chair.
Let's keep the chair aside for now (*Wink* *Wink*) and focus on the strategic management assignment that you need to start working on.
The tools seem fun, to read and understand but writing on them seems tough? No worries.! The strategic management assignment writing help providers are here to get you through the writing task in no time. Before we move to the tools, let us once have a glimpse of what exactly Strategic Management stands for.

Strategic Management has Different Definitions But They All Aim in the Same Direction

There are different analysis tools that one can consider to reach to the final results of the analysis. Some of the most interesting internal analysis tools have been listed here by the strategic management assignment writing help providers associated with us.

1.BCG Matrix

The Boston Consultant Group Matrix also known as the growth-share matrix, helps the organizations to analyze the business units. It is an important feature for the understanding of the fact that which firm should be considered for investment and which firm should be excluded. The four quadrants of the matrix are: Question Marks, Stars, Poor Dogs and Cash Cows.
Let us read the significance of each of the element here, and understand how you can use it for writing the internal analysis of a firm in your strategic management assignment.

Poor Dogs

This side of the quadrant lies really low in the market as compared to its other competitors. The dogs run in a slowly growing market. Generally, the firms in this quadrant are not considered for investment because they generate low or negative cash returns.
A big no in term of short term investments these firms may emerge as the black horses of the race.

Cash Cows  

Milk the cows to earn as much profit as you wish. These firms are the ones that are going to reflect the most with the profits. Not just reflect the highest profits, but also provide firms under the star section to reflect the best results. Investing in the cows is a smart move as they would not just keep your investment safe but also move further with better results.


The firms under this subhead are the market rulers. The major firms listed here are market gainers and have the potential to reflect. These firms have a heavy cash flow not just inwards but outwards too. It is important that one considers the potential of the firms listed here for their investment.

Question Marks

Question marks in the matrix are the firms that have the potential to perform better and hold an important position in the market. One needs to consider these firms for the investments and as these are the ones making their way in the market with fast-flowing cash.
Considering the negatives, it could be with the sudden rise in the cash flow they show a decline in their position in the market.

This is the first and very basic model for the analysis of the organization.

When working on this always take care of the order to be explained theoretically and with the figure.
Theoretically the order of the mention of each element is,

  • Dogs
  • Cash Cows
  • Stars
  • Question Marks

But in pictorial representation it is represented as

The boston matrix is used by organisations for assessment of the firms being considered for investment.

Yeah, almost the reverse order. It is so because when it comes to explaining the concept with the words, it needs to be explained according to the positives to the negatives.  


The method is the club term for Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactical. This reflects how aligned is the company's mission to its projects. The mission of an organization is the reason why it got into the picture in the first place and the vision is where the organization is heading to. Definitely, the mission is never changed and the vision is ever-evolving, it is important to see that the objectives are in the direction of the vision and mission. The strategies must fall in place to achieve the objectives.

Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics of a company reflect how aligned a company is, with its projects.

Let us have a quick look at all the elements that the triangle above represents.

  • Vision and Mission: Something that runs the company. It is the main reason why the company actually came into the picture and how things work in it.
  • Objectives: The objectives are the larger goals that push the organization towards its mission and vision.
  • Strategy: To accomplish the objectives a certain road map is set. This road map when scheduled hour by hour turns to a strategy.
  • Tactics: Every road map has a few obstacles. The tricks to surpass these obstacles is listed as tactics.

Analyze the organization environment on the basis of its mission, vision, objectives and the strategies it uses to reach the objective. Not just this also look at the tactics they use to let their objectives turn to reality. The method gives you a wide ground for research and you can also add some interesting graphs and time line in your assignment when working with this tool.


This method talks about the Strength, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results of the organization. It focuses on evaluation of the organization on the basis of its current strength and the vision for future developments.

Strength, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results of an organization-Strategic Management

As mentioned this method talks about the present strength and the aspirations. Here is a quick description of each of the terms in the analysis method.

  • Strengths: This is to analyze all the aspects of the organization like the assets, capabilities and its achievements in the last few years. This adds to the credibility of the organization.
  • Opportunities: Encash the opportunities as and when required. Analyze the factors and the resources that can be used to improve the overall performance of the organization. It could be profits, unmet customer needs and fighting the external threats.
  • Aspirations: Any organization is judged by the future it has to offer to its employees. A quick study of the future expectations and the goal achieving techniques of the company.
  • Results:  With each organization running quickly to get the goals achieved, it is important that one analyzes the real ways in which these results are achieved. And also how quick and planned the process was. 

You can use SOAR in your strategic management assignment, considering it for a start-up.


SWOT Analysis

This is one very popular and common tool you may use for your strategic management assignment. Here the Strengths and the weakness are the part of internal analysis of the organization, whereas opportunities and threats are influenced by external factors.

SWOT for Strategic Management of a Company.

This is one very popular business analysis tool that you may need to work on. It is important that when you decide to move ahead for your strategy management assignment writing task with this tool you understand the role of each of the factors well.

  • Strengths: The positives of the organization are something that you need to mention and analyze before evaluating it. The bigger picture of any organization maybe different from what the reality is. Analyzing the strengths of the organization helps the stakeholders maintain trust in the organization.
  • Weakness: The weakness of the organization is one thing that is to be analyzed and worked on. It is important that as one analysis the strength of the organization to keep it strong, they analyze its weakness too. This reflects the scope of improvement of the organization.
  • Opportunities: It is similar to all the other tools where you analyse the opportunities the organization has in hand and the way these contribute to the growth and development of the firm.
  • Threats: Knowing and analyzing the threats the organization has makes survival in the industry easier for it.  Knowing the external as well as the internal factors that threaten once existence makes it easier to eliminate the threat and stay safe.

SWOT analysis is one method that your professor may consider for your writing task. The tool has a lot to offer and the best part is unlike other tools this does not has any complexities involved. 

PEST Analysis

Political, Economic, Social and Technological forces that threaten an organization are studied here. It is important that each aspect is considered in detail before deciding the position and strengths of an organization. The strategic management assignment writing service providers suggest reaching to this method for your writing task, can not only get you good grades but also make it a little easier to accomplish it.

PEST analysis for Strategic Management

Let us consider all the aspects that you may need to discuss in your academic paper.

Political Factors: The influence of political factors play a major role in the growth and development of an organization. It is important that when writing your strategic management assignment you mention the factor and elaborate on its significance.

Economic Factors: Finance is one thing that always influences the best of the business houses. The economic factors such as cash, liability, etc. reflect the real worth of the organization and reflect how well or poorly the organization is managing its financial status.

Social Factors: For any organization, it is not just the economic factors that would reflect the work but the Socio-Economic factors that reflect the output. Social factors include not just the reputation of the organization, but the employees and the customer base too. An organization with a good social background is sure to deliver the best results in the long run.

Technological Factors: Technological factors play a major role in the performance of the organization. It reflects how well and quick the organization adapts to the changes and is updated with the working pattern.

You can take the example of an organization and then can reflect how it has transformed with time and has proved its worth in the domain.

That's All Folks!!!
These were some really basic, yet the most popular business analysis tools your strategy management professor would ask you to implement in your writing task. Just pick any of these, and be ready to see that A+ coming your way.

!!! Tip to Remember: All the tools are a blend of internal and external analysis but here we have focused only the aspects that are responsible for internal analysis.
In case, you're stuck anywhere in your writing task, or can not identify how to analyze company culture for strategic management assignment with these simple tools then, just let the strategic management assignment writing help providers do your work. easy.!

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